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Our Clients featured on CBS Ozarks Live



Congratulations to our Clients Four Peas, Name Maker, Circle of Friends,  KINeSYS and XOLO for their feature on CBS Ozarks Live. Some of the hottest back to school products for kids!




fairyFour Peas provides exclusive bags for kids. Their bags are CPSIA compliant and constructed with quality materials designed to fit children and hold up to their activities.With Four Peas, children can coordinate backpacks with matching lunch boxes, pencil cases, duffle bags and more.

The embroidered personalization option allows children to create bags that are truly their own. Check them out at!


mini-waterproof-stickersIn business since 1938, Name Maker Inc manufacturers personalized fabric labels, ribbons, gift wrap, stickers, and more. Their personalized waterproof stickers labels and tags are great for labeling all of your items and gear in need of waterproof stickers that actually stay stuck. Dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof stickers are the perfect choice for identifying books, water bottles, sports equipment, and school supplies.

Find out more at!



Lice Defense Shampoo and Conditioner from Circle Of Friends is a powerful – yet gentle duo that deters lice naturally, leaving little noggins squeaky clean and insect free. Tea Tree, Andiroba and Lavender Oils are the key ingredients that keep lice way safely and naturally. Lemon Peel Oil acts as a natural cleanser, while Vitamin B-5 and Glycerin hydrate the hair leaving it soft, manageable and free of tangles.

Check them out at!



spf30sprayffKINeSYS Spray Sunscreens are the only oil, alcohol, PABA, preservative & paraben-free spray sunscreens on the market. KINeSYS true performance sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection and is easy to apply before and during any activity. It does not require messy rubbing and dries quickly without oily residue to hinder grip or comfort. It withstands vigorous activity and allows skin pores to breathe normally.

Find out more at!



xoloWho says shoes have to match? XOLO celebrates your child’s (and your own) unique personality with coordinating but mismatched fabric designs in fun, colorful patterns. Their wild and wacky line of shoes and backpacks are not just for kids! Let your inner child out to play with XOLO women’s sizes and XOLO’s collegiate NCAA-licensed SCHOOLZ by XOLO.

Check them out at!

Shark Tank Products, Spatty, featured on HAPPI

happispattyCongratulations to our Client Spatty for their feature on HAPPI.

With so many of us money conscious these days, getting the most out of our purchases is of high importance.  The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are ingenious tools designed to help us do just that, get the most out of our products, down to the very last drop.

With their spatula tip, The Spatty and Spatty Daddy can reach to the bottom of lotions, shampoo bottles and food containers to help scrape out the remaining product.

The new Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool has an even thinner tip, perfect for removing the last drops in cosmetic containers, such as foundation and eye creams.

Priced at $5.99 or $6.99 depending on size, or purchased as a set at $10.99, The Spatty and Spatty Daddy pay for themselves after one use.

Find out more at!

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LugLess featured on ABC News

luglessCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature on ABC News.

LugLess is a luggage-shipping service that makes traveling easier, lighter, and more enjoyable. LugLess picks up your luggage from your residence, place of work, or hotel and delivers it to your final destination, leaving you with an airport experience that is free of long check in lines, overcrowded baggage claims, and lost luggage.lugless2

Their service is available in any town, city, state in the United States and more than 235 countries worldwide, with pricing starting as low as $39.00.

Let LugLess handle all of your luggage needs from carry ons, standard bags, over-sized bags, golf clubs, skis and snowboards, surfboards, bikes, baby seats, strollers, and much more!

Check them out at!


Four Peas featured on Magic 102.1

fourpeasimageCongratulations to our Client Four Peas for their feature on Magic 102.1.

Four Peas was part of a back to school giveaway on Magic 102.1. Twenty-seven qualifiers each received a Four Peas backpack stocked with school supplies and other goodies. The grand prize winner received a $200 back to school shopping spree and limo ride on the first day of school.

Since 2003, Four Peas has been providing exclusive bags for kids – COOL BAGS FOR COOL KIDS!  Their bags are CPSIA compliant and constructed with quality materials and designed to fit children and hold up to their activities. Combine backpacks with lunch bags or Messenger bags with supply bags and add embroidered personalization and Four Peas bags are sure to make your kid smile!

Check them out at FourPeasOnline.Com!

Follow the link to listen in on the Magic 102.1 giveaway and interview with the third grader who won a Four Peas backpack, shopping spree and  limo ride to and from school on her first day! Four Peas Aircheck.

PlusMotif featured on Beauty News NYC

beautynewsCongratulations to our Client PlusMotif for their feature on Beauty News NYC.

PlusMotif is the latest thing in tech gear. It’s an extensive collection of iPad, Kindle and e-reader cases with interchangeable, snap on design motifs. Available in 15 vivid colors and featuring dozens of interchangeable motifs that easily snap onto the front of the case. Customize your case to fit your mood, your day or your outfit.

A case and organizer in one, you can also use the included notepad and pen to jot down your thoughts and ideas while skimming the web. It’s function and fashion in a snap.

Make your tablet all kinds of fabulous.

Check them out at!


Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket featured on KCAA Radio

mbbblanketCongratulations to our Client Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket for their feature on KCAA Radio.

From the first time a baby cuddles against mom there is a bond of love created that will never be broken. However, as much as a parent wishes to always be nearby, life sometimes takes them far away. Luckily, with the help of the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket this distance can become a whole lot shorter.

Made only in the U.S.A. Each blanket is created from a soft minky fabric that soothes babies and feels wonderfully smooth and comfortable against their delicate skin.

To use, the parent should cuddle with the blanket, infusing it with their own special scent, so when their baby cuddles with it, they have something familiar and it is filled with love.

If you don’t have a baby in your life, you can donate the blanket to someone who needs it most. The Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket has partnered with Serenity Infant Care and Los Robles Hospital and various military branches so that you can share the special love and bonding that comes from this unique gift. Love makes the world go round and can help children everywhere get off to a good start.

To learn more about the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket and the creators behind the blanket, you can listen to their KCAA radio feature, which begins at 13:21, here:Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket on KCAA.

Check them out at!

Four Peas featured in L.A. Parent Magazine

laparentCongratulations to our Client Four Peas for their feature in L.A. Parent Magazine.

tankFour Peas provides cool bags for cool kids with eye-catching designs that are sure to delight. Perfect for back to school, their backpacks are available in toddler to school-age sizes. Also check out their pencil bags, lunch bags, supply bags, duffle bags and messenger bags.For added fun, their embroidery option allows your children to customize their bag to make it uniquely their own.

Four Peas has been manufacturing and delivering their exclusive designs since 2003 and have developed a brand that is recognized around the world for uniquely designed quality bags for kids.

Their bags are CPSIA compliant and constructed with quality materials and designed to fit children and hold up to their activities. Check them out at!



Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket featured on 99.5 Magic FM

mommybabybondingblanketCongratulations to our Client Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket for their feature on 99.5 Magic FM.

Used by celebrities like Melisa Joan Hart, Lisa Ling and Emily Deschanel, the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket is the perfect cuddly creation that keeps parents, grandparents, and loved ones connected with their new little ones. The concept behind the blanket was to create a keepsake that’s infused with its giver’s love and energy, something that can be a comfort to babies whether they are apart from their family or playing next to them on the rug.

Each blanket is made with the highest quality minky fabric. It is so soft, you have to feel it to believe it.

When you give a Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket, just know you are giving the BEST part of yourself- your LOVE!

Check them out at Mommy-Baby Bonding!


KindNotes featured on JustLuxe

Congratulations to our Client KindNotes for their feature on JustLuxe.

KindNotes offers a unique gift idea for anyone and any occasion. It is a thoughtful gift for a husband, wife, friend, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend and more. They will appreciate a beautiful keepsake jar filled with messages that will brighten each of their days.

Each glass jar is filled to the brim with 31 wonderful messages, each individually wrapped in its own linen cardstock envelope. The jars have messages ranging from inspirational and get well messages to love and friendship quotes. You can also opt for blank papers to write memories you’ve shared. Select from their library of 500+ notes, write your own, or have KindNotes hand-write them for you.

With KindNotes, give a daily smile while bringing back the sentiment of opening a pleasant letter in the midst of modern day technology and emails.

Check them out at!

LugLess featured on San Diego 6 News

luglessvidCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature on San Diego 6 News.

Airlines now charge travelers anywhere from $15 to $200 dollars to check luggage. This means that you, the traveler, are forced to pay to lug your own bags to and from the airport, be subject to baggage search, wait in long lines and all with absolutely no guarantee that your bags will arrive on time, or even arrive at all!

With flat shipping rates starting at $39, LugLess will literally lug your bags from door to destination, all you need to worry about is bringing your luggage to your front door. They will take care of the rest. They also guarantee that your luggage arrives on time. Each order is backed by their $500 service guarantee. When was the last time an airline said that?

With LugLess you can save time, save stress and travel happier.

Check them out at!