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Mixed Chicks featured in Parents Latina Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Mixed Chicks for their feature in Parents Latina Magazine!

Curls tend to crave moisture. Kids Leave-In Conditioner by Mixed Chicks has no harsh chemicals or parabens,making it safe for little ones. It’s ideal for those with finer textured hair and for infants, toddlers and children as they may be sensitive to products containing parabens. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

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Cooper And Kid featured on TODAY


Congratulations to our Client Cooper And Kid for their feature on the TODAY Show!

Cooper and Kid is the only subscription service specifically designed for dads and kids. Featuring curated projects, books and even recipes, the Cooper Kit includes 6-9 customizable educational activities. With Cooper Kits they may make a mess. They may throw something out a window. They may launch rockets. But one thing’s for certain…they will have fun experimenting and exploring together.

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Little Balance Box featured on Home Business Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Little Balance Box for their feature on Home Business Magazine!

Learning to walk and is an important phase in life, and now, parents can assist their babies in successfully taking their first few steps with the compact, easy-to-use Little Balance Box. The patented Little Balance Box is a unique, safe and all-in-one mobility tool that aims to create a smoother experience for babies transitioning from kneeling to standing and progress to walking.

Babies can glide safely across any surface like carpet, tile, and wood without damaging the surfaces, thanks to the contoured Nylon feet of the Little Balance Box. They can move independently and adjust their positions as they learn to move – when they tire out, they can sit back down to rest until they’re reading to get up again.

With the raised edge, the Little Balance Box ™ also turns into an activity table that stores small items into place. It is also BPA and PVC-free and made with eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo. Check it out at!

Sydney Paige Inc. featured in Your Teen Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Sydney Paige Inc. for their feature in Your Teen Magazine!

School breaks aren’t exciting for every student —especially those struggling in poverty — and coming back from summer breaks can be a tough time of insecurity. Across the U.S., 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line, and this stressful scenario plays out nationwide every back-to-school time. 

One thing to make these kids feel better about going back to school and building a sense of pride and confidence is having their own cool backpack and school supplies. Stylish and trendy Sydney Paige backpacks are unlike the others because they build confidence among kids in need. 

For every Sydney Paige backpack purchased, another one of the same class and caliber filled with school supplies goes to a child in need. Children around the world deserve to gain an education, and they need supplies to do so this back-to-school season.

From Toddler to Teen and onto Adult, Sydney Paige offers quality backpacks and rucksacks that have an awesome social impact! Check them out at!

Whitmor featured in San Diego Family Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Whitmor for their feature in San Diego Family Magazine!

Headed to the beach but already know the sand won’t stay there? This handy mesh tote is the perfect solution to carry beach toys and towels from home to the beach. Made with blue polyester mesh and features heavy duty carrying straps.

For over 70 years, Whitmor has been “bringing organization home” to consumers around the world. From garment racks to shoe racks, storage baskets to shelving and freestanding closets to laundry centers. Check them out at!

Abiie featured on The Steve Harvey Show

Congratulations to our Client Abiie for their feature on The Steve Harvey Show!

The Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair is so versatile and flexible, it could literally be the only dining chair your child needs from the time they’re six months old through their adult years. In a matter of seconds this chair transforms from a high chair to a toddler’s chair to a dining chair perfectly sized for people of all ages. The key is the patented EZ-Seat system which enables quick adjustment of the seat and footrest to easily adapt to whoever needs a seat. You’ll love the versatility of this chair when you see for yourself how easily it transforms to meet a variety of needs.

The High Chair is constructed of high-quality European cultivated beech wood that is recyclable and biodegradable. This wood has been carefully selected to keep the forests productive. It also went through a state-of-the-art heat sterilization, to ensure a hygienic environment for your child. Check them out at!

ro•sham•bo featured on Girls’ World


Congratulations to our Client ro•sham•bo for their feature on Girls’ World!

Designed specifically for babies and children’s use, abuse and love of putting things in their mouths, ro•sham•bo shades are so durable that they can be bent, stretched, pulled, stepped on (they have even been run over and survived!) and bounce right back to shape; even a thirty year old man can’t break them! ro•sham•bo shades come in baby, junior and adult sizes.

Even celebrities like Jamie King, Reese Witherspoon, Tiffany Hornton, and Courtney Lopez (aka Mrs. “AC Slater”) are fans of these high quality sunglasses for little people! ​ ro•sham•bo shades make the perfect stocking stuffer, gift for a new mom, or holiday gift guide item, and a percentage of proceeds go to autism research! In fact, the name “ro•sham•bo” is a reference to “rock, paper, scissors,” a game many special educators like to play with kids that need some extra quiet attention without disrupting a classroom.

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Bazzle Baby featured on PopSugar

popsugrabazzlebabyCongratulations to our Client Bazzle Baby for their feature on PopSugar!

Banda Bibs are designed to keep your baby dry and happy, especially when teething! Banda Bibs work like a bib, by drawing moisture away from clothes and skin, but look fashionable too! Whatever outfit your little one is wearing, Banda Bibs add the finishing touch that pulls it all together.

Smart parents put Banda Bibs on their babies and keep them dry, hip and happy!

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KoalaSafe featured in Woman’s World

koalasafewomansworldCongratulations to our Client KoalaSafe for their feature in Woman’s World!

With more than 30 percent of U.S. children playing with mobile devices while still in diapers, according to children’s advocacy group Common Sense Media, it’s even more critical to give kids time offline by disconnecting their devices automatically. KoalaSafe is here to help parents restore the online balance in their homes in today’s digital world.

With a single KoalaSafe box, parents can protect and manage all their children’s devices from a mobile device interface. The KoalaSafe wireless network can be set to turn off at directed times so kids can’t access the Internet — saving parents from the bribes, fights or tantrums of having devices taken away! Check them out at!


KoalaSafe featured in The Wall Street Journal


Congratulations to our Client KoalaSafe for their feature in The Wall Street Journal!

Technology moves quickly and kids learn fast. KoalaSafe keeps you informed and on top. KoalaSafe creates a new WIFI network in the home that’s safe for kids. Just unpack, plug in and you have time-limits, parental insights, app & site blocking – across all devices in the home. With KoalaSafe, you can setup schedules for when the internet is on and off. Make Minecraft and game addiction a thing of the past. When the limit is reached, the connection turns off automatically.

Block sites by category, such as Adult or Social Media, or block apps by name, such as Snapchat or YikYak. No more following links to inappropriate videos either, with YouTube and Google SafeSearch enforced on kids devices.

The internet is awesome, but it’s great to have that peace-of-mind that KoalaSafe is blocking out the bad stuff. Check them out at!