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QuintEssential Mommy featured in Fashion Manuscript

fashionmanuscriptfeatureQECongratulations to our Client QuintEssential Mommy for their feature in Fashion Manuscript.

The Quint Carryall from QuintEssential Mommy is a handy organizer that fits in almost any handbag, ensuring there is a place for everything while keeping baby’s stuff separate from mom’s necessities. The outside is made with seven pockets of varying sizes for storing creams, lotions, and more, while inside there is a larger pocket for diapers and wipes, two smaller pockets, one secure zipped pocket, and two elastic pockets for holding bottles and cups.

Best of all, it’s completely machine washable and is equipped with water resistant linings in order to protect that favorite handbag from juice accidents and spills.

Preparing for a day out is as simple as zipping up the carryall, dropping it in a purse, and walking out the door!

Check them out at!


Squatchi featured in Newsday

newsdayfinalCongratulations to our Client Squatchi for their feature in Newsday!

We’ve all been there as parents. The kids need new shoes, inevitably all at the same time. You drag everyone to the shoe store or mall and nobody wants to be there. Instead of nap time or mealtime, you’re getting tantrum time.  And you’re the one throwing the tantrum.

Kids are running all over, and you have no idea which size to get for which child. Your daughter hates every shoe you pick up and your son is throwing sneakers. Not exactly a bonding experience.

How can parents save time,  find shoes that fit and keep their sanity?

Squatchi is a tool to give you back the time you might otherwise spend on those useless shopping trips. Squatchi is a one-of-a-kind, at home children’s shoe sizer. It frees you from going on countless errands, especially with the kids. It saves you the trouble of returning shoe after shoe. Oh sure, online returns may be free, but your time certainly isn’t. Most of all, Squatchi makes your life so much easier. It makes time for the real bonding moments, which do not happen on shopping trips.

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Modern Littles featured on the Mom Buzz

modernlittlesfeatureCongratulations to our Client Modern Littles for their feature on the Mom Buzz!

The Atom multi purpose coat hook from Modern Littles introduces a burst of color to your kids’ walls, as well as long-lasting function for the home. It’s great for backpacks, jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry and light toys.

atomwallhookModern Littles is the perfect start for being organized for BACK TO SCHOOL. Along with the hooks, they also have a line of storage bins and laundry baskets.

With innovative designs and trendy patterns, staying organized is both easy and fun!! It’s perfect for the new freshman on campus, as well as kids and teens starting a new school year!!

Check them out at!

AttachaPack featured on WFAA-TV Channel 8

attachapackfeatureCongratulations to our Client AttachaPack for their feature on WFAA-TV Channel 8.

AttachaPack makes it fun to create a customized backpack, With buildable features (which also includes a GPS), parents and their kids can have fun deciding the look and design of the backpack, with the ability to add and remove pouches with ease.

There are also various sizes available, perfect for children of every age group and all the activities they attend. The innovation is great for children to express themselves and for parents to feel better about sending them back to school.

At AttachaPack, a fundamental tenet of their mission is to offer unique safety options that give peace of mind. Since their co-founder and CEO is a retired police officer, offering a bullet-proof shield insert for their backpacks is one of the first things they set out to do.

Making safety fun! Check them out at!

Flip2BFit featured on HellaWella

flip2befitCongratulations to our Client Flip2BFit for their feature on HellaWella.

While nothing is as fun as a day out at the park, if you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your family while incorporating physical activity on a rainy day — or need a new activity to do in your backyard or when you’re traveling, check out Flip2BFit — a board game that puts the fun back into fitness by introducing the basic concepts of yoga, cardio, stretching and strength exercises to kids and parents.

In about 30 minutes, players learn about nutrition, make healthy choices and perform various equipment-free exercises featured on different playing cards, such as burpees, jumping jacks, downward dog, squats and running in place.

By the end of the game, you’ll find that you completed a great workout without even realizing it.

While we’re battling obesity in the United States, Africa is struggling with malnutrition. Through a partnership with Fitness for Africa, an organization founded by Parisi, Flip2BFit has been accepted and used as the means of organized fitness instruction in schools in Uganda. 

This generation’s answer to Fitness made Fun! Check them out at!

AttachaPack featured on Arizona Midday

attachapackazmiddayCongratulations to our Client AttachaPack for their feature on Arizona Midday!

Backpacks have for so long been recognized as the quintessential carryall for the supplies necessary to make the grade at school – textbooks, notebooks, folders and pencils, the usual tools of the trade.

Today, backpacks have come to represent so much more than just your run of the mill schoolbags.  AttachaPacks backpacks are designed with trendy colors, styles and patterns to reflect your child’s personality.  Offering a Backpack Builder with brilliant array of 11 colorful backpack base colors and over 60 different pattern styles and sizes to customize the AttachaPack, there is guaranteed to be a combination that your child will love.

Also check out the accessories, pockets and tech and safety add-ons including padded tablet sleeves and bullet proof shields.

Where will your AttachaPack take you today? Check them out at!

Embrace Your Emotions Find Your Inner "WOO" with The WorryWoos!

Ever been lonely; ever been sad? Ever been happy; ever been mad? Of course you have, and the WorryWoo Monsters are here to help! In this first of a kind series, written and illustrated by Andi Green, emotions themselves are turned into lovable quirky characters that embark on delightful journeys of self-awareness. Created to promote healthy emotional wellness, each WorryWoo adventure concludes with an upbeat message of “Hey, it’s OK” and present the perfect opportunity to openly discuss topics that don’t have easy answers. The WorryWoos have received several accolades including a featured spot on the Today Show, two iParenting Awards, a Mom’s Best Award and a Creative Child Award.


Baby BanZ, FlipBelt and Nomad featured in West Virginia Family Magazine

Congratulations to our Clients Baby BanZ, FlipBelt and Nomad for their feature in West Virginia Family Magazinewveature

banzfeatureIn an ever deteriorating UV climate, Baby BanZ is steadfast in its ongoing effort to preserve the sensitive eyes and precious skin of little ones everywhere. Baby BanZ is committed to developing children’s UV protective sunglasses, hats, accessories and swimwear that not only protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but are also comfortable, fun to wear and strong enough to last.

Check them out at!


flipbeltfeatureEvery bit as flattering and contoured as the rest of today’s athletic wear, FlipBelt is designed to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, FlipBelt slides right on and sits snug on your hip. No bulk. No bounce. FlipBelt is also machine washable and machine dryable.

To keep items secure, all you have to do is flip the belt inward. Now, everything you need while exercising fits right around your waist.  Check them out at!

nomadfeatureAre you sick of your phone dying on a daily basis? Check out the Nomad cables that are as mobile as you are! The NomadKey is a portable lightning cable the shape of a house-key. It’s designed to fit onto your keychain just like a house-key, so you’ll always have a charging cable on you. The NomadCard is a lightning cable that is shaped like a credit card. It’s designed to fit into your wallet just like a credit card. The NomadClip is a portable charging cable the shape of a carabiner. It’s designed to fit onto your keychain or just about anywhere, so you’ll always have a smartphone cable on you.

Use Nomad to charge/sync your smartphone from any USB port. Check them out at!

Baby Banz featured in SI Parent Magazine

siparentbabybanzCongratulations to our Client Baby Banz for their feature in SI Parent Magazine!

Baby Banz specializes in skin protecting sunglasses, swimwear, hats, and more that were originally designed for the tough UV environment of Australia. At Baby Banz, they know it’s important to start protecting the skin at as early an age as possible, and that promoting healthy habits young can set tots and toddlers on the path to a healthy future. Their products have been clinically tested for maximum protection and have a flair that makes them fun to wear!

Whether traveling to sunny climates or enjoying a rogue hot day be prepared with the wide range of hats, board shorts, swimsuits and tops from Baby Banz. They offer optimum coverage with a UV rating of 50+ without adding bulk or getting in the way of their playtime. Best of all, after vacation Baby Banz’ gear is perfect for everyday wear because even when the sun is hidden, UV rays are still present.

Keep kids’ delicate skin safe from the sun. Check them out at!

DigiPuppets featured in PARENTGUIDE News

digipuppetfeatureCongratulations to our Client DigiPuppets for their feature in PARENTGUIDE News!

Make learning fun with the first touchscreen finger puppet!

DigiPuppets are adorable finger puppets that can operate any touchscreen device and interact with DigiPuppets’ educational apps.

zipZip the Zebra is the quickest Zebra in all the jungle.  His nose and mohawk work like a stylus tip on any touchscreen. He loves to help kids learn by interacting with his educational app,  Zip’s Learning Adventure!

honeybunnyHoney Bunny is the friendliest bunny in any burrow.  Her nose works on a touchscreen like a stylus would. She loves to swipe the pages of her very own eBook, Honey Bunny Learns to Share.

Find these two DigiPuppets available now and see the other puppets that are coming soon at!