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Chocolate Pizza featured on The TODAY Show


Congratulations to our Client Chocolate Pizza for their feature on The TODAY Show!

Nothing brings people together across the table than Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings!

Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings are the best tasting “Combo” you can find. Chocolate Pizza blends gourmet chocolate with homemade English toffee and tops it with a variety of nuts or candies. Peanut Butter Wings are crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in rich milk chocolate. Together, they are the perfect gift when you want something unique, delicious and impressive.

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The Charity Wrap featured on Celebuzz


Congratulations to our Client The Charity Wrap for their feature on Celebuzz!

The Charity Wrap Falsa Blankets are an essential staple to the perfect summer! Who said blankets were only for the cold weather??? They are generously sized at 52″W, 72″L and only get better after every wash. These Falsa Blankets are hand loomed by an ex Artisan worker from El Salvador. With the purchase of any blanket you are helping these Artisans rise above poverty by providing them with a fair wage and a full time job-Here in the U.S.

The Charity Wrap will donate 20% of every blanket purchased to one of four national Non-Profit Organizations of your choosing. Check them out at!


Strand Boards featured on Outside Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Strand Boards for their feature on Outside Magazine!

The dream shower for those who love all things sun, sand and surf, meet the super stylish Strand Boards Surfboard Shower. Wash away the sand and all of your troubles under this coolest of outdoor surf-inspired sprayers, available in a range of funky finishes with head and foot rinses. Each one is individually crafted by hand.

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Tempaper featured on People and US Weekly


Congratulations to our Client Tempaper for their feature on People and US Weekly!

Pregnant Lacey Chabert’s little girl has a stunningly chic nursery awaiting her. The Mean Girls actress, 33, enlisted the help of designer Vanessa Antonelli to make her dreams come true. 

The calm space was created by infusing a palette of grey and soft sweet touches of pink. Tempaper’s Botanical Print in Blossom hangs on two focal walls accompanying feminine features around the room.

Tempaper is a self-adhesive, removable wallpaper that is 100% made in the U.S.A. and is lead-free, phthalate-free and VOC-free. Not just for walls, Tempaper is perfect for DIY projects including but not limited to: dressers, stair risers, cabinets, bookshelves, drawers and headboards. Let your imagination be your guide when decorating with Tempaper. Check them out at!

theUncommonGreen, Stojo, Sauce Goddess and The Original baconkit featured on CBS 8 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients theUncommonGreen, Stojo, Sauce Goddess and The Original baconkit for their feature on CBS 8 News San Diego!

Impress your guests with barware from theUncommonGreen. This carefully etched barware features maps, islands, and even constellations on rocks glasses, pints, mason jars, mugs, wine glasses, and carafes. You can fill an entire bar with a whole set that features all the most important locales (where you grew up, went to college, got married, and more). Check them out at!

Meet Stojo, the pocket cup that quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk and fits anywhere. Store hot and cold drinks, and take it with you. Since it’s reusable, it eliminates the waste of disposable coffee cups – At work, coffee drinkers throw away about 500 cups EVERY YEAR. And you’ll be able to take part in bring-your-own-mug discounts at coffee shops.  It’s a no-brainer to choose a green product when it makes your life easier and saves you money.  Sip it. Smash it. Stash it Check them out at!

Sauce Goddess makes sauces, spices and snacks that can be used in your every day recipes or to spice up foods on the grill. All natural, preservative and MSG free, and gluten free, Sauce Goddess truly brings people together. Their spices and sauces are so versatile, you can make hundreds of meals without repeating a recipe! Check them out at!

Until you’ve tried baconkit you’ve never tasted bacon as nature intended it. Making homemade bacon has never been easier. The kit contains everything you need to make 5 lbs of delicious homemade bacon. The only fresh ingredient you need to purchase is pork belly. It’s that easy!  An easy to read instruction sheet guides you through every step in making bacon in seven days. A great project for full time foodies or the novice cook. Unlike commercial bacon your bacon won’t shrivel, shrink, or release water when you cook it. Check them out at!

FireAvert, Leisure Leash, ECOlunchbox and Green Goo featured on CBS 8 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients FireAvert, Leisure Leash, ECOlunchbox and Green Goo for their feature on CBS 8 San Diego!

As seen on Shark Tank, FireAvert is the only product that prevents kitchen fires before they happen by turning off stoves when smoke is detected. FireAvert is activated by your smoke alarm, cutting the power to your stove and oven before there is a flame. Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, FireAvert helps prevent you from being another statistic. Check them out at!

Leisure Leash’s new leash system gives dog lovers the option to be 100% hands-free as dogs carry their own leash. Made from top quality, colorful nylon and a stainless steel clip, the Leisure Leash is lightweight, consisting of two simple parts- a slip collar and a handle. Check them out at!

Plastic-free and leak-free, the Splash Box™ lunch container from ECOlunchbox makes going green at lunchtime easy by keeping plastic out of your lunch and our oceans. Water-tight lid design makes lunchbox ideal for tossing in a lunchbag, backpack or briefcase with no worries about leaking. Check them out at!

Green Goo uses pure organic herbs and essential oils to create nourishing, top-quality skincare that protects, moisturizes, and heals from head to toe. SPF30 and 40 minutes water resistant! Solar Goo is the best option to protect sensitive skin from exposure to the sun’s rays. The simple yet powerful recipe (only 7 ingredients) blocks UVA and UVB rays with the combination of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. The infusion of Calendula Flowers in Solar Goo helps to condition and heal your skin so you can enjoy your next outdoor adventure.
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theUncommonGreen featured on the TODAY Show


Congratulations to our Client theUncommonGreen for their feature on the TODAY Show!

This 4th of July, celebrate your favorite cities in America with the etched Maps Barware collection from theUncommonGreen, featuring a variety of glassware engraved with intricately designed maps of the greatest cities in the world. Pay homage to your favorite city with their uniquely crafted rocks, pints, wine glasses, mason jars, coffee mugs and carafe glass styles.

Also check out their Smart Barware collection with glasses that feature the original Declaration of Independence of the United States as well as the the original Constitution!

Check them out at! featured on KUTV 2News San Diego


Congratulations to our Client for their feature on KUTV 2News San Diego.

The era of streaming is here to stay, as consumers expect to be able to watch what they want when they want it, and continue to say goodbye to cable and satellite in favor of sites like Netflix and Hulu. Commerce is poised for a similar makeover, and is leading the way.

Launched by a group of seasoned executives from Silicon Valley, and large TV shopping channels as well as major eCommerce companies, this innovative company revolutionizes the online marketplace by providing streaming, on-demand video shopping. Video shopping allows consumers to really see and understand a product in depth, while getting insight and entertainment from hosts, expert guests and celebrities.

From when to watch to what to see, also provides consumers with the ability to browse and buy anywhere (anytime) using any device with an Internet or mobile connection.

Each carefully curated item is brought to life via an entertaining and informative video, showcasing and demonstrating the benefits of the product. Celebrity guests, engaging hosts, and subject matter experts create experiences that are like shopping with friends rather than just surfing the Internet. Check them out at!


Strand Boards and Mother Trucker & Co. featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family


Congratulations to our Client Strand Boards and Mother Trucker & Co. for their feature on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family!

The next time you step out of the pool or ocean this summer, get a cool-water rinse with a one-of-a-kind Strand Boards™ surfboard shower, designed for the ultimate beach-lover! Whether you live beachside or elsewhere, Strand Boards brings the beach vibe to you with its signature surfboard.

Strand Boards surfboard showers are fresh, fun and sleek custom surfboards combined with top-quality shower components that are customized to fit whichever home design, style and inspiration you desire.

All models come with real 8-foot longboards and are custom-made in sunny Manhattan Beach, CA. Check them out at!

Trucker Hats are a household name, partly due to the comfort and fit of the caps.  Mother Trucker adds their prominent hints of chic glamour to every hat, making them ultra-distinguishable and oozing with pizazz. Vibrant colors with trendsetting hashtags and mottos with a dash of sparkle make up this hat line.

Check out their ‘What’s Up Beaches?’ collection for truckers that are perfect for summertime fun! With fun sayings like ‘Just Beachy’ and ‘Shell Yeah’, you will be one chic beach babe!

Check them out at!



BlissLights featured on USA Today


Congratulations to our Client BlissLights for their feature on USA Today!

BlissLights will add a colorful accent to all dad’s backyard BBQs this season! Show off your home, backyard or pool with some sparkle and include an array of stars at any special event.

They come in various colors and styles and will light up the deck and surrounding foliage with hundreds or thousands of laser lights. The possibilities are endless with BlissLights. Check them out at!