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Cooper & Kid featured on Working Mother


Congratulations to our Client Cooper & Kid for their feature on Working Mother as one of 12 great gifts for the men in your life

There’s no better gift than family time. The Cooper Kit, available as a one-time gift or quarterly subscription, comes with activities meant for dads and kids to do together, like making sky lanterns or exploring the world of butterflies. Each box comes with an activity, a bedtime story, a recipe for a dinner that fits the activity theme and resources so Dad can keep the good times rolling between deliveries.

Check them out at!

Fortsy featured on WFMY CBS News



Congratulations to our Client Fortsy  for their successful Kickstarter campaign and feature on WFMY CBS News!

Long gone are the struggles of blanket fort maintenance and clean up. Fortsy products are designed with even the most adventurous kids in mind. They are easy to inflate, machine washable, and can be used indoor and out! Fortsy forts are super easy to set up and take down. Each fort includes a hand pump and packs into a small carry bag. Check them out at!



Cooper & Kid featured on FastCompany


Congratulations to our Client Cooper & Kid for their feature on FastCompany!

THE Subscription Box for Dads!

Cooper & Kid is on a mission to make Dads Cooler Than Moms. Impossible some say! They accomplish this with their Cooper Kit, a quarterly subscription box that provides men with a no-brainer, entertaining way to wow and bond with their kids. Every three months, they get a box artfully filled with themed projects that both dads and kids find cool.

Cooper Kits are huge and packed full with building and creativity activities, a bed-time storybook, dinner recipes, a character building discussion topic, lots of humor and more. Even the box turns into a toy!

Check them out at!

Kail Lowry featured on Fox News


Congratulations to our Client Kail Lowry for her feature on Fox News!

Kail Lowry, a New York Times best-seller and star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is now emerging as a writer and inspirational home designer. She is changing her story and writing a new one with her latest children’s book, Love is Bubblegum.

Moving past the drama that unfolded on MTV’s hit show, Kail reached NY Times best-seller status with her book Pride Over Pity. Across 7 seasons, fans have watched her grow from a vulnerable, pregnant teen into a fiercely independent young mother. Her new book Love is Bubblegumis an exploration of love through children. When Kail asked her young son, Isaac, “What is love?” his innocent and adorable answer became her inspiration. Love is Bubblegum is a heartwarming and hilarious collection of quotes from children ages four to nine on what love means to them. Love is Bubblegum will be released on November 17, 2015 and pre-orders are being made now through Amazon.

If you love her writing, then be sure to also check out her blog Live, Love, Linens, where she writes about her favorite products and dedication to decor. Find out more at


Client Spotlight: Children Inspire Design


Children Inspire Design is an art based product line of modern, eco-friendly and culturally diverse wall art, wall cards, maps and posters for children, full of whimsy, and designed to help children learn compassion for our earth and all who inhabit it.

Children Inspire Design is offering a FREE DIY Global Family project to encourage and enable parents to use compassion to talk their children about the refugee crisis. The DIY printable, which includes a world map + cut out images, is a tool to help parents to start talking to children about families around the world, so that they can process the facts and perhaps find a common connection to refugee families.

Check it out at the Children Inspire Design Blog!

Blingsting, CardNinja and EJH Brand featured on Fox 11 News


Congratulations to our Clients Blingsting, CardNinja and EJH Brand for their feature on Fox 11 News!

It’s Back To School time and Fox 11 News has some great essentials for your college students. Blingsting wants women to be safe both on and off campus, while still feeling stylish! Their bedazzled pepper spray clip-ons and Ahh!-larm keychains do just that. Both items clip on the outside of a purse or backpack to allow easy access in case of emergency. Now you just need to decide which color to snag for yourself! Check them out at!

College students can grab just their Student ID and some quick cash before running off to class thanks to the CardNinja. This handy device sticks onto the back of your phone or phone case, just like a sticker, and acts as a wallet. It keeps your cards and cash secure. Find out more at!

Transform your dorm with Signature Travel Candles by EJH Brand! The scent of fresh lavender is immediately calming, and the 100 percent pure essential oil and no toxic additives will make the air as fresh and healing as it smells. Simply light the candle and your room will take on an aura of sanctuary. Check them out at!

Abiie featured in Parenting OC Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Abiie for their feature in Parenting OC Magazine!

By designing easy-to-use, safe, and comfortable parenting products, Abiie LLC practically joins the task of parenting and serves to minimize users’ loads as parents. The Beyond Junior Y is an ultra-modern wooden high chair designed to grow with your child from infancy to adulthood. Its revolutionary EZ-Seat technology not only makes the sitting area easy for cleaning, it also enables quick adjustment of the seat & footrest to provide a comfortable chair for your child within seconds.

The sleek and contemporary high chair, made from top quality European cultivated beech wood, is both sturdy and eco-friendly, a perfect choice for your family that will last for years to come. Check them out at!




KidzShake featured on Daily Mom

kidzshakedailymomCongratulations to our Client KidzShake for their feature on Daily Mom!

The company KidzShake was founded by Doctor Rach, who is a mom herself, and nutritional expert. She wanted a kid’s nutritional shake that had ZERO sugar in it, and nothing artificial, so the idea for KidzShake was born. She wanted to have it packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Not just a little but a real BANG of the good stuff they need. Finally, it had to be delicious. It needed to use natural sweeteners found in nature, not developed in some laboratory. It tastes as good as any milkshake you can buy or make at home.

The KidzShake Nutritional Shake is an easy to mix powder that can be added to any drink or smoothie, and is geared toward appealing to younger children. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that have been proven to improve brain function and alertness, immunity and digestion, as well as bone and muscle development. It reduces bad cravings and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Check them out at!


Cooper & Kid featured on CBS Minneapolis

cooperandkidminnCongratulations to our Client Cooper & Kid for their feature on CBS Minneapolis!

Cooper & Kid is a Minneapolis company that sells kits that are designed to help fathers and children spend more time together.

Each Cooper Kit is designed around a theme and filled with enough activities to provide over six hours of quality time for dads and kids. Depending on the theme, items in the box range from bedtime stories to recipes to tools. Check them out at!

Cooper and Kid featured on

Congratulations to our Client Cooper and Kid for their feature on!

Cooper & Kid has set out to make Dads Cooler Than Moms. There’s not much out there for the awesome, busy dads of today, so they created a subscription box filled with projects that both dads and kids find cool. It provides men with a no-brainer, entertaining way to wow and bond with their kids. Check them out at!