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ChicExecs PR Secures The Comfy in Business Insider

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Comfy in Business Insider!

The Comfy is the original sweatshirt and blanket hybrid big enough to cover your entire body. It comes lined with soft fleece and a large hood for warmth. The Shark Tank-backed product is available is sizes for adults and kids and comes in a variety of colors. Just like a blanket or sweatshirt, The Comfy is machine washable for an easy clean.

Check out The Comfy for the blanket-sweatshirt that makes a sweet and cozy gift this Valentine’s Day.

Congrats to The Comfy!

ChicExecs PR Secures Viski on

Our latest PR feature is for our client Viski on!

The Raye Stemless Martini Glasses by Viski have a sleek and modern design and come in a set of two. Glassware is made of lead free crystal construction. Featured in the article “12 incredible nonalcoholic cocktails that aren’t just for Dry January,” this set is perfect for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike.

Check out Viski for the Raye Stemless Martini Glasses that are so stylish that martini drinkers and non-martini drinkers will both want to use them.

Congrats Viski!

ChicExecs PR Secures Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) in the San Clemente Times

Our latest PR feature is for our client Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) in the San Clemente Times!

FAM is the charitable non-profit organization assisting those in need in Orange County with resources for food, shelter and personalized supportive counsel and aid, helping clients bridge the gap from dependency to self-sufficiency. Their services include  financial counseling, life skills and provision of food, toiletries, clothing. Additionally FAM runs two different homeless shelters. This February FAM’s current CEO will take on a different role become chief development officer. Purdue will oversee business development, community relations and fundraising as Elizabeth Andrade becomes the new CEO.

Check out FAM for the work they’re doing to prevent families from becoming homeless and the volunteer opportunities and community events they offer to get involved.

Congrats FAM!

ChicExecs PR Secures Fabalish on

Our latest PR feature is for our client Fabalish on!

Fabalish provides the stepping stones towards a healthier, plant-based diet with delicious, clean and organic baked chickpea falafels, vegan tzatziki and aquafaba sauce with smoked spices. The brand’s products can be used in a variety of recipes to encourage healthy eating or provide alternatives for vegan diets. They also prove that healthy eating can be just as delicious.

Check out Fabalish for the falafels and plant-based sauces that are making waves in the vegan snack food space.

Congrats Fabalish!

ChicExecs PR Secures WonderFold Wagon in Romper


Our latest PR feature is for our client WonderFold Wagon in Romper!

More than a stroller or a wagon, the multi-functional WonderFold Wagon is especially unique because unlike its competitors, it can hold up to four kids—plus the diaper bag, towels, toys and anything else you need for a fun day at the park, zoo or beach! It comes in a different variety of models to best fit your family’s needs holding up to 300 pounds.  Just like a stroller, it’s easily collapsable to fit in your vehicle. 

Check out WonderFold for stroller wagon that gives parents a convenient way to transport all of their kiddos and all of their stuff together.

Congrats WonderFold Wagon!

ChicExecs PR Secures ChocZero in Taste of Home

Our latest PR feature is for our client ChocZero in Taste of Home!

ChocZero makes premium sugar-free chocolate that’s also free of gluten, soy and sugar alcohol. Its sweetness comes from monk fruit, which is all natural and zero glycemic. Featured in “13 Best Packaged Low-Sugar Snacks on Amazon” is ChocZero’s Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bark.

Check out ChocZero for the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bark that only has one gram of sugar.

Congrats ChocZero!

ChicExecs PR Secures Pixel Eyewear in Reader’s Digest

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pixel Eyewear in Reader’s Digest!

Pixel Eyewear offers stylish computer glasses that filter 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without any yellow tint. They also contain a anti-reflective coating, which eliminates computer glare to further reduce the stress on your eyes. Frame varieties include prescription and non-prescription and sizes for kids.

Check out Pixel Eyewear for the computer glasses that help you to be more productive by eliminating eye strain.

Congrats Pixel Eyewear!

ChicExecs PR Secures Invroheat in Life & Style


Our latest PR feature is for our client Invroheat in Life & Style!

Invroheat is the infrared space heater that doubles as wall art. Replacing the average space heater, infrared heating is more cost efficient and sustainable because it heats people and objects before it heats the air around them. Another bonus is not needing a fan, so there’s no sound. For safety, it includes an auto shutoff.

Check out Invroheat for the decorative hanging room heaters that boast a variety of scenic images and even an homage to van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms.

Congrats Invroheat!

ChicExecs PR Secures Hyland’s in Califf Life Creations

Our latest PR feature is for our client Hyland’s in Califf Life Creations!

Hyland’s has been trusted for generations to provide safe, effective, homeopathic medicines for the entire family. They come in handy when a loved one is battling a cough or cold. Best of all, they’re made with made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, dyes or parabens, making their formulas safer for your little ones.

Check out Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kids Day & Night Value Pack and Baby Day & Night Tiny Cold Tablets for multi-symptom relief around the clock. 

Congrats Hyland’s!

ChicExecs PR Secures Pop Bitties in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pop Bitties in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery!

Move over popcorn! Sorghum is the new way to enjoy a nutritious ancient grain – carefully air popped to produce a delicious flavor and a wonderfully light crunchy texture. This corn-free, gluten-free, easy-to-digest, 100 percent whole grain is packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber to help improve digestive health, regulate sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, and more.

Check out Mark’s Mindful Munchies for Pop Bitties, the popcorn alternative that comes in flavor combos like brown sugar and cinnamon, classic sea salt, buttery white cheddar and half-dressed sea salt.

Congrats Pop Bitties!