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New parents Jane and Ken needed to change baby Ethan, but could never find a sanitary surface in public. After countless runs to their car for diaper duty, Texas dad and entrepreneurial engineer Ken Chuah invented a high-quality stroller with a built-in changing station. Three years in development, the seat of the patented Abiie

Tie It Up in Style

From bikers to handy men to the everyday mom….Gear Tie provides a fun, easy and durable solution to organizational woes! Gear Tie is an up-and-comer in the world of consumer goods, but is starting out strong. The Gear Tie is precisely how it sounds…a reusable rubber twist tie for cleaning up, packing up, and organizing almost everything. There are thousands of uses for it, so get creative! Forget about those silly tiny twist ties that come wrapped around cords. Those always get lost the second they come off, and never seem quite big enough to tie back on. There is no need too large or too small that Gear Ties can’t tackle. They come in five different sizes (3″, 6″, 18″, 24″, 32″) so customers can find the right length for any project. Both the 3

Christmas Photo Cards: With Love from Texas and Velvety Vellum

Holiday Photo Card: State Postcard Style: We were inspired this season to add a little home state flavor to holiday photo cards. Our designers Incorporate your states look and feel into a custom greeting and photo card. We started with Texas! Each card is a Big Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and incorporates 1-4 photos. Kids Artwork: Christmas Cards As always works hard to bring you the most unique way to use and admire children’s artwork. Not only do we print a very cool designed card, we include a magnet with the same artwork on it. Image the surprise when you your friends and family get this card. Also new is zoom in designs, chalkboard and paper and tape holiday cards, featuring kids artwork. I love these new cards, include a photo in the chalkboard design for a fun and modern look.

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Friendship Bracelet: Hand-braided in Silver or Gold with Two Gemstones

Elegantly hand-braided from recycled precious metal and accented with two natural gemstones. This artisan bracelet celebrates the beauty and simplicity of friendship. Choose two stones with her favorite colors or birthstone. – Available in Sterling Silver or 14K gold fill – Bracelet measures approximately 7″ – Includes two natural gemstones of your choice, and additional stones for $12 – Designed by Nashelle Jewelry of Bend, Oregon Custom order processing and shipping details:

The Complete Support Travel Pillow exceeds the demands of the modern traveler

Modern travel has become more and more uncomfortable, stressful and expensive for everyone. Cabeau, Inc has created a travel pillow that addresses the key elements lacking from the traditional pillows on the market: no frontal or lateral support, no way to carry and store during travel, and rarely any removable, washable covers.

Creative Baby Inc.

Sound Beginnings is the easiest, most durable, and most comfortable way for mothers to safely share their favorite music, sounds, and stories with their babies in the womb. Sound Beginnings