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juiceBee featured in latinbiz

latinbizCongratulations to our Client juiceBee for their feature in latinbiz.

For its compact size, juiceBee packs a 3000mAh batter backup that will fully charge an iPhone or similar device from 0% to full with power left over.

The juiceBee accessory also has extended features such as efficient power management circuitry, a smart, zero-drain technology that only draws power from the wall when a device is connected to it and universal power converter and surge protection built-in.

Possibly the most prominent and convenient feature is the built-in USB port allowing you to connect and recharge juiceBee’s backup battery to any powered USB source such as a computer or USB car charger–an ideal feature for road warriors. In addition, juiceBee lets connected iOS devices communicate with iTunes® when attached to a computer via a USB port.

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juiceBee featured on Consumer Electronics Daily News

juicebee1Congratulations to our Client juiceBee for their feature on Consumer Electronics Daily News.

Juicebee2The aptly named juiceBee is designed to offer consumers a convenient way to carry both a battery backup and wall charge for their mobile phone or other compatible devices such as portable game consoles, music players, smart watches and more.

The innovation behind juiceBee comes in the form of a two part design that docks together via a USB port.

This unique feature allows both the battery backup and the wall charger component to function separately or together. When connected together, the 5V USB wall charger charges the battery backup and a connected mobile device simultaneously.

A beautifully designed, compact portable charging solution for your mobile devices.

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RedEnvelope featured on DailyCandy

Congratulations to our Client RedEnvelope for their feature on DailyCandy.dailycandy
RedEnvelope offers a unique and wide-ranging collection of thoughtful gifts for every occasion and everyone on your list — around the clock, all year round.

Planning your picnic is made easy with their Picnic Basket for Four.

The spacious tote makes eating outdoors easy as a walk in the park.

When not carrying the included carafe, plates, cheese board, adorable mason jar sippers and more, use the bag for lugging beach towels or shopping.

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RejuvaHealth featured in Travelgirl Magazine

travelgirlCongratulations to our Client RejuvaHealth for their feature in Travelgirl Magazine.

The idea for RejuvaHealth came in 2008 when 21 year-old college student, Kelsey Minarik, was diagnosed with DVT, a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. After her doctor prescribed support stockings as part of her recovery, Kelsey began wearing the garments and quickly fell in love with the relief they provided. There was just one catch – she couldn’t stand the way they looked! Seeking a wider variety of more fashion-forward styles but unable to find them elsewhere, she decided to make her own.

rejuvahealth21Fast-forward two years later and RejuvaHealth was born.

Travel Journalist, Jan Schroder, is a huge fan of RejuvaHealth, dubbing them “The Best Travel Leggings”!

“As a frequent traveler,  I need to be aware of swelling and possible clot formations from spending a lot of time at 30,000 feet. Compression garments can help ease those concerns. But I’ve tried on compression socks and leggings that pretty much felt like a boa constrictor had a firm grip on my legs. Not a pleasant feeling.

But when I slipped on these new Slimming Support Compression Leggings from RejuvaHealth, I was amazed at how comfortable they are.”

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Papier de Maison featured on The Gifting Experts


Congratulations to our Client Papier de Maison for their feature on The Gifting Experts. PlusMotif2

Papier de Maison has created a unique line of stylish and customizable cases for the iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, 7″ tablets and traditional e-readers.

Plus Motif  is their latest in tech gear. A case and organizer in one, Plus Motif stands out from the rest! It contains a notepad and pen to jot down all those pressing notes while you skim through your web browser.

It is also interchangeable, with snap on design motifs. Choose from 16 case colors & 72 motif designs to create your unique case!

Whether you have a full day of presentations at the office, or recording your best time at the gym, Plus Motif is fashionable enough to take with you everywhere.

The one case for function. The one case for fashion. The only case you need.

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Emmy Kate Designs featured on EducationViews

bluepuzzleCongratulations to our Client Emmy Kate Designs for their feature interview on

Emmy Kate Designs offers a unique collection emmykate3of educational products for children, including apparel, wooden puzzles, games, and activity books.

The collection, called “Smartie Pals”, is designed for children between the ages of one and six.

The low-tech, hands-on approach to their puzzles, apparel, and games is a refreshing departure from the sensory overload of the high-tech digital era. Simple interactivity, timeless, tactile materials, and good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation are at the very heart of their products.

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LugLess featured on Bloomberg TV

LuglessCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature on Bloomberg TV.

As you journey through life, LugLess, is your very own luggage delivery concierge. By taking advantage of their luggage shipping services, you can avoid overcrowded check-in lines, baggage fees, lost luggage and baggage claim.

LugLess service is available in any town, city, state in the United States and more than 235 countries worldwide. Their service is a better alternative than traveling with your luggage – allowing you to travel lighter, smarter, and happier!

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Initial Reaction featured on Style Network.

IRCongratulations to our Client, Initial Reaction, for their feature on Style Network.

Brighten up your day with Initial Reaction’s Colored Acrylic Monogram Necklaces!

The pendant or nameplate is made out of acrylic and includes a 16”-18” sterling silver, gold or rose gold vermeil adjustable chain. Each monogram is cut in an elegant script or block style. With so many different colors to choose from the options are endless.

This necklace is just what a girl needs to add a bit of color to any outfit or to coordinate with school colors and sororities. Customizable, the necklace makes a uniquely personal gift option for weddings and bridesmaids, birthdays and graduation.

A little bit preppy and a whole lot personal.

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Tale of the Tooth Fairy featured on Nashville Parent

taleofthetoothfairyCongratulations to our Client, MK&Company, for their feature on Nashville Parent.

MK&Company brings the tooth fairy to life in their enchanting story, The Tale of the Tooth Fairy. Losing their baby teeth is a child’s first step toward growing up and a can be a scary rite of passage. Luckily, with the help of the Tooth Fairy’s special book and huggable fairy doll, kids (and parents) everywhere can get excited about this special stage!!taleofthetoothfairyset

In this stunningly colored hardbound storybook, children will be swept away as they hear about a budding fairy trying to find her place in the world as the first ever Tooth Fairy.

In addition to the picture book, each set comes with a boy or girl plush tooth fairy of its very own! The fairy’s satchel plays a very special role as children are encouraged to place their lost teeth in the bag so they can delight in a special surprise in the morning.

What makes the book truly special is parents can keep record of each tooth loss in the back of the book, making it easy to reminisce with the child as they grow.

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Paper House Productions featured on Look Between the Lines

paperhouse2Congratulations to our Client, Paper House Productions, for their feature and giveaway on Look Between the Lines!

At Paper House Productions, their vision is to enhance the lives of consumers with fun, innovative products by producing world class art within the stationery industry.

From their award winning cut-out cards, magnets and stickers to their fun and photographic papers, cardstock stickers and mini cut-outs, Paper House has something for everyone!

“At Paper House we think of life as a “verb” capturing the joy, the surprise and the fun of living through images that stand out, emotionally connect and bring a smile.”

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