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Gracewear Collection featured on My Good Parenting

gracwearfinalCongratulations to our Client Gracewear Collection for their feature on My Good Parenting!

The Gracewear Collection inspires to celebrate the love and faithfulness of God by creating a Christian lifestyle brand of jewelry, clothing, and accessories that represents covering women daily in God’s protection, mercy, and grace.

Putting on the Full Armor of God with their sophisticated and timeless shield design has become such a wonderful way to wear and share your Faith.  You are able to walk through the entire scripture of Ephesians 6: 10-18 within the shield design.  So… putting on a piece of Gracewear daily, becomes both a great reminder to spiritually dress in God’s Armor and a witnessing tool to share with others- if you feel compelled!

Gracewear gives back a significant portion of profits to Women and Children in Crisis ministries. Compassion International, Covenant House Ministries, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are ministries that Gracewear currently supports.

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iFork featured on Sunbelt FS

iforkCongratulations to our Client iFork for their feature on Sunbelt FS!

The intelligently designed iFork line of flatware reinvents dining by keeping surface germs off your fork, knife, spoon and spork and also keeps food from touching your surfaces. The iFork is made with a special rivet (the company calls it an “iPoint”) on the back that acts as a little shelf that hoists the tines, bowl, or blade of the utensil above the table and keeps food from hitting the table.

Since school cafeteria tables are one of the surfaces that harbor the most harmful germs, a full line of plastic iFork disposables, including the iSpork has been created to replace the sporks currently used in many school cafeterias.

“Tabletops are a breeding ground for germs, but the intelligently designed iFork line of flatware keeps your flatware from resting on these surface germs. Make no mistake, The iFork is truly revolutionary.” ~ Sekuleo Gathers, M.D.

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RuffleButts featured on

rufflebutts1Congratulations to our Client RuffleButts for their feature on!

It’s all about the girls at RuffleButts, the specialty clothing brand filled with beyond-adorable toddler and baby items for little girls. Their claim to fame is the ruffle packed, oh-so-adorable diaper covers. Made from 100% cotton, these frilly bloomers lead to hours of dancing and playtime fun in perfect comfort.

Pink is not only the epitome of girlishness, it’s also a symbol of love and support when worn in honor of breast cancer survivors. RuffleButts is showing grown-up gals some love this Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating 50% of profits from their Pink Woven Bloomers sold through the month of October.

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Personal Creations featured on Kids Out and About

personalcreations1Congratulations to our Client Personal Creations for their feature on Kids Out and About.

Put the finishing touch on all of this year’s holiday accoutrements with Personal Creations’ adorable, affordable, and above all customizable creations.

personalcreations2For over ten years, Personal Creations’ goal has been to invent one-of-a-kind products that speak to both the buyers and their recipients.

While holiday decorations abound in the big box stores, ready to be bought and then discarded, the decorations from Personal Creations are specially tailored to their customers desires and will be treasured for many festivities to come.

This Halloween add some personality to all those little ghouls’ and goblins’ trick-or-treat baskets with Personal Creations’ Spooky Plush Reflective Halloween Treat Basket. Each bag features fun three dimensional accents in an array of faces from witches and cats to Frankenstein and vampires.

Not only are these bags lovably scary, but thanks to their reflective sheen they help keep kids visible in low light situations.

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Dr. Hess featured on Mommy Katie

drhessCongratulations to our Client Dr. Hess for their feature on Mommy Katie.35398_447131070672_718553_a

Simple. Goodness. These two words succinctly sum up the “udderly” revitalizing formula that composes Dr. Hess’s Udder Ointment. This remedy for dry cracking skin, eczema, and more has been a favorite from farmers to city dwellers for over a hundred years, and will soon become even more accessible thanks to its coming debut at Walmart in mid October.

When the dishes are done and the dish towel is hung up, it’s time for folks to take a minute to relax and refresh themselves with Udder Ointment’s light, non-greasy formula.

This proprietary blend is composed of thirteen moisturizers and softeners as well as blood circulating and oxygenating ingredients that work to hydrate the skin, mend chapped and cracking areas, and help  heal cuts and abrasions all with a pleasant hint of mint and appealing packaging.

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May Designs featured on Thrifty and Chic Mom

maydesignsCongratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature on Thrifty and Chic Mom.

May Designs’s May Books will help you get organized with beautifully-patterned journals. These are not your typical notebook journals however; May Books are bound together by the all-famous, old school sewing machine.

Not only is the thread fabulous for the environment, but the book becomes utterly indestructible. No pages ripping out, no covers falling off. Their green e- Certifited Canvas Covers are resilient, durable and water-resistant.

You can also customize your May Books to best suit your needs and personality. Designing your custom May Books is a cinch. Simply choose your pattern, customize it with your name or monogram and select your inside pages (dots, lines, recipes,  agenda, to-do list…etc). There are even handwriting sheets and coloring pages to use when designing books for kids.

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Knitwits featured on The Mommy Nest

mommynest561358_346807582023616_1345763204_nCongratulations to our Client Knitwits for their feature on The Mommy Nest.

Let your little one show off their youthful character this school year with adorable hats from Knitwits Originals! As the originator of the animal hat craze, Knitwits Originals offer cuddly creations that are sure to melt any child’s heart.

From must-have items featuring Hello Kitty and Sesame Street to Knitwits Originals, there’s something for every little personality.

These products don’t just merely deliver a dose of cuteness; they provide the ultimate sense of comfort as well. Hand crafted from 100% natural New Zealand wool, Knitwits Originals hats are both stain and water resistant, making them a functional back-to-school fashion choice for both parents and their wild child!

Knitwits Originals have often been imitated but never duplicated, and they continue to design newer, cuter and sillier hats each year!

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Frownies featured in Pittsburgh Better Times

eyegelCongratulations to our Client Frownies for their feature in Pittsburgh Better Times.

frowniesfinalAge, Stress, and a variety of other factors contribute to the deterioration of one’s appearance over time. This natural deterioration is especially evident around the eyes, specifically underneath the eyes. The most common evidence of this is the development of dark circles underneath the eyes, puffy under-eye skin, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Research shows that antioxidants help protect, renew and regenerate damaged cells; preventing fine lines. The combination of Frownies’ wrinkle treatment Eye Gel Patch and Immune Shield active vitamin E serum, will help improve the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and discoloration.

The weight of the anti-wrinkle patch smooths the under eye area and protects the integrity of the acid mantle and skin. Frownies Eye Gels promote beauty and provide antioxidants to fight free radical damage.

With one 30 minute anti-aging treatment 100% of women testing Frownies eye gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

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RuffleButts featured on Momtrends

rufflebuttsCongratulations to our Client RuffleButts for their feature on Momtrends.

RuffleButts is a fun & frilly girl’s clothing line, centered around their Signature RuffleButt bloomer diaper cover. With its fun and frilly style, the RuffleButt diaper cover adds a touch of innocence to any outfit. With a 100% cotton body and RuffleButt’s exclusive anti-wrinkle ruffles, this sweet bloomer is nothing but the best for your baby girl.

In the month of October, RuffleButts will donate 50% of proceeds from their pink ruffle baby bloomers to Breast Cancer Research.  “Pink is not only the epitome of girlishness, it’s also a symbol of love and support when worn in honor of breast cancer survivors.”








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iSkin featured on Gadgetsteria

gadgetCongratulations to our Client iSkin for their feature on Gadgetsteria.

iSkin Inc. is one of the world’s most trusted mobile accessory brands since its first advanced protective solution for the iPod in 2002. Known for its cool, innovative designs and fashion-forward style, iSkin continues to be the leading mobile accessory brand.

Their newest line of dense, the ProTouch TITAN, is compatible with the iPhone 5,  5S and 5C, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Tougher than tough, it can handle almost anything life throws at your (and your phone’s) way!

The ProTouch TITAN High-Impact screen film takes LCD screen protection to the next level. This amazing multi-layered high-impact resistant technology works to strengthen the screen and absorb higher than normal impacts.  Once installed, it retains a clear view of the screen and there’s no loss in touch sensitivity.

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