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ChicExecs Secures Multiple Clients on Fox

We’re happy to announce our latest feature highlights multiple clients on a Fox special presentation.

Stomp Rocket, Invroheat, Pure Daily Care, Well Told, Host, TW Lunch Tote, ErgoErgo, Necklet, Wrap Buddies, Wine Condom, Brass and UnityHeadleveler and PartyBowl were featured in “Steve Noviello’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.”

The segment ran in multiple cities including Dallas-Forth Worth, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

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Congratulations to our amazing clients on such a great placement!


The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Dreampad on Refinery 29!


Our latest feature is for our client Dreampad on!

Like to listen to music or calming sounds before bed? This pillow plays soft but audible music through vibrations, so you can hear it but anyone else sleeping in your bed can’t. Like a cozy, soothing white-noise experience for one.

Check out Dreampad if you’re searching for a new way to fall asleep faster.

Congratulations on this feature!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures PediPocket, Branche Beauty, Cube Tracker, and PodPocket on Forbes

ChicExecs secured PediPocket, Branche Beauty, Cube Tracker, and PodPocket on Forbes.

PediPocket is almost 6 ft of velvety fleece and a 20″ foot pocket to keep feet toasty.

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Branche Beauty allows you to sleep in luxury, while preventing wrinkles & saving time!

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Cube Tracker is a small Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use-app that helps you find everyday items quickly.

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The PodPocket is a stylish home For Your Apple AirPods.

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