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WOATS featured on Austin Foodstyle

woats1Congratulations to our Client WOATS for their feature on Austin Foodstyle.

WOATS Oatsnack is an indulgent snack made with an irresistible blend of gently baked whole grain oats, honey and other premium ingredients. Configured into the perfect bite-size morsels for parents, kids, and anyone looking for a healthy snack, WOATS Oatsnack really hits the spot.

True to the ambitions of their young founder, the mission of WOATS Oatsnack is to inspire kids and young adults to discover and harness their passions, make a difference in their communities and change the world for the better.

WOATS Oatsnack is excited to announce their sponsorship of ONE SQUARE MILE: TEXAS, the new PBS documentary series hat portrays Texas culture from the perspective of distinct square miles across the Lone Star state.

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DeLux featured on Good Day Columbus

delux3Congratulations to our Client DeLux for their feature on Good Day Columbus!

DeLux hats prides itself in taking high fashion concepts and making them affordable and accessible without compromising quality and design. Part function, part street, they are fast becoming famous for their cutting edge styles and dynamic designs.

Whether elegant, stylish, hip, or functional – DeLux is all about the perfect hat and the perfect fit. The adjustable strap at the back of each hat, allows for  ultimate comfort.

From beach straw to felt fedora, their hats are consistently stylish, easy to wear, and look amazing.

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Handstand Kids featured on Arizona Midday

handstandkidsCongratulations to our Client Handstand Kids for their feature on Arizona Midday!

Travel the world while cooking with the Handstand Kids Cookbook kits. Each cookbook introduces your little chefs to a new country, exploring its cuisine, language and culture. All recipes are ranked according to level of difficulty so you will know when more adult help is needed. Handstand Kids Cookbooks invite you and your family to have fun cooking together. Start your journey around the world today in your own kitchen.

Before your little chefs embark on their cooking journey, pack up their cooking accessories! Handstand Kids Cookbook Company offers adjustable aprons, oven mitts and chef’s hats in two bright and colorful patterns.

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Grillbot featured on The Huffington Post

grillbot1Congratulations to our Client Grillbot for their feature on The HuffingtonPost!

The next time he throws out burgers and brats for the night’s dinner idea, don’t sigh at the thought of cleaning up. Let 2014 be known as the year of the grill, with the help of the Grillbot. This little device is the answer to all those cleaning woes that crop up after enjoying the tantalizing taste of barbecued meat and veggies. Tidying up is as simple as placing it on the grilling, pressing the button, and letting it scrub away with its mighty trio of washable and replaceable brushes.

Each robot houses three powerful electric motors and a smart computer brain that regulates its speed and direction. To use, simply place it on the grill, press the button, and then sit back and relax while it takes care of business.

Built to last, Grillbot can work on gas or charcoal grills and is available with brass or stainless steel bristles. A built in LCD alarm and timer are added safety guarantees that sound if the grill is left on or when its cycle is done. When its job is finished it can be kept alongside the grill in its special hanging storage case.

Conveniently small in size but tough on grills!

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Knitwits featured in Girls’ Life Magazine

knitwitCongratulations to our Client Kintwits for their feature in Girls’ Life Magazine!

Bring your sense of style to your winter wear with Knitwits. These products don’t just merely deliver a dose of cuteness; they provide the ultimate sense of comfort as well. Hand crafted from 100% natural New Zealand wool, Knitwits Originals hats are both stain and water resistant. Knitwits are made in a fair trade environment, with a portion of their proceeds donated to the community in which they were created

Their wide array of knitted hats, mittens and earmuffs will keep you warm, while looking cute. – Because life’s too short to have snowball fights in drab winter gear.

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Nice featured on Babble

babbleCongratulations to our Client Nice, Inc.  for their feature on Babble!

Nice, Inc. is a consumer product company that delivers premium design products with a social and environmental mission to be “nice” at every touchpoint. Nice, Inc. always use materials that are non-toxic, easily recycled, or compostable. They choose processes that don’t pollute and assembly methods that can be easily disassembled for re-processing.  It’s just Nicer that way.

With their Cablekeeps, you can give your dull white iPhone, iPod, or iPad Mini charger some added personality and utility.  They secure your USB docking cable to Apple power adaptors so cable and charger stay together.  The intuitive design will keep your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged in the wall.  The CableKeeps can also be used as a charging pedestal.

Get organized and color code those many cables for your devices.

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Knork featured on Fit Bottomed Eats

knorkCongratulations to our Client Knork for their feature on Fit Bottomed Eats.

While you may not be able to gift the actual food you see made on Top Chef, you can give the gear they eat it with!

Introducing KNORK Flatware, ergonomically designed to correctly fit the way we naturally eat.  Its patented design combines innovation and function to produce a complete line of modern flatware designed with comfort, style and stability in mind.  Each piece features attributes unique to KNORK including smooth stem fingertip platforms, ergonomic shape and a heavier, balanced design that won’t bend or fall from a plate.

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Our Clients featured on FOX 45 Dayton

Congratulations to our Clients Game Bibs, Radiant Art Studios, Dano Entertainment, and Bandtz for their feature on Fox 45 Dayton!


You will be the ultimate fan in Game Bibs! The must-have gift for sports fanatics, they offer Bib Overalls, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Skirts, Shorts and Aprons in your favorite team’s colors.  Game Bibs apparel comes in 40 team color combinations and are available in sizes infant through adult. Find Game Bibs  at college bookstores, fan shops, sporting goods stores, and other various retailers across the country. Support your team and stand out in the crowd.

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lobsterFor a gift that may seem out of this world turn to Radiant Art Studios’ distinctive art creations made with the power of x-ray imagery and ultraviolet photography. Radiant Art Studios offers items ranging from framed prints to cutting boards. Select from their pre-made designs, or submit your own x-ray, ultrasound or photo for a truly unique gift.

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For little ones just starting on the path to becoming smarty pants, DANO’s AppCrayon is a fun way to keep them on track with learning how to write the alphabet. The fun crayon shaped tool features a triangular training grip for easy use with its corresponding App or when used as a stylus.

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bandtztnIt’s perhaps the smallest accessory with the biggest impact on a woman’s peace of mind but as any long haired woman can attest, she’ll never leave home without a hair tie. Because the weather can turn at a moment’s notice, your day can turn to night (or night to day) or maybe you need your hands for something other than keeping your hair out of your face, Bandtz hair ties are a woman’s answer to feeling good and looking good. Inspired by the romantic allure of lingerie, these ties pair fashion with function effortlessly for a look that is equally stylish whether it’s keeping locks tucked up and away or adorning the wrist when not in use.

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fitlosophy featured on

fitbookCongratulations to our Client fitlosophy for their feature on!

Being a family means being a team and making decisions that affect the health and well-being of everybody. At fitlosophy they’ve created an innovative tool that inspires families to improve their health together and work towards common goals.

The fitbook fampack comes with their flagship top-selling fitbook for the parents and a fitbook junior to help teach kids and their grown up counterparts the importance of exercise, nutrition, and how to set healthy goals for the future.

As the head of the family, parents need to set a good example by taking advantage of the unique design of the original fitbook. This personalized and flexible 12 week system helps parents set goals for themselves and the whole family, track their progress with workout records, food logs, and nutrient information, and ultimately reach their goals. Its small design and durable build makes it easy to tote along to the gym, while its thoughtful layout lends itself well to quick notes and updates.

Ensuring their kids grow up with the know-how for taking care of themselves is the number one aim for parents, and the fitbook junior helps them attain it. This journal is geared towards kids to help them get moving and thinking about the welfare of their bodies. Through its use they learn to set goals for food, exercise, home life, and school and are motivated through its fun design to make a game plan, track their progress, and earn rewards. It’s no wonder that schools are even taking an interest in it, as 86% of parents have seen a noticeable change in their children’s awareness of healthy eating and daily activity through its use.

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rockflowerpaper featured in Your Teen

yourteenfeaturefinalCongratulations to our Client rockflowerpaper for their feature in Your Teen!

From the wild beauty of nature to the delicate brushstrokes of an Indian painter, the world and its denizens are the ultimate inspiration for rockflowerpaper’s gorgeous product lines. At rockflowerpaper, they have traveled the world in search of the bold and the brilliant, bringing the figures, colors, and landscapes of distance lands to the lives of others.

Nothing adds flair to an outfit faster than a scarf. Depending on the pattern and colors, scarves can be ethereal, sophisticated, artsy or fun. rockflowerpaper’s line of scarves are no exception. Their scarves are amazingly soft and custom woven at their workshop on special looms. The result is a beautifully-draping accessory you can use all year round.

A perfect gift for any girl on your list.

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