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Get Outfitted Featured on Monday Morning Radio

mondaymorningradiogetoutfittedCongratulations to our Client Get Outfitted for their feature on Monday Morning Radio!

Are you getting ready to hit the slopes? For your upcoming snow adventure, forget the stores and don’t worry about bothering friends to borrow ski gear. Simply click on and pick exactly what you need.

At you can browse through hundreds of options from base layers to goggles, all from top brands. Order what you need, and then mark if it’s a 3, 5 or 10 day rental. The order will arrive on the date requested. Simply open it up, ride in style, and when done, stuff it all back into the prepaid shipping envelope. Easy, right?!

For as little as $23.00 a day, you can be outfitted in brands such as Burton, Patagonia, DaKine and Garmin, in product which just hit the shelves, ensuring the most up-to-date styles and technology.

Make your trip even easier by marking the hotel or condo you’ll be staying at, and have your gear delivered there! When done, simply place it in the prepaid mailing bag that comes with every package and drop it at the front desk or a USPS mailbox. GetOutfitted will clean and inspect every item for the next user.

Shipping an exquisite rental experience. Rent it, Rock it, Return it. Check them out at!

Tip ‘n Split featured on Nipper’s Table Talk

tabletalkCongratulations to our Client Tip ‘n Split for their feature on Nipper’s Table Talk!

Gone are the days of fumbling around for your reading glasses and light when the bill arrives. This holiday season, thanks to Tip ’n Split, you can have the only device on the market that not only calculates your tip, but also magnifies AND provides light!

Let’s face it; it’s troubling to be fumbling around with the bill, squinting in low light, and trying to read the final amount, while trying to enjoy an evening out with friends and family.  Is that $42 or a $45?  Then trying to calculate the proper tip amount—and instantly your holiday cheer has just turned into a math assignment—no fun!

tipnsplitThanks to Tip ’n Split , you can quickly calculate the tip, split the bill with friends and family, and stop worrying about how to make the right calculations! The great thing about Tip ’n Split is that it is a specialized calculator, so instead of just getting pre-prescribed amounts for tips like 15% or 20%, you can calculate exactly what percentage you would like to give!  In the true spirit of the holidays, you can figure out what an extra 5-10% would be for your Christmas Eve dinner, to spread cheer around, or maybe calculate an extra 5% for outstanding service at your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Check them out at!

Flip2BFit featured on ESPN New York

flip2bfitespnfeatureCongratulations to our Client Flip2BFit for their feature on ESPN New York!

Flip2BFit is the new and exciting way to jump, stretch and twist your way  to a healthier happier lifestye!

This exciting new kid’s fitness board game gets you to compete, build team spirit and individual goals while stretching, jumping and twisting your way to Springers’ Park!!! 

Looking for an easy, interactive way to teach your children about healthy eating options? With Flip2BFit you can increase their physical fitness levels without them even knowing it! Whether you’re building strength, increasing cardio or stretching out to a few yoga poses, you will find Flip2BFit the most fun you’ve had playing a board game. 

Working to prevent childhood obesity one exercise at a time Flip2BFit is this generations answer to Fitness made Fun! Check out their interview on ESPN New York and hear how Creator, Heather Parisi, came up with this incredible fitness game. Also check them out at!

The Paint Brush Cover, as Seen on Shark Tank, featured on Frank’s Fave

paintbrushcoverCongratulations to our Client The Paint Brush Cover for their feature on Frank’s Fave on WGN Radio!

They braved the waters on Shark Tank and got a bite from Lori Greiner. It has become one of Lori’s favorite products for everyday use.

Take the pain out of painting with these ingenious covers. Designed to be airtight, the hard, durable plastic covers help to keep your paint brush or roller–loaded with paint–from drying out while you take a call, take a break, or wait for a coat to dry.

Once secured in the cover, the brush stays fresh for weeks. The covers are also ideal for storing and protecting clean brushes between jobs. Check them out at!


INDIGENOUS featured on Indiana’s WFHB 91.3/98.1 FM EcoReport

indigCongratulations to our Client INDIGENOUS for their feature on Indiana’s WFHB 91.3/98.1 FM EcoReport!

Organic clothes will never go out of fashion. That’s because organic clothing supports people and planet, keeping toxins off our bodies and out of our environment. INDIGENOUS’ fair trade and organic apparel designer chooses only the most supple organic cottons to create clothes that are stylish while still healthy for you, your morals, and the environment.

INDIGENOUS organic + fair trade fashion has been leading the way in stylish, handmade fashion since 1994. All INDIGENOUS’ sustainable apparel is made with extreme care by artisans who are paid a Fair Wage.

Clothing that honors both people and the planet. Check them out at!


Lazy Bunz featured on 103.1 The Wolf

lazybunzblogpostCongratulations to our Client Lazy Bunz for their feature on 103.1 The Wolf.

Lazy Bunz are the most comfortable and practical, high-quality, water floats on the market today and their “cool factor” is unparalleled.  They are perfect for the boat, beach and pool and are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Also check out the “Lazy Bar” floating drink tray, the ultimate accessory for the super-popular “Lazy Bunz” water floats. It’s a “must” if you like to float with your beverage or snack bowl nearby. Holds 8 drinks and the openings can accommodate beverages with insulated coozies or without.

It’s like taking your lounge and your sofa and putting it in the water.

Listen to their radio interview here: Lazy Bunz on 103-1 The Wolf

Check them out at!


Armed With Truth featured on The Source 93.7

chosenCongratulations to our Client Armed With Truth for their feature on The Source 93.7!

If you don’t have a lot of time, spending 25-30 minutes to memorize scripture isn’t something easily achieved. Armed With Truth created a way for people to take all their wasted micro moments in life (standing in line, at a stop light, in a drive through, in an elevator, riding a bike and even taking a shower) and make them opportunities to memorize scripture.

Armed With Truth was born to give you an ultra convenient (yet dashingly fashionable) way to memorize scripture for a few seconds a day –everyday. The temporary tattoos are made for your inner wrists and will last for up to 7 days and are ready at all times for you to be encouraged and empowered. Each pack contains 10 verses centered around a transformational theme — from knowing your Identity in Christ to becoming a Change Maker. Over 100 of the best verses to memorize to transform your mind and equip you with the Word of God.

Listen in to the radio feature and check them out at!


Kiyonna featured on CBS Philadelphia 98.1

kiyonnaCongratulations to our Client Kiyonna for their feature on CBS Philadelphia 98.1!

Clothing designer Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi started her clothing company, Kiyonna, because she saw that people who were not model-thin didn’t exist when it came to fashion designers. She believed that curvy women deserved to look and feel stylish and amazing. That is the passion behind Kiyonna!

You have seen her designs on celebrities like “Bridemaids” star Melissa McCarthy and actress Kym Whitley was spotted on the Arsenio Hall show wearing the brand.

In celebration of Oscar season, Kim sat down with CBS Philadelphia 98.1 to share a few “red carpet ready” tips for women of all sizes! Listen in!

Find out more about Kiyonna and see the beautiful line of plus style dresses and separates at!