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Mother Trucker & Co featured on The View


Congratulations to our Client Mother Trucker & Co for their feature on The View!

Trucker Hats are a household name, partly due to the comfort and fit of the caps.  Mother Trucker adds their prominent hints of chic glamour to every hat, making them ultra-distinguishable and oozing with pizazz. Vibrant colors with trendsetting hashtags and mottos with a dash of sparkle make up this hat line. (#BLESSED, #THANKFUL, Momzilla, Wifey, boy mama, girl mama, #MOMLIFE #bekind – the list goes on.) No longer do moms on-the-go have to step out in their husbands ill placed baseball hat. Hiding bed-head? Straight from yoga to lunch? Pulled another all-nighter with a sick tot or meeting a deadline? Hide in shame no more.  Wear your usual attire and add a Mother Trucker. Your look is transformed into style, with or with-out make-up.

Check them out on View Your Deal for a Mom’s Day Blowout that you don’t want to miss. Also check out their entire collection at!

Whitmor featured on Good Day New Mexico


Congratulations to our Client Whitmor for their feature on Good Day New Mexico as part of Casey’s Faves!

Whitmor’s 9-Section Stackable Jewelry Tray is the perfect solution for organizing and protecting earrings, bracelets, rings, broaches and more. Lined with a soft, velvet-like material, the tray’s interior is gentle on your jewels and eases the process of quickly getting that perfect piece out to wear. Nine compartments help keep pieces separated, free from sliding and tangling. For added protection, each unit comes with a protective dust cover.

Some have tons of necklaces while others have an expansive earring collection; the truth is, no two jewelry collections are alike, so why should your jewelry storage be? Whitmor’s Stacking Jewelry Tray Collection is a comprehensive system designed to let You be the builder. Check out all of their Stacking Jewelry Trays on and find out more at!



Play Again Now featured on Good Morning Wyoming

Congratulations to our Client Play Again Now for their feature on Good Morning Wyoming!

Rigorous exercise drains energy levels as nutrients leave the whole body. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints are all vulnerable to damage and soreness. Recovery is most effective when we directly replenish the natural compounds in our bodies that nourish muscles and connective tissues, as well as supporting basic rebuilding at the cellular level.

Play Again Now® is a sports recovery drink formulated with two active ingredients, high-molecular -hyaluronic acid and MSM, to provide lubrication, anti-inflammatory and immune support at the cellular level: Recovery for the entire human body. This unique combination helps fight delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), giving you rapid elasticity and flexibility throughout your musculoskeletal system after every workout. Check them out at!


Flip It Case featured on the TODAY Show


Congratulations to our Client Flip It Case for their feature on TODAY!

It’s more than just a stick. No more carrying different gadgets to capture the perfect picture. Its compact size, removable Bluetooth® remote shutter, case with kickstand and fully built-in selfie stick, makes FLIP IT the perfect on the go companion. With FLIP IT you can easily transition from a selfie stick to a battery pack and various mounts which makes it perfect for everyday use.

Separate the handle from the case, and use as a remote shutter. Take pictures up to 25 feet (8 meters) away using the kickstand! The built-in kickstand is also perfect for watching movies, video calls and so much more. The built-in robust steel telescopic selfie stick is great for those memorable pictures.

Get your Flip It Case now at Kickstarter!

My Boo and You featured on Fox News 6 Milwaukee


Congratulations to our Client My Boo and You for their feature on Fox News 6 Milwaukee!

What is better for little tykes than 100% organic cotton made right here in the U.S.A.? ​ One hundred percent of the My Boo and You baby and children’s clothing is manufactured in the US – from creation to point of sale, AND they offer 100% percent organic cotton to keep your little ones comfy and happy!

Their adorable baby and children’s attire consists of onesies and cute shirts, and the 100% organic cotton helps avoid skin sensitivities to the dyes and fabrics that are found in non organic clothing. My Boo and You offers a variety of designs that celebrate every holiday and designs that are great for everyday wear.   The outfits come in many different designs and sizes range from three months old to six years.

My Boo and You clothing can dress little ones just born through their first day of Kindergarten —it makes for a healthy and happy organic start for a child’s life journey! Check them out at!

Mother Trucker & co. featured on Good Morning America


Congratulations to our Client Mother Trucker & co. for their feature on Good Morning America Deals and Steals!

Started by two moms, Mother Trucker & co. puts a funky spin on the classic trucker hat. Express yourself with quirky words and phrases such as Boss Lady, I’m Kind of a Big Deal, Caffeinated, #BLESSED, Boy Mama, #MOMLIFE and Y’all. These nylon mesh snap back styles are adjustable to fit comfortably. There are 12 options to choose from, with hats that include vibrant gold lettering.

Head on over to Deals and Steals for an exclusive link to get select Mother Trucker hats at 50% off retail. You don’t want to miss this steal! Check out the whole Mother Trucker & co. collection at!

Tempaper, Ruggable, and BelieveTek featured in Candace Cameron Bure’s Dressing Room on The View


Congratulations to our Clients Tempaper, Ruggable and BelieveTek for being included in Candace Cameron Bure’s Dressing Room on The View!

Candace is constantly bouncing between New York and L.A with “The View” and “Fuller House” which means a lot of time hanging at “The View.” To make it more at home, we called design and entertaining expert Francesco Bilotto ( to help! He brought a breezy California vibe into her Manhattan space.


Tempaper provided the perfect accent wall for Candace’s dressing room, making it feel larger and homier. Tempaper is self-adhesive, repositionable, and temporary wallpaper. It’s 100% Made in the USA and Eco-Friendly. Check them out at!

A Ruggable area rug brightened up her dressing room. The 2-piece rug system is easy to clean, making it perfect for this high traffic area. The cover firmly attaches to the rug pad and is easy to remove and machine wash. Find out more at!

While Candace takes breaks or sits for hair and makeup, she can jam to her favorite tunes thanks to the BelieveTek Sadie Robertson Duckies Bluetooth Speaker. Part of the Sadie Robertson Live Original Collection, this tech goodie is filled with fun and faith. Check them out at!



KindNotes, 1 Voice, Green Goo, Wraps, Believetek, and Gibi featured on CW6 San Diego


Congratulations to our Clients KindNotes, 1 Voice, Green Goo, Wraps, Believetek and Gibi for their feature on CW6 San Diego!

foreverkindnotes 2Send a daily reminder of your love and appreciation with a unique gift that will bring back the sentiment of an old-fashioned letter in the midst of modern day technology and emails. This complete KindNotes gift includes the glass jar, filling, ribbon, KindNotes charm, and 31 popular messages by category, from inspirational and friendship to love and get well. Check them out at!

1voicenycsleepmask 2The 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask was created to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. The eye mask is made out of memory foam and finished with a soft velvet covering to block out light while still offering superior comfort. The built-in over-the-ear headphones block out ambient noise to create a more peaceful environment to rest. Check them out at!

greengooGreen Goo is fun to say, but this brand of easily transportable beauty and first-aid salve is smoother than silk and oh-so-soothing for mild burns, chapped skin, scrapes, chaffing, poison ivy, bee stings, cold sores, dry lips and cracked hands and feet. Green Goo’s consistency is created by using natural oils and herbs like jojoba, sunflower, beeswax, plantain and sage. Several varieties and scents come in handy travel-sized tins with a convenient list of uses on the lid. (Solar Goo has a 30 SPF rating.) The tins can be tucked away in the pocket of your ski jacket, your purse or a travel-sized cosmetic bag. Check them out at!

wraps 2Now you can wear your music with Wraps Wristband Headphones. Wearing headphones is not just about listening to music, its about how you look listening to music! Wraps were created from this concept. We took it a step further by making the wraps permanently wearable whether wearing them in your ears or on your wrist. The Wraps idea solves 3 inherent problems all headphones have: 1. Storage 2. Anti tangle 3. Style. Check them out at!

believetekspeakerSurround yourself with messages of faith and inspiration. Believetek has teamed up with A&E’s Duck Dynasty charmer Sadie Robertson to feature fun, faith-based, tech savvy products.

From phone cases to bluetooth speakers, Believetek’s “Live Original” products by Sadie Robertson will continue to inspire you wherever you go. Check them out at!

gibiKeep your four-legged friends safe with Gibi. The device Attaches easily, yet securely, to most 3rd party collars or harnesses. Use the Gibi app to see exactly where your pet is and receive text and/or email alerts if your pet is outside of their safe zone. With Gibi, your pet is only a button click away.

Check them out at!

Lull featured on TODAY


Congratulations to our Client Lull for their feature on the TODAY Show!

A comfortable mattress is the most important factor for great sleep. The Lull three layer memory foam mattress was designed and crafted in the U.S.A., using only the highest quality materials. Lull provides the perfect amount of comfort and support for the best sleep of your life.

Cutting-edge technology compresses and roll-packs Lull mattresses to fit in a box the size of a mini fridge. Mattresses ship to your home via FedEx Ground. Delivery takes 2-7 business days. Skip the 5 minute try-out at the mattress store. Try the Lull mattress in the comfort of your own home for 100 nights. If you don’t love it, they’ll pick it up for FREE and give you a FULL REFUND.

How is that for convenient?

Check them out at!


FXP Fitness and Chic Buds featured on Good Day Columbus


Congratulations to our Clients FXP Fitness and Chic Buds for their feature on Good Day Columbus.

The FXP Hula Hoop® System is a holistic exercise program that blends cardio hooping and strength training with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Using the app and the home workout DVDs, you get your very own personal trainer for less than the cost of a gym membership! Swing and sway those hips with FXP Fitness, the super effective workout program that fits any time-constrained schedule. Created for individuals of all ages, shapes and fitness stages, FXP Fitness is based on elements of pilates, yoga and ballet barre. It is specially-designed to maximize weight loss with its precise size and weight. Check them out at!

With Chic Buds Crossbody Power, phone charging no longer has to be a fumbling multi-step process. Inside each Stylish Crossbody is a lightweight, ultra-thin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go. So light it’s practically undetectable! Featuring built-in USB cords for easy charging of both phone and the Crossbody, this trendy companion is always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge for double the battery life while resting comfortably at your side and across your shoulder. Plus, with chic design and room for keys, lip gloss, and other essentials Crossbody Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power! Check them out at