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Mastey and Mixed Chicks featured in The Beauty Magazine



Congratulations to our Client Mastey and Mixed Chicks for their feature in The Beauty Magazine!

Mastey Hair Color Protection Therapy Spray detangles, smooths out frizz, repairs damaged hair and prevents future breakage. This 100% vegan therapy spray also seals in moisture on colored hair leaving a silky, but full bodied finish, without weighing down the hair.

Mastey products are all sulfate free, contain no synthetic dyes, are DEA free, 100% Vegan, gluten free, have no parabens or harsh preservatives, and no animal testing. Check them out at!


The No Frizz Trio Collection from Mixed Chicks focuses on curly hair of any type or ethnicity. Manageability and a bouncy soft curl isn’t so hard to get with these innovative products no matter what type of curl you have. Diversity has been addressed in the world of curl.

Creators Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge understand not everyone has the same exact hair, so they founded an all-inclusive beauty brand that cares for every tone and type. Check them out at!

BioClarity featured on Closer Weekly


Congratulations to our Client BioClarity for their feature on Closer Weekly!

Finally! An acne treatment that actually works! With powerful medication plus a totally new, naturally derived ingredient, BioClarity is changing the game in the fight against acne.

This twice daily, 3-step system fuses nature and science to fight acne and soothe skin. The secret? FloraluxTM, a naturally derived formula with the power of chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). FloraluxTM is clinically proven to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that causes acne!

Check them out at! Head on over to Closer Weekly to find out how you can win a 3 step system of BioClarity skin care products!

Born Skincare featured in Life & Style Magazine

bornlifeandstyleCongratulations to our Client Born Skincare for their feature in Life & Style Magazine!

Born Skincare was founded with the philosophy that all skincare should be 100% safe, organic, pure and non-toxic. All of their products exemplify that ideal because each product contains minimally refined organic oils and rare natural ingredients from all regions of the world. The base of every product is artisanal grape seed oil, hand crafted in small batches to ensure the potency of the product.

GLOW Facial Serum provides instant results and protection to the skin. It penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and repairs the appearance of past damage caused by environmental pollutants, daily stresses and sun damage.

Find out more at!

Trust Fund Beauty featured on InStyle


Congratulations to our Client Trust Fund Beauty for their feature on InStyle!

Before heading out the door, don’t forget to add a complementary splash of color with Trust Fund Beauty’s signature nail polish. Their posh nail polish put them on the map, and has captured the attention of celebrities including Khloe Kardashian.

Trust Fund Beauty’s products are proudly made in the USA and EU, and are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free. All their products are designed with the lowest toxicity possible while still maintaining a high level of quality you can feel confident in. If you are looking to minimize the toxic content you are exposed to and you believe you can be beautiful without being cruel, they are the indie cosmetics company for you. Check them out at!


Palmetto Derma featured in Kontrol Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Palmetto Derma for their feature in Kontrol Magazine!

Get your glow on-the-go with Palmetto Derma! Their Rose Refreshing toner hydrates and protects against drying elements. Use after cleansing, or give your face a spray to revitalize skin during the day (hello, new travel BFF!). This super toner creates healthy and glowing skin anywhere, anytime!

The Collagen Booster Serum keeps your skin safe from all those elements your skin endures on a daily basis. We’re talking sun, smoke, smog and other ugly skin damagers! These free radicals will try to infiltrate your skin and diminish collagen, but don’t worry. The Vitamin C in the serum promotes collagen growth, filling in fine lines, minimizing wrinkles and fighting to make sure they don’t come back! Caution: Once these free radicals are gone, your skin will be glowing!

Find out more at!


Renpure featured on Inside Weddings


Congratulations to our Client Renpure for their feature on Inside Weddings!

Coconut water offers a burst of hydration and coconut oil can be used in place of other oils while cooking, so it’s no wonder coconut is also used in many beauty products. The Renpure Black Label Coconut line includes a range of items, including easy-pump shampoo and conditioner products, that are free of sulfates, parabens, harsh salts, dyes, and gluten. The line also includes a Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist, which is a great portable option for brides on the go. Quickly spritz the product into your hair between wedding-related appointments for softness and shine, while controling frizz, smoothing tangled strands, and preventing breakage and split ends.

Check them out at!

Mixed Chicks featured in Gladys Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Mixed Chicks for their feature in Gladys Magazine!

Are you looking for some affordable foundation that will bring out your natural glow? Well, look no further than Mixed Chicks’ In The Mix Quick Stick.

This high coverage, gluten free and paraben free foundation comes in 5 essential color combinations that you can mix, match and blend in order to fit your unique skin tone.

Check them out at!




Fake Bake featured in Nationalist Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Fake Bake for their feature in Nationalist Magazine!

Using three organic tanning agents – Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) boosted by DMI & Erythulose – without any stains or dyes, Fake Bake works with your own unique skin tone to produce a naturally-based darker pigmentation on your skin’s surface. By enhancing your skin’s own pigments, Fake Bake will give you a natural-looking tan that lasts longer.

Fast acting and fast drying, the easy application DoubleShot Tan combines top quality ingredients with high percentages of several tanning actives to give you a maximum depth of color. Application is natural looking and streak free.

Check them out at!

Renpure featured on CELEBUZZ


Congratulations to our Client Renpure for their feature on CELEBUZZ!

Coconut enthusiasts rejoice! The Black Label Coconut Line from Renpure is their most complete hair care line ever, and it’s entirely devoted to Coconut. Yes, creamy, smooth, irresistibly sweet Coconut. Their formulas have been infused with a multitude of Coconut Oils that work in tandem to create balanced hydration, silky-soft locks, and beautifully radiant hair.

Part of their Black Label Coconut collection, their Replenishing Treatment Mist harnesses the innate properties of rich and creamy coconut oil to give sun and product damaged hair the hydration it needs. From salt water and chlorine to blow dryers and hair straighteners, their Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist is the perfectly portable option for adding softness and shine when life gets busy.

Check them out at


FireAvert, Leisure Leash, ECOlunchbox and Green Goo featured on CBS 8 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients FireAvert, Leisure Leash, ECOlunchbox and Green Goo for their feature on CBS 8 San Diego!

As seen on Shark Tank, FireAvert is the only product that prevents kitchen fires before they happen by turning off stoves when smoke is detected. FireAvert is activated by your smoke alarm, cutting the power to your stove and oven before there is a flame. Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, FireAvert helps prevent you from being another statistic. Check them out at!

Leisure Leash’s new leash system gives dog lovers the option to be 100% hands-free as dogs carry their own leash. Made from top quality, colorful nylon and a stainless steel clip, the Leisure Leash is lightweight, consisting of two simple parts- a slip collar and a handle. Check them out at!

Plastic-free and leak-free, the Splash Box™ lunch container from ECOlunchbox makes going green at lunchtime easy by keeping plastic out of your lunch and our oceans. Water-tight lid design makes lunchbox ideal for tossing in a lunchbag, backpack or briefcase with no worries about leaking. Check them out at!

Green Goo uses pure organic herbs and essential oils to create nourishing, top-quality skincare that protects, moisturizes, and heals from head to toe. SPF30 and 40 minutes water resistant! Solar Goo is the best option to protect sensitive skin from exposure to the sun’s rays. The simple yet powerful recipe (only 7 ingredients) blocks UVA and UVB rays with the combination of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. The infusion of Calendula Flowers in Solar Goo helps to condition and heal your skin so you can enjoy your next outdoor adventure.
Check them out at!