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Mixed Chicks featured in the Costco Connection


Congratulations to our Client Mixed Chicks for their feature in the Costco Connection!

Mixed Chicks offers the best curly hair products for all of your curly, wavy or kinky hair needs. Mixed Chicks shampoo gently cleanses your straight, wavy or curly hair leaving your hair full of luster. Mixed Chicks conditioner not only restores your curly, kinky or straight hair, it also nourishes your hair, making it healthier than ever. Their exclusive blend includes safflower seed oil which penetrates deep into the root and reconstructs damaged areas for the best, most beautiful hair.

Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge, two “mixed chicks”, created the product line because they needed it. Then, something happened…friends and family started encouraging them to package it, and soon they had a full blown business running out of the garage. After a little door to door hustling, a few celebrity endorsements, and a ton of online customer support, Mixed Chicks is bringing their products to the world.

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BioClarity featured on The Doctors


Congratulations to our Client BioClarity for their feature on The Doctors!

Created by nature and powered by science, BioClarity is a totally new way to treat acne! The secret is Floralux, naturally derived from chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). BioClarity is clinically proven to soothe skin and fight acne! BioClarity is like nothing you’ve seen before. BioClarity has naturally calming and cleansing extracts from Green Tea, Chamomile, and Oat Kernel. Plus the cool, green, naturally-derived benefits of Floralux!

The twice daily, 3-step system cleanses, treats and restores. Finally. An acne treatment that actually works! Combining one of the most powerful medications with a totally new, naturally derived ingredient, BioClarity is a game-changer in the fight against acne.

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Born Skincare featured in Woman’s World Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Born Skincare for their feature in Woman’s World Magazine!

The Born Skincare line carries a full range of chemical-free skincare products that will keep you looking and feeling your best. The key ingredient used in Born’s skincare products is grape seed oil, which the brand derives from a various selection of grapes, adding to the uniqueness of their products. Grape seed oil absorbs faster than any other seed oil and is full of vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Each ingredient gently nourishes the delicate skin of the face while packing a potent punch.

The oils found in Born Skincare products are cold-pressed and minimally refined without the use of chemicals, and is processed in small batches by hand to ensure the oils’ integrity. In just a few short days, Born users will see that the oils are pure and rich with nutrients. Even the preservatives used are organic, Certified Toxic-Free and PETA-approved Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

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Frownies featured on Refinery 29


Congratulations to our Client Frownies for their feature on Refinery 29!

Sometimes called yoga for your face, Frownies Facial Patches assist to soften and smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles or fine lines mechanically, without any harsh chemicals or needles. These Facial Patches address the physical cause of facial wrinkles between the eyes (sometimes called elevens) and horizontal forehead wrinkles. By holding the crease flat and relaxed while you sleep the body can relax muscle memory. The muscles of the face cannot move under the patch, keeping you from frowning or expressing while you sleep.

This is Frownies 100 year old anti-wrinkle secret. The paper patch allows the skin to breathe promoting skin restoration and repair. Check them out at!


Trust Fund Beauty featured on Bustle


Congratulations to our Client Trust Fund Beauty for their feature on Bustle!

Slick & Berry-Licious Lips are in for fall. “These lips will be everywhere this season,” says Samantha Manuzak, Ulta Beauty Celebrity Makeup Artist. “To break up the appearance of solid lips, drag down short vertical lines from your liner toward your mouth. Use your finger to smudge the lines downward toward your mouth until they disappear for a blended soft look. Don’t forget to finish with your favorite stain or gloss. Also, a pro tip is to use a lip liner that is pink with a purple undertone to establish depth and a nice base. If the color is too light, you will lose your lip line in your complexion.”

Get this look with Lips En Fuego Lip Gloss from Trust Fund Beauty. This moisturizing non-sticky pigmented lipgloss in a spicy shade of red is formulated with love in the USA and EU and is Vegan and Cruelty-free.

If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, Trust Fund Beauty are the indie cosmetics company for you. Check them out at!


Green Goo featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family


Congratulations to our Client Green Goo for their feature on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family!

Green Goo’s Hand Goo is an herbal power packed formula which brings moisturizing relief for hard working hands that crack and split. Their proprietary blend is the first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, minor burns, calluses, dry cracked hands and fingertips.

Green Goo formulas are created using timeless herbal wisdom with natural ingredients to produce Food for Your Skin. All Green Goo products are free of aluminum, propanediol, propylene glycol, and artificial ingredients.

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Mixed Chicks featured in Good Housekeeping


Congratulations to our Client Mixed Chicks for their feature in Good Housekeeping.

Mixed Chicks founders, Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge, were named two of Good Housekeeping’s 2016 Inspiring Women.

The number of Americans identifying as mixed black and white has shot up 134% since 2000—music to the ears of Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge. The biracial duo are the brains behind Mixed Chicks, a line of hair products for biracial women who find so-called mainstream products too drying and ethnic ones too oily. “It mirrored society,” says Wendi. “On forms, we couldn’t check two boxes.” With the help of a chemist, the two created a single conditioner for combination hair. (“Ten products was normal!” says Kim.) The line took off, and they’re set to pull in $10 million this year. Good hair days ahead!

Mixed Chicks is a diverse brand dedicated to solving the unique hair and beauty issues that face the multicultural woman and man. Men, women and children can refresh, nourish and protect their hair with quality ingredients that deliver results with Mixed Chicks.

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Giraffe Bath & Body featured on Real Simple


Congratulations to our Client Giraffe Bath & Body for their feature on Real Simple!

There are millions of women each year who are unable to shave their legs due to the discomfort of symptoms associated with a chronic medical condition or the postoperative phase of hip and knee replacement surgery and the third-trimester of pregnancy. All of these conditions decrease flexibility and mobility and therefore, make shaving difficult if not impossible with a short-handled razor. As a consequence, some women just “give up” on shaving their legs entirely or resort to a caregiver or loved one to carry out this personal daily care routine.

There is now an option for these women to shave their legs independently with comfort and safety. Introducing the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle, a shaving accessory designed to customize the length and angle of your premium disposable or reusable razor.

The Giraffe is easy to use: just lock in the razor, adjust the length, choose the desired angle, and you are ready to shave!

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Mastey and Mixed Chicks featured in The Beauty Magazine



Congratulations to our Client Mastey and Mixed Chicks for their feature in The Beauty Magazine!

Mastey Hair Color Protection Therapy Spray detangles, smooths out frizz, repairs damaged hair and prevents future breakage. This 100% vegan therapy spray also seals in moisture on colored hair leaving a silky, but full bodied finish, without weighing down the hair.

Mastey products are all sulfate free, contain no synthetic dyes, are DEA free, 100% Vegan, gluten free, have no parabens or harsh preservatives, and no animal testing. Check them out at!


The No Frizz Trio Collection from Mixed Chicks focuses on curly hair of any type or ethnicity. Manageability and a bouncy soft curl isn’t so hard to get with these innovative products no matter what type of curl you have. Diversity has been addressed in the world of curl.

Creators Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge understand not everyone has the same exact hair, so they founded an all-inclusive beauty brand that cares for every tone and type. Check them out at!

BioClarity featured on Closer Weekly


Congratulations to our Client BioClarity for their feature on Closer Weekly!

Finally! An acne treatment that actually works! With powerful medication plus a totally new, naturally derived ingredient, BioClarity is changing the game in the fight against acne.

This twice daily, 3-step system fuses nature and science to fight acne and soothe skin. The secret? FloraluxTM, a naturally derived formula with the power of chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). FloraluxTM is clinically proven to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that causes acne!

Check them out at! Head on over to Closer Weekly to find out how you can win a 3 step system of BioClarity skin care products!