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WarmZe! Number1 Portable Bottle Warmers Designed for Babies On-the-Go!

Whether you are a frequent traveler or just making the occasional trip to the grandparent’s house, this portable eco-friendly bottle warmer is a must have for parents who deserve hassle-free feedings! WarmZe’s amazing bottle warmers produce natural heat without the use of batteries, electrical outlets, microwaves and stoves! Quick, easy and effective! Parents place the prepared bottle into the BottleSOC, wrap the air activated warmer around it and then pull the outer layer of the BottleSOC over it. A perfectly warmed bottle will be ready in thirty minutes or less and is never overheated! The gradual warmth of this process ensures that the contents don’t become too hot and lose their nutritional value. Each WarmZe can be used multiple times a day and stays warm for up to 10 hours, making it easy for busy parents to plan ahead and warm bottles well in advance of feeding time.


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Doodle Pants featured on

mommedoodlepantsCongratulations to our Client Doodle Pants for their feature on!

With the adorable leggings from Doodle Pants, parents are assured that their children are comfortable and supported whether they are crawling, walking or climbing. The leggings’ stretchy fabric moves with the wearer. Along with being comfortable, Doodle Pants comes in so many cute patterns and colors that every child will be excited to wear! Emblazoned on the bottom portion of the leggings are fun doodles of cats, unicorns, hearts, robots, whales and so much more.

Little ones (3 months to 2T) can squiggle and wiggle with ease thanks to a roomy seat, stretchy ribbed cuffs and a comfortable elastic waistband. Whether running havoc on the playground or dressing up for an impromptu dolly tea party, these are the perfect pieces for a frolicking fun time.

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Dr. Hess featured on Fox 5 DC

Congratulations to our Client Dr. Hessdrhess for their feature on Fox 5 DC.

Simple. Goodness. These two words succinctly sum up the “udderly” revitalizing formula that composes Dr. Hess’s Udder Ointment. This remedy for dry cracking skin, eczema, and more has been a favorite from farmers to city dwellers for over a hundred years.

When the dishes are done and the dish towel is hung up, it’s time for folks to take a minute to relax and refresh themselves with Udder Ointment’s light, non-greasy formula. This proprietary blend is composed of thirteen moisturizers and softeners as well as blood circulating and oxygenating ingredients that work to hydrate the skin, mend chapped and cracking areas, and help  heal cuts and abrasions all with a pleasant hint of mint and appealing packaging.

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment has been the go-to moisturizer for people of all ages since Dr. Gilbert Hess and business man J.L. Clark teamed up in 1893. Through the years, Udder Ointment came under various ownerships until finally returning to the family with great granddaughter of J.L. Clark, Polly Clark Tribe and her husband Tyler. Tribe listened to fan’s rave reviews and sadness after its disappearance from the market in 1999, and decided to resurrect Dr. Hess’ line of Udder Ointment in 2008. Dr Hess Products are once again being sold nationwide and can be found in Walgreens and Walmart.

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organicKidz Safer & Healthier Feeding Products for our Next Generation of Babies & Healthier Planet

Safer & Healthier Feeding Products for our Next Generation of Babies & a Healthier Planet for Generations to Come.

organicKidz created the world`s first Stainless Steel Baby Bottles, thermal baby bottles and non-plastic baby bottle drying rack.

organicKidz Stainless Steel products are:
• Toxin-Free
• Virtually Indestructible
• Naturally Bacteria Resistant
• Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
• Convertible to Sippy Cup and Lunch-box Friendly Water Bottle
• Compatible with major breast pump brands
• Multiple Award Winning Products

We continue to bring innovation to the market through our growing range of leading-edge products including the first thermal baby bottles, that keep liquids hot or cold for 6+hours. We also offer a unique ‘baby grows up’ feeding set that transitions baby from baby bottle to Sippy Cup to lunch box ready Water Bottle.

Our new ‘baby bottle tree’ is made from sustainable bamboo and is the first bottle drying rack you don’t need to hide! Reusable!


Handstand Kids featured on Arizona Midday

handstandkidsCongratulations to our Client Handstand Kids for their feature on Arizona Midday!

Travel the world while cooking with the Handstand Kids Cookbook kits. Each cookbook introduces your little chefs to a new country, exploring its cuisine, language and culture. All recipes are ranked according to level of difficulty so you will know when more adult help is needed. Handstand Kids Cookbooks invite you and your family to have fun cooking together. Start your journey around the world today in your own kitchen.

Before your little chefs embark on their cooking journey, pack up their cooking accessories! Handstand Kids Cookbook Company offers adjustable aprons, oven mitts and chef’s hats in two bright and colorful patterns.

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“Icing Smiles” Makes the Holidays Sweeter!

icingsmilesCake has always been a popular way of bringing people together for a celebration. Icing Smiles Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides custom cakes for critically ill children, has partnered with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas to create the perfect recipe for cheer this holiday season. Nielsen-Massey recognizes that there are several key ingredients needed in order for Icing Smiles to “Bake a Difference” and will be assisting through a financial partnership as well as product donations.

Icing Smiles delivers custom cakes and treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child, matching chronically and critically ill children with volunteers who bake and donate fabulously over-the-top cakes. The non-profit was founded in early 2010 by a Tracy Quisenberry, a mom who firmly believes that everyone should use their talents to serve others, and who wanted to give back in a three-dimensional, fondant-covered way.

Today, Icing Smiles has been transforming lives one cake at a time with the help of an amazing group of 4,500 volunteers across the country. For these volunteers, known as Sugar Angels, it’s not just about delivering birthday cakes. It’s about delivering a sense of hope and a feeling of value to those in need, especially kids.

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Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket

Mommy-baby bonding blanket is a 16X16 washable, minky bonding blanket creative with love in the USA. Life is all about connecting or reconnecting. This concept is a tangible reminder of why we are here, our true nature, love and service.

Our bonding blanket is a special keepsake. Infuse your energy and love into the bonding blanket by cuddling up or hanging out with it before giving it to someone special. Not just for babies, this unique blanket can make a difference in MANY lives,
*Your BFF
*Foster children
*Loved one in the Military
We have a Sponsorship Program
Mommy-baby is all about connection; it is all about the love and giving back. We created this sponsorship program, so others can enjoy the gratification that we get from giving a beautiful soft, cuddly bonding blanket to call their own.
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TrueWomb® has redefined swaddling care as we know it by engineering the first and only two-stage swaddling system designed, the way Mother Nature intended. This JPMA award winning innovative technology sets out to address baby’s transition from womb to world in a way never seen or done before. Our concepts and designs are simple and easily understood and more important, very effective in solving problems that most newborns and infants experience. By replicating the basic functional design of the womb, baby now has the freedom to kick and stretch while active, but return to a blissful womb-like position while at rest. This revolutionary engineering also makes TrueWomb® the first swaddling care system capable of preventing startle reflex properly and by design, greatly reduces or even eliminating colic, all to help improve the health and development of newborns and infants as they grow. And this is where the magic happens, “the gift of sleep!”
TrueWomb,LLC is based in Austin, TX


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Handstand Kids Cookbook Company featured on Mommy Perks

mommyperksCongratulations to our Client Handstand Kids Cookbook Company for their feature on Mommy Perks!

Food is an international language and a staple of the holidays, yet the kids are often left out of the fun. Handstand Kids takes kids on a cultural food tour with educational and nutritious international cookbooks for budding chefs.

handstandEach Handstand Kids cookbook is a celebration of a different culture and the perfect way to introduce children to new languages, new people, and new food. Give them a chance to add something unique to the table, by having them help make an enticing dish like the Panzanella Bread Salad from the Italian Cookbook Kit, that’s packaged in a pizza box with a pizza cutter.

The Baking Around the World Cookbook Kit will be just what the kids need when whipping up special treats for Santa. This set features creative international recipes and comes with essential tools including silicone baking cups and a child-friendly whisk. The new  matching Milk & Cookies Apron Set will keep families in style while they cook this holiday season.

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Poppy Drops featured in Girls’ World Magazine

girlsworldpoppydropsfinalCongratulations to our Client Poppy Drops for their feature in Girls’ World!

Poppy Drops has created a brand new niche in the accessory market with their ingenious temporary tattoo earrings, nail art, and body art. They feature all the fun and cute designs of real earrings and manicures without the pain, potential health risks, or mess and toxic odors associated with nail polish. For last minute holiday finds that will keep tots through tweens entertained and looking their best, Poppy Drops’ unique gift sets are a must buy.

Poppy Drops’ pierce-free earrings & tattoo nail art is made with all-natural vegetable dyes & mild, kid-safe adhesives. Super fun for kids, worry-free for Mom!

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