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FUNKtional Wearables featured on Great Day Washington


Congratulations to our Client FUNKtional Wearables for their feature on Great Day Washington!

FUNKtional Wearables creates stunning jewelry to hide fitness trackers so you can track your progress in style! Their line includes durable high quality necklaces, bracelets and accessories that can be worn with or without a fitness tracker, and they are as accurate as the original plastic wristband or clip!

Stay fashionable, while also staying fit and healthy! Check them out at!

Ruggable featured on FABLife


Congratulations to our Client Ruggable for their feature on FABLife!

2016 is here, and with a new year, comes new trends! For 2016, one of those trends is the Ruggable 2-piece rug system. Washable Rugs are now revolutionizing the world of rugs by offering a solution to the issues with other rugs on the market today. By combining a removable, machine washable cover and non-slip rubber base that grip together, keeping your rugs clean is now simple and affordable. Now you can keep your rugs clean and germ free by simply peeling off the cover and throwing it in the washing machine with no fear of ruining it or the rubber backing disintegrating.

What’s more? It makes rug designs less of a commitment. With the interchangeable covers, you can continually change your décor with the seasons or your mood with a new design or splash of color– a quick and stylish way to change the look of your room for an affordable price.

Find out more at!



Ravelco featured on San Diego 6 News


Congratulations to our Client Ravelco for their feature on San Diego 6 News!

With more than 4 million installations since 1976, the Ravelco Anti Theft Device is the only device that has never been defeated. This small device is installed in the dash. Remove the plug and the vehicle will not start. The Ravelco offers an unbeatable combination of sturdy construction, secure technology and ease of use. Thieves go straight to the car’s weak point to steal it: the wires under the dash. All the wires they need to start the car are there. Inside the passenger compartment thieves are hidden from anyone not looking directly into the car at close range.

The Ravelco is different from other car security devices. Underneath the dash the Ravelco wires are protected with steel, so thieves can’t get access to them. Even if they did, all the wires are the same color, and there is no pattern to give away the pairs. Thieves want to get in your car and be gone within 5 minutes. With a Ravelco installed, they can’t. Check them out at!


Nicky + Stella featured on KTLA Morning News


Congratulations to our Client Nicky + Stella for their feature on KTLA Morning News!

With a variety of brands and handmade labels from around the world, Nicky + Stella brings you rad clothes + accessories for all the little loves in your life.  And with their “Shop the Look” feature, putting a head to toe outfit together for your babe is as easy as picking the look you love and adding it to the cart.

It’s a one-stop shop for busy moms and dads! Check them out at!


Roma Boots featured on Good Day Sacramento


Congratulations to our Client Roma Boots for their feature on Good Day Sacramento!

As if you need another reason to buy a pair of cute boots, Roma Boots will give you two. Not only are they fashion forward, but also they’re for a good cause! Roma Boots is a “one for one” Company. For every pair sold, the company donates a pair of boots that are filled with educational necessities to a child in need.

This holiday season, Roma Boots has partnered with A&E’s Duck Dynasty and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars’ Sadie Robertson to create a collection of stylish rain boots that are perfect for any girl who wants to give back, but also look très chic.

The Sadie Robertson Live Original™ Collection boasts all-weather boots that are waterproof, eco-friendly and slip resistant. Composed of natural rubber and lined with soft cotton, these boots are both sensible and stylish!

Check them out at!

Wraps featured on MSNBC


Congratulations to our Client Wraps for their feature on MSNBC!

Tired of untangling headphones? Lost more pairs than you can count? Want headphones that not only sound good, they look good? Introducing Wraps. Whether you’re headed to school, work, the gym or about to hop on a plane, a good pair of headphones is a must. Here on Fashionbashon, we’re excited to introduce you to Wraps – stylish headphones that not only sound good, they make you look good!  Functional, fashionable and get this… anti-tangle. Wraps are extremely popular in the UK and now they’re making their way to the U.S.

With Wraps, headphones are no longer just about listening to music, now you can impress the rest with how good you look while you’re rockin’ out! When you’re not wearing them in your ears, add a stylish twist and wear them on your wrist. Wraps takes pride in their fashion-forward, eye-catching, crystal-clear sounding headphones. Check them out at!



Something Strong featured on the TODAY Show


Congratulations to our Client Something Strong for their feature on the TODAY Show!

Fashion meets the workplace with Something Strong messenger bags.

Plaid Flap Messenger Bag: The designer really thought of everything you would need in your busy life. The plaid flap makes an otherwise mundane day, POP. The flap feels soft yet the bag is sturdy. It’s also machine washable. You can throw it around on airplanes, subways or inside your cubicle and you’ll be surprised at all it will withstand.

Something Strong Wool Messenger Bag: The all-wool messenger bag with brown canvas accents is for the guy who means business but does it with boldness. His new bag can carry all his important work – books, laptop, papers, magazine, pens, phones, toothbrushes, you name it. It’ll keep him organized while turning heads.

Check them out at!

Chalk Ink featured on Time Warner


Congratulations to our Client Chalk Ink for their feature on Time Warner!

Get creative this holiday season with Chalk Ink Markers. Not just for writing on chalkboards, you can use these markers on any non-porous surface including glass, metal, plastic, granite and glazed ceramic. Chalk Ink markers work like a paint pen, yet look like chalk. No dust, no smearing once dry.

Let your creative side go wild with Chalk Ink! Check them out at!



ONYX XOXO, Palmetto Derma, Boppy, and Enjoy Essential featured on The Hampton Roads Show

Congratulations to our Clients ONYX XOXO, Palmetto Derma, Boppy, and Enjoy Essential, for their feature on The Hampton Roads Show.


onyxxoxoONYX XOXO Custom Fashion Designs was founded on the idea that every girl shouldn’t just break out of the mold, she should make her OWN mold. Every aspect of ONYX XOXO is meticulously designed by founder and creator Danielle Carter, resulting in each piece being as unique and original as the girl who is wearing it. Check them out at!

palmettodermafeaturePalmetto Derma natural preventative and protective skin care products stop problems before they happen so women at every age can maintain young, healthy skin. Get your glow on-the-go! With their moisture-replenishing toner that hydrates and protects against drying elements. Use this refreshing toner after cleansing, or give your face a spray to revitalize skin during the day (hello, new travel BFF!). This super toner creates healthy and glowing skin anywhere, anytime! Check them out at!

boppybloom 2The Boppy name is synonymous with nursing, and now they’ve just released their new can’t-live-without line, Boppy Bloom. A skincare collection that features four products that both moms to be and nursing moms will adore, each product in the Boppy Bloom Skincare line is hypoallergenic, paraben free, sulfate free and phthalate free so they are safe and effective both during and after pregnancy. Find it at!

enjoyessentialteeEnjoy Essential is an adorable line of t-shirts for women and kids. From “Hangry” (you’re so hungry, you’re angry) to “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Mama’s Boy” or “I don’t do Mornings” for kids, there is something for everyone. Every shirt purchased provides a meal to a woman or child in need, so not only are you stylish, but super kind too. Check them out at!



Matuse featured on San Diego 6


Congratulations to our Client Matuse for their feature on San Diego 6.

Inspired by the collision of sport, fashion and technology, the Ichiban Ninja Landsuit  combines clean and modern design with the combat ready capabilities of Navy SEAL tactical gear – and the state-of-the-art textile technology of an Olympic-caliber outdoor training suit for performance athletes: Water resistant, wind-blocking and breathable. Comfortable yet rugged. Perfectly suited for running through a New England blizzard — wearing post winter surf sessions – or daily use throughout the city.

Matuse is proud to announce its support for the SEAL Future Fund a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Navy SEALs with the transition to successful careers in the private sector. A portion of the proceeds from each Matuse product sold will support the SEAL Future Fund’s educational assistance program. Check them out on Kickstarter.