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ChicExecs PR Secures Pop Bitties in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pop Bitties in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery!

Move over popcorn! Sorghum is the new way to enjoy a nutritious ancient grain – carefully air popped to produce a delicious flavor and a wonderfully light crunchy texture. This corn-free, gluten-free, easy-to-digest, 100 percent whole grain is packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber to help improve digestive health, regulate sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, and more.

Check out Mark’s Mindful Munchies for Pop Bitties, the popcorn alternative that comes in flavor combos like brown sugar and cinnamon, classic sea salt, buttery white cheddar and half-dressed sea salt.

Congrats Pop Bitties!


ChicExecs PR Secures Nanobébé in Business Insider

Our latest PR feature is for our client Nanobébé in Business Insider!
The Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle allows breast milk to be spread into a thin layer that cools quickly, reaching ideal refrigerated temperatures two times faster than standard bottles. It’s beneficial to cool breast milk as quickly as possible so that the immunological properties inside go towards baby’s nutrition rather than fighting bacterial growth. This concave bottle not only cools down quickly but helps milk warm quickly before a feeding too preserving more of those important nutrients.
Check out the Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle to better preserve those important nutrients found in breast milk for babies.
Congrats Nanobébé!

ChicExecs PR Secures Boost Oxygen in Bustle

Our latest PR feature is for our client Boost Oxygen in Bustle!

Boost Oxygen was featured in the blog “39 Genius Products On Amazon That Make It A Lot Easier To Get Fit”, which goes over some the best products on Amazon for getting in shape. Some facilitate a full-body workout, while others streamline and support your favorite fitness activity — but either way, hundreds of real people say they’re well-worth the investment. Boost Oxygen, which is 95% pure oxygen in a can, was named a genius product that makes it easier for you to get fit as it benefits your muscles.

Check out Boost Oxygen for the workout recovery tool when you’re out of breath, short on energy or experiencing muscle cramps.

Congratulations Boost Oxygen!

ChicExecs PR Secures Pink Papyrus in Marie Claire

Our latest PR feature is for our client Pink Papyrus in Marie Claire!

Making the round-up of “The 59 Best Dog Toys That You and I Both Know Your Pup Deserves,” the Blake Vegan Leather & Organic waste bag holder clips right on to your leash and even holds some extra small personal items such as a key or lip balm. Pink Papyrus offer beautifully designed leashes, collars, and waste products for modern pups made from organic cotton or vegan leather.

Check out Pink Papyrus for the stylish vegan leather accessories you’ll enjoy sporting.

Congratulations Pink Papyrus!


ChicExecs PR Secures Mer-Sea in Life & Style

Our latest PR feature is for our client Mer-Sea & Co in Life & Style!

The super soft Chalet Wrap from Mer-Sea &Co was highlighted as an editorial pick deemed “celeb-worthy.” Mer-Sea & Co brings the world to you through all of our beach wraps, candles, travel wraps and sweaters. Whether you’re looking for a travel wrap or comfortable sweater to keep you warm and cozy on your flight, or you’re dreaming of the sea while lighting one of our candles at home, we have something for you.

Check out Mer-Sea & Co for this stole-esque wrap that offers the comfort of an oversized scarf and the sheltered feel of a sweater.

Congratulations Mer-Sea & Co!

ChicExecs PR Secures PoolCandy on Cosmopolitan Online

Our latest PR feature is for our client PoolCandy on Cosmopolitan Online!

Named one of Cosmopolitan Online’s “22 Genius Space-Saving Furniture Items That’ll Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Like a Mansion,” the Trixie inflatable chair is a novel idea to have on hand when entertaining more guests in your space. Simply deflate it when it’s not in use. Glamorize your pool with trendsetting inflatable floatie styles and features you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out PoolCandy for the inflatable chairs that give off a serious 90’s vibe.

Congratulations PoolCandy!

ChicExecs PR Secures Become Nutrition on LIVESTRONG

Our latest PR feature is for our client Become Nutrition on LIVESTRONG!

Become Nutrition and Personal trainer Jeff Logan, CPT, shares his weight loss advice in the blog, “The Realistic, Safe, Doable Guide to Losing 100+ Pounds.” He says triple-digit weight loss is like shedding an entire person — and the process shouldn’t be rushed. A safe, healthy rate of weight loss for someone who is 100 pounds or more overweight is between 1 to 3 pounds a week, he says. Using that math, it will take about a year to meet your goal.

Check out Become Nutrition for the line of supplements to help you reach your weight loss, fitness and health goals.

Congratulations Jeff and Become Nutrition!

ChicExecs PR Secures Lucy Paris on Elite Daily

Our latest PR feature is for our client Lucy Paris on Elite Daily!

The Lucy Paris Margo Faux-Feather Trim Sequined Dress is showcased in Elite Daily’s blog as one of “5 2020 Dress Trends You Can Shop Now for Under $100.” With a sequin body and faux feather trim, the style is stealing a page out of the Chanel 2020 collection playbook. Lucy Paris is a young, contemporary clothing brand that is Parisian inspired, New York modern with a feminine touch of Los Angeles sun.

Check out Lucy Paris for the hottest fashion trends that are keeping up with the runway.

Congratulations Lucy Paris!

ChicExecs PR Secures Obvi on INC

Our latest PR feature is for client Obvi on INC!

The blog “22 Simple Daily Habits that Separate High Achievers from Everyone Else” featured the advice of Obvi founder, Ronak Shah. Ronak talks about how removing simple dependencies such as consuming caffeine and setting multiple alarms helps him to act on his responsibilities and take more initiative.

After the age of 20, a person produces about 1% less collagen in the skin each year. Obvi is the #1 most complete beauty collagen formula which is fortified with biotin, vitamin C, and more. Youthful hair, skin and nails with just 1 scoop a day.

Check out Obvi for collagen powder in delicious cereal flavors for glowing skin and strong hair!

Congratulations Obvi!

ChicExecs PR Secures 6-Minute Diary on Cosmopolitan

Our latest PR feature is for our client 6-Minute Diary by UrBestSelf on Cosmopolitan!

Their mindful journal was named one of “The 15 Best Travel Journals to Snag Before Your Next Vacation” on Cosmopolitan. While journals are the genius way to keep track of the best parts of your epic travels, the 6-Minute Diary is great for everyday journaling as well. A simple and effective tool for happiness and mindfulness. If you want to feel good, you need to be in charge of your attitude and thought patterns. Their mindful journal helps you do just that.

Check out UrBestSelf, creator of the 6-Minute Diary to discover your six minutes of happiness and productivity.

Congratulations 6-Minute Diary!