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Personal Creations featured on WCCB Charlotte

wccbpcCongratulations to our Client Personal Creations for their feature on WCCB Charlotte!

Make back to school shopping fun with Personal Creations. What child wouldn’t want to create his or her own backpack? At Personal Creations, it’s easy. Simply select a size, design and color and then personalize it with any name up to 10 characters. Once finished, it’s time to select a lunch box and water bottle in the same fun manner.

Personal Creations also offers great personalized gifts for study time. From cozy-time bean bag chairs to chalkboard wall decals, Personal Creations has just what you need to create an inviting at-home study spot.

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May Designs featured on Fox 4 News Kansas City

fox4newsmaydesignsCongratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature on Fox 4 News Kansas City!

It’s back-to-school time, which means it is time to get organized. May Designs has beautiful and fun notebooks and planners to keep kids and adults organized all year long. Their notebooks are perfect for studying or for making To-Do lists, and the best part is you can customize the book to fit any style.

Every aspect of May Designs is customizable including a fun array of elegant monograms and novelty cover patterns. Each May Designs notebook offers a choice of useful inside pages ranging from agendas and journals to grocery lists and meal planners all neatly clad in soft canvas covers. Plus, May Designs takes care to individually stitch down the spine of each book for not only an eco-friendly binding solution, but a more durable water-resistant cover that can easily withstand being dropped or squished.

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Wordologies and Smudge Ink featured on WCCB Charlotte

wccbfeatureCongratulations to our Clients Wordologies and Smudge Ink for their feature on WCCB Charlotte!

Wordologies offers candles, journals, notepads, coffee mugs and magnets with positive and energizing messages.

wordologiesEach Wordologies message is a tap on the shoulder saying: Be positive. Eliminate self-criticism. You choose your feelings and actions. Come alive. You’re worth it!

Bringing everyday products new purpose, with simple sayings for better living. Check them out at!

Smudge Ink, a stationery company and letterpress studio that was founded in 2002, offers a full line of stationery products, including greeting cards, boxed notes, calendars, notebooks, notepads, wrapping paper, gift tags, writing sets, and more.

smudgeinkSmudge Ink is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and takes pride in making a conscious effort to recycle and reuse almost everything in their working studio.

Smudge Ink is all about cranking out stationery that makes people happy! Check them out at!

Clean Ethics featured on WISH-TV

bottlebrightCongratulations to our Client Clean Ethics for their feature on WISH-TV!

Taste the drink not the stink with Bottle Bright, the environmentally-friendly cleaning solution from Clean Ethics.

From hard to reach nooks to stubborn crannies, portable drinkware always seems to have an inaccessible area that is harboring gunk and is in need of a good scrub. Bottles, travel mugs, thermoses and party drink dispensers come in every shape and size, making it impossible for sponges and brushes to clean completely, often leaving a gross residue or unwanted taste upon the next use.

Instead of utilizing chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals, they have developed a proprietary all-natural formula that is certified by the Natural Products Association. It easily rinses away and leaves no residual taste or odor behind, while it works to remove stains and hidden grime.

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decaf plush and Doodle Pants featured on WCCB Charlotte

decafplushfeatureCongratulations to our Clients decaf plush and Doodle Pants for their feature on WCCB Charlotte!

decaf plush is a line of colorful & modern infant & toddler clothing. Styles range from graphic tees & onesies to retro-inspired cotton print dresses, rompers & jumpers.

Each decaf plush product is adorned with an original illustration crafted in felt & appliqued.No two are alike, as cutting & stitching methods change daily. This kid fashion  is truly one-of-a-kind! Check them out at!

doodlepantsfeatureDoodle Pants’ pieces are a sweet and simple way to express a silly side when dressing baby. Not just a laugh to look at, they’re also extremely comfortable and made with thick, flexible material.

The colorful designs are easy to wash and feature little innovations like stretchy cuffs and roomy seats perfectly sized for a diaper. Check them out at!

AttachaPack featured on Arizona Midday

attachapackazmiddayCongratulations to our Client AttachaPack for their feature on Arizona Midday!

Backpacks have for so long been recognized as the quintessential carryall for the supplies necessary to make the grade at school – textbooks, notebooks, folders and pencils, the usual tools of the trade.

Today, backpacks have come to represent so much more than just your run of the mill schoolbags.  AttachaPacks backpacks are designed with trendy colors, styles and patterns to reflect your child’s personality.  Offering a Backpack Builder with brilliant array of 11 colorful backpack base colors and over 60 different pattern styles and sizes to customize the AttachaPack, there is guaranteed to be a combination that your child will love.

Also check out the accessories, pockets and tech and safety add-ons including padded tablet sleeves and bullet proof shields.

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Doug Frates Glass featured on Fox 45 Dayton

dougfratesfeatureCongratulations to our Client Doug Frates Glass for their feature on Fox 45 Dayton!

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Doug Frates honored the call to Serve His Country by enlisting for Active Duty in the U.S. Marines. Doug successfully completed his tour of duty in Iraq and, determined to pursue his passion for the fiery radiance and Liquid Color of Hand-Blown Glass, settled in Tucson, Arizona to enroll in studies related to the art form and its various techniques.

His talent was immediately apparent, and under the guidance of his instructors Mr. Frates endeavored to bring new and innovative effects to the trade and to make American Art-Glass the focus of what was promising to be a very dynamic career.

Doug’s exhibits regularly win ‘Best of Show’ at the venues that he supports, and his company continues to entertain requests for Custom Colors, Shapes and Sizes to be presented as Elegant Accents for both Commercial and Residential applications.

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My Brest Friend featured on Colorado’s Best

mybrestfriendfeatureCongratulations to our Client My Brest Friend for their feature on Colorado’s Best.

My Brest Friend is committed to helping moms feel comfortable and secure while they breastfeed Baby. The My Brest Friend nursing pillow was designed with the input of breastfeeding experts and new moms in order to develop the highest quality and most supportive feeding pillows for breastfeeding moms and breastfeeding babies.

The My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow is designed to help eliminate lower back pain due to improper support while nursing as well as minimize the movement of baby during feeding. It features feeding risers on the top of each pillow to raise the baby’s head, aiding ingestion and digestion.

mybrestfriendimageMy Brest Friend has helped moms around the world nurse their babies. In fact, the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is used in many hospitals and is the #1 choice of lactation consultants.

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The Made featured on KSL 5

themadeCongratulations to our Client The Made for their feature on KSL 5.

The Made combines storage and measuring, making it easier to prepare white grains and other dry goods.

The Made conveniently measures and dispenses up to half a cup at a time and, with easy-to-read graduation lines

A twist of the cap, a gentle shake, and a flip of the lid is all it takes to dispense the perfect amount of content into your using container.of 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 cup, allows measurement as needed.

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Jill-e Designs featured on 9NEWS

jillefeatureCongratulations to our Client Jill-e Designs for their feature on 9NEWS!

Founded in 2007, Jill-e Designs creates bags and carriers in smart and stylish designs for daily use, tailored specifically for digital and mobile devices.

The Jill-e Designs Messenger Style Carry-all Camera Bag has a changeable front cover panel with several different options.

The bag is designed to carry and protect a digital SLR camera or a camcorder with accessories. There are optional zip-on covers. Made to resemble a purse or tote bag, this bag is a fashion-forward choice for carrying equipment. The bag is made from weather-resistant polyester nylon with padded interior walls.

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