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Congratulations to our Client for their feature on KUTV 2News San Diego.

The era of streaming is here to stay, as consumers expect to be able to watch what they want when they want it, and continue to say goodbye to cable and satellite in favor of sites like Netflix and Hulu. Commerce is poised for a similar makeover, and is leading the way.

Launched by a group of seasoned executives from Silicon Valley, and large TV shopping channels as well as major eCommerce companies, this innovative company revolutionizes the online marketplace by providing streaming, on-demand video shopping. Video shopping allows consumers to really see and understand a product in depth, while getting insight and entertainment from hosts, expert guests and celebrities.

From when to watch to what to see, also provides consumers with the ability to browse and buy anywhere (anytime) using any device with an Internet or mobile connection.

Each carefully curated item is brought to life via an entertaining and informative video, showcasing and demonstrating the benefits of the product. Celebrity guests, engaging hosts, and subject matter experts create experiences that are like shopping with friends rather than just surfing the Internet. Check them out at!


Renpure featured on Woman’s Day


Congratulations to our Client Renpure for their feature on Woman’s Day!

Renpure’s Coconut Cream Nourishing  Shampoo and Conditioner uses creamy Coconut to condition and smooth your beautiful hair. Their nutrient-rich Coconut Oil infused formula repairs your hair to leave it ridiculously soft and effortlessly beautiful.

All of the brand’s products are free of sulfates, parabens, harsh salts, dyes, and gluten, for quality that can be seen and felt with every use. Renpure can be found in retailers nationwide including Target, Walmart, Ulta, Amazon, and more. Check them out at!


Fake Bake featured in National Examiner


Congratulations to our Client Fake Bake for their feature in National Examiner!

Achieve a natural-looking tan this summer with Fake Bake products! They provide the only tan that’s actually good for your skin by working with your skin tone to produce a naturally–based darker pigmentation, ensuring an even golden tan every time.

Fake Bake’s newest tanning phenomenon is a “bronzing hybrid” that gives you that highly sought-after glow and provides your skin with a “fountain of youth.” The nourishing benefits of coconut oil have been captured in this Coconut Tanning Serum. Fake Bake’s serum will leave your skin silky, moisturized and refreshed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, glycerin and silk amino acids.

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Somersets featured on Bustle


Congratulations to our Client Somersets for their feature on Bustle!

Specially formulated for women’s sensitive skin this moisturizing shaving oil lubricates the skin giving your razor maximum glide and protection for a silky smooth, close and comfortable shave.

No drying soaps or chemical foams, just Somersets’ unique blend of natural plant and soothing organic essential oils including Tea Tree and Lavender to leave your skin beautifully smooth and supple with no unwanted dryness or irritation.

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Frownies featured on Mase TV


Congratulations to our Client Frownies for their feature on Mase TV!

Each year a new generation of women enter the anti-aging market looking for natural, preventative solutions for wrinkles and discover Frownies — a company that been innovating anti-aging naturally since 1889.

Frownies are an innovative skincare product that works to release creases in the face. Frownies Facial Patches are available for the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the corners of the eyes and mouth. People who use Frownies can see results in days and can keep wrinkles at bay with diligent continued use.

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Fake Bake featured on CELEBUZZ


Congratulations to our Client Fake Bake for their feature on CELEBUZZ!

Everyone want the perfect tan without having to expose themselves to the harmful effects of the sun on their skin. This is where Fake Bake Double Shot Espresso Tan comes in. This is the most intense tan on the market will elevate your gorgeous skin to new levels and will leave you with a stunning deep tan if you’re ready to take your tan up a notch. The unique gel texture glides on smooth, absorbs evenly and dries fast. Sun-kissed skin will be yours without the dangers of the sun’s rays.

Make sure to also check out the Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum from Fake Bake, the newest tanning phenomenon is a “bronzing hybrid” by not only giving you that highly sought-after glow, but also providing your skin with a “fountain of youth.”

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1 Voice, Whitmor, Stojo, PHIVEbar, Green Goo and Wraps featured on CW 6 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients 1 Voice, Whitmor, Stojo, PHIVEbar, Green Goo and Wraps for their feature on CW 6 San Diego! Camping season is here and CW 6 San Diego has the scoop on this summer’s camping must-haves.

The Mapmaker FYL Back Pack from 1 Voice gives you utility, style, and convenience all in one. The Mapmaker can be opened from the side as well as the top. The top opening gives you access to the main compartment, while the side zipper gives you access to a padded laptop compartment and the main compartment. The side zipper access eliminates the need to dig through your bag to find something at the bottom and allows you to quickly access your laptop whether you’re at work, vacation or zipping through an airport security line. The back pack also has a built-in 11,000mAh lithium-ion charger to keep you fueled while on the go. Check them out at!

Carry your camping supplies, beach accessories, groceries, and more easily with this Mesh Tote Bag from Whitmor. This bag features washable polyester mesh with heavy duty carry straps. It is perfect for carrying around multiple items at one time. Use it over and over for almost anything. Find it on Amazon or at!

Stojo is the reusable cup that fits in your pocket. When not in use, it quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk. Safe and eco-friendly, Stojo is made from safe, recyclable materials and is BPA and phthalates free. It’s the perfect cup for when you’re on the go. Check them out at!

Get the energy and nutrients you need while camping with PHIVEbar. Derived from an ancient recipe and crafted using the PHI ratio – a unique ratio found within nature – PHIVEbar uses a very specific blend of organic, non-gmo, fruits, nuts, and seeds that work in synergy with your body. Each ingredient has been selected for our modern lives in one sublime, on-the-go superfood that is both ridiculously nutritious and supremely tasty. More than just a bar, this is food with a purpose! Check them out at!

The Green Goo outdoor travel pack is perfect to bring along to all activities. Use it in your workshop, garden, home, First Aid kit or your next outdoor adventure. Includes both lip balms and a 1 oz. tin of each (Green Goo and Arnica Salve) and 1 oz of Bugs Be Gone. Excellent for travel (meets carry on standards) or a gift. Check them out at!

Whether you plan to lounge near the pool, go mountain climbing or embark on some other awesome adventure, be sure to bring Wraps with you. Wraps headphones is the perfect combination of function and fashion… and you’ll never have to worry about untangling or losing your headphones again! These eye-catching headphones deliver crystal-clear, high-quality sound. When you’re not jamming out, wrap them around your wrist and wear it as a stylish bracelet to give your outfit a little something extra. Check them out at at!

Palmetto Derma featured on Allie’s Fashion Alley


Congratulations to our Client Palmetto Derma for their feature on Allie’s Fashion Alley!

Watch out pesky pore-cloggers! The Stay Clear! Nourishing Daily Cleanser is coming for each and every one of you!

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, this cleanser delivers super clean, healthy, and youthful looking skin. The combination of enriching botanicals and polysaccharides create a balanced complexion and will keep your skin clear!

The Palmetto Derma skincare products brighten, soothe, moisturize, smooth, restore, lift and firm. All day, every day! All products are paraben and sulfate-free. In other words, none of the harmful preservatives or acids you will find in most cosmetic products. Be comfortable in your own skin! Check them out at!

Trust Fund Beauty featured on Popsugar


Congratulations to our Client Trust Fund Beauty for their feature on Popsugar!

Trust Fund Beauty is a quick-drying, chip resistant polish that comes in cute bottles complete with some seriously sassy names. Plus, it’s 7-free, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to, and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, Trust Fund Beauty is the indie cosmetics company for you! Check them out at!

Fake Bake featured on RADAR Online


Congratulations to our Client Fake Bake for their feature on RADAR Online!

Using three organic tanning agents – Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) boosted by DMI & Erythulose – without any stains or dyes, Fake Bake works with your own unique skin tone to produce a naturally-based darker pigmentation on your skin’s surface. By enhancing your skin’s own pigments, Fake Bake will give you a natural-looking tan that lasts longer. Fake Bake also has a built-in color guide so you can see where you’re applying the self-tanning product on your skin, ensuring streak-free application. Thus, you get a perfectly even golden bronze tan, every time.

Check out the gorgeous Fake Bake tan on Country music sweetheart, Martina McBride.

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