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May Designs featured in New York Spaces

maydesignsCongratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature in New York Spaces Magazine.

maybooks2May Designs’s May Books will help you get organized with beautifully-patterned journals. These are not your typical notebook journals however; May Books are bound together by the all-famous, old school sewing machine.

Not only is the thread fabulous for the environment, but the book becomes utterly indestructible. No pages ripping out, no covers falling off.Their green e- Certifited Canvas Covers are resilient, durable and water-resistant. After a few days of use, the canvas becomes worn-in like the perfect pair of jeans.

You can also customize your May Books to best suit your needs and personality. Designing your custom May Books is a cinch. Simply choose your pattern, customize it with your name or monogram and select your inside pages (dots, lines, agenda…etc).

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PlusMotif featured in LATINA Style

LatinaStyle_CoverCongratulations to our Client PlusMotif for their feature in LATINA Style Magazine.

Philadelphia PhotographerPlusMotif is all about function, fashion and fun! Their tablet cases feature decorative motifs that snap on and off, allowing you to constantly update the look of your case.

With 72 motifs to choose from, there is a design for every style and mood. The case also comes with a notepad and stylus/pen to jot down all of your important notes.

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Praying Through the Letters featured in Charisma Magazine

ginaturnercharismaCongratulations to our Client Gina Turner, author of Praying Through the Letters, for her feature in Charisma Magazine.

From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the Amazon jungles of Colombia, author Gina Turner’s experiences demonstrate her faith in a trustworthy Savior who is alive, powerful, loving, and at work in everyday situations and lifelong struggles.

Take a journey with Gina as she leads you through the letters of the New Testament. Let the truths of God’s Word permeate your heart, mind, and soul. Let the prayers bring you closer to the heart of God. May you be filled with His Spirit as you read His Word and pray fervently along the lines of His will.

May the prayers speak to your situations and improve your life, your relationships, and your communities for the glory of God and for the sake of His Kingdom.

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XOLO featured on Wilmington Parent

wilmingtonCongratulations to our Client XOLO for their feature on Wilmington Parent.

XOLO is a wild and wacky line of shoes and backpacks that feature coordinating but mis-matched fabrics. Not just for kids! Let your inner child out to play with XOLO women’s sizes and XOLO’s collegiate, NCAA-licensed big brother: SCHOOLZ by XOLO.

Designed with funky in mind, XOLO celebrates your child’s unique personality (and your own!) with designs in fun, colorful patterns.

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PlusMotif featured in Teen Scene

teensceneCongratulations to our Client PlusMotif for their feature in Teen Scene!

Keep your tablet safe and stylish with the fresh florals, wild prints, vivid colors and cool graphics on a personal PlusMotif cover. With 16 different colored cases to choose from and 72 motif designs to snap on and off the case, PlusMotif allows you to be the stylist and design your own look to fit your mood.

Each PlusMotif case also comes with a notepad and stlyus/pen allowing you to jot down important notes on the go. Whether you have a full day of presentations at the office, or recording your best time at the gym, Plus Motif is fashionable enough to take with you everywhere. Function and fashion in a snap, and you have a new design tailored to every occasion.

The one case for function. The one case for fashion. The only case you need. Make it yours, PlusMotif.

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LugLess from The Shark Tank featured on USA Business Radio

priceofbusinessCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature on USA Business Radio!

As seen on Shark Tank, LugLess is a door-to-door luggage shipping service that will pick up your luggage from your home, hotel, or place of business and deliver it to your final destination.

LugLess service is available in any town, city, state in the United States and more than 235 countries worldwide. Their service is a better alternative than traveling with your luggage – allowing you to travel lighter, smarter, and happier!

Listen in as LugLess Co-Founder, Brian Altomare, speaks with Kevin Price of The Price of Business about the advantages of using LugLess!

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Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket featured on 99.5 Magic FM

mommybaby2Congratulations to our Client Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket for their feature on 99.5 Magic FM!

giraffeblanketFrom the first time a baby cuddles against mom there is a bond of love created that will never be broken. However, as much as a parent wishes to always be nearby, life sometimes takes them far away. Luckily, with the help of the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket this distance can become a whole lot shorter.

The concept behind the blanket was to create a keepsake that’s infused with its giver’s love and energy, something that can be a comfort to babies whether they are apart from their family or playing next to them on the rug.

Made only in the U.S.A. Each blanket is created from a soft minky fabric that soothes babies and feels wonderfully smooth and comfortable against their delicate skin.

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Listen to the Mommy-Baby Bonding Blanket feature on 99.5 Magic FM. MommyBabyKMGA.

Journals Unlimited featured in Beautiful Bride

beautifulbrideCongratulations to our Client Journals Unlimited for their feature in Beautiful Bride.

Journals Unlimited provides 65+ themed guided journals to record life memories and experiences. Shop by category, theme or event. Journals Unlimited has you covered from your new home to your upcoming vacation. What makes Journals Unlimited unique is their  “Write it Down” Series, which is complete with thoughtful prompts true to the Journals Unlimited style. This trademark format makes keeping a journal easy and fun for all ages and interests!guestbook

For the bride-to-be, Journals Unlimited offers the Wedding Planner Journal, the Just Married Guest Book. Ever After (A Couple’s Journal),  and HONEY Between Me and You (Relationship Keepsake Journal).

Life is an adventure. It’s not the destination we reach that’s most rewarding. It’s the journey along the way. So Write it Down! & Treasure the memory forever.

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PlusMotif featured in Pretty Pear Bride

prettypearbrideCongratulations to our Client PlusMotif for their feature in Pretty Pear Bride.

Fashionably protect your iPad, Kindle and Android Tablet with PlusMotif, the interchangeable case and organizer. With 16 colors to choose from and 72 motif designs that snap on and off, your tablet can easily match your outfit, plans or mood. Keep it serious for your business meeting or bright and cheery for lunching at the park. PlusMotif cases also come with a notepad and stylus/pen for note taking.

plusmotifWith PlusMotif you get to be the stylist, making a case that is uniquely your own. It’s perfect as a bridal party gift. Create a case with a design that matches your wedding colors or theme as a thank you gift for your Bridesmaids.

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Rootflage featured in Beautiful Makeup Search

rootflagerootflage2Congratulations to our Client Rootflage for their feature in Beautiful Makeup Search Blog.

Rootflage is a natural dry blonde powder perfect for anyone who highlights their hair blonde and wants to instantly camouflage or touch up their roots before their next appointment.  You simply apply this quick fix blonde root blending system to temporarily lighten your roots and voila! Your roots are camouflaged.

Rootflage Blonde Powder comes in 3 shades. Rootflage Light Blonde is for anyone with light blonde highlights. Rootflage Cool Blonde will take care of cool or beige toned highlights. Rootflage Warm Blonde is for warm, caramel or yellowish toned blonde highlights. The product works great as a dry shampoo too.

Another plus is that the Rootflage applicator brush is easy and portable so you can throw it in your purse or back pocket (if you like to keep it classy) to touch up any time anywhere. ​​​

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