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LugLess featured on Tnooz

luglessfeatureCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature on Tnooz!

Travel light and go easier on yourself. When using LugLess, all you need to worry about is bringing your luggage to your front door. They take care of the rest. No more hauling heavy suitcases or over-sized sports equipment to and from the airport.

Airlines charge all sorts of inflated fees for checked luggage and they don’t even guarantee delivery. Sending your luggage with LugLess allows you to avoid these fees and ensures that your luggage is waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

In many cases, they are actually cheaper than what the airlines charge for checked baggage.

From doorstep to destination, their white glove service is built to deliver peace of mind, quality care, and reliability.

Check them out at!

May Designs featured on My Wise Mom

maydesign1Congratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature on My Wise Mom!

Sail into summer with the Nantucket May Books collection from May Designs!

To create your May Book, May Designs allows you to pick from tons of chic, trendy patterns and colors to create a work of art that is truly customized for your style!

You can even customize the inside pages of your book, choosing from notebook pages, weekly agendas and meal planners to address books, to-do lists and even blank pages.

All May Books are bound together by the all-famous, old school sewing machine.

Not only is the thread fabulous for the environment, but the book becomes utterly indestructible. No pages ripping out or covers falling off. Great binding keeps you out of bad stitch(uations).

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Quoquos featured on Flavorful Excursions

quoquosCongratulations to our Client Quoquos for their feature on Flavorful Excursions!

Health-conscious families and dedicated athletes everywhere are reading about the energy boost and healthy benefits of coconut oil as a supplement.

But did you know that you have to eat 3 – 5 tablespoons a day to make a difference? That much coconut oil can be hard to swallow and digest, unless your coconut oil is Quoquos!

Sunflower lecithin makes Quoquos different. They’ve added just enough of the sunny ingredient into their 100% organic coconut oil to make it easy to digest, even when eaten every day. It helps Quoquos  blend completely into smoothies and other liquids for a creamy and pleasant consistency.

And sunflower lecithin has natural non-stick properties, so it’s excellent for cooking too, just like traditional coconut oils, only better. Gotta love that.

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Biscotti and Kate Mack featured on Hollywood Mom Blog

biscottifeatureCongratulations to our Client Biscotti and Kate Mack for their feature on Hollywood Mom Blog!

Biscotti’s done it again with adorable fabric, design, and color in its new Back-to-School collection!

Send your favorite scholar back to school in style with the flare and charm that the Biscotti brand is so known for.  The timeless combination of fabrics and eye-catching details beautifully fills the need for what school-age girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: cool, but also simple, pretty and modest.

With Biscotti’s consistent quality and fashion savvy, this school year will be filled with beyond adorable style, casual coolness, and photo-ready elegance. From the library to the playground, she’ll rock fun and funky and just might take smart style right over the moon.

Biscotti has captured the enchantment of childhood with romantic and charming dress collections since 1986.  Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in many leading publications such as Vogue Bambini, Women’s Wear Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue.

A go-to for fashion-conscious moms everywhere, It’s no wonder Biscotti received a nomination for a 2014 Earnie Award in the Best Dresswear category. Hosted by Earnshaw’s magazine and sponsored by the national nonprofit organization First Candle, the Earnie Awards honor outstanding brands in the children’s apparel industry, as voted by the retail community.

Their exclusive designs and elegant silhouettes continue to be favorites among celebrity moms including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Heidi Klum, and can be found in upscale boutiques and department stores around the world.

Check them out at!

Kiyonna featured on Just Luxe

kiyonnaCongratulations to our Client Kiyonna for their feature on Just Luxe!

A leader in the plus-size clothing industry, Kiyonna designs stylish plus-size apparel that can be found online and in specialty boutiques across the country and beyond.

The sexy and feminine collection of dresses, separates, swimwear and bridal is made exclusively in sizes 10-32. Kiyonna manufactures 100% of their designs in the US, with their headquarters located in Anaheim, CA.

Slim skirts, lace tops and sexy cocktail dresses are all meant for fashionable women, regardless of size.

Check them out at!

Chic Buds featured on EUR This ‘N That

cluchetteCongratulations to Chic Buds for their feature on EUR This ‘N That!

Take charge of your battery life and do it with style and sense with Clutchette Power—the fashion clutch with a built-in phone charger.

With Clutchette Power by Chic Buds, phone charging convenience is in the bag…literally! Inside each Clutchette is a lightweight, ultra thin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go.  So light it’s practically undetectable! Featuring built-in USB cords for easy charging of both phone and Clutchette, it’s always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge.

Plus, with its chic design and room for keys, lip gloss, and other essentials, Clutchette Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power.

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Biscotti and Kate Mack featured on Petula Writes

bisckateCongratulations to our Client Biscotti and Kate Mack for their feature on Petula Writes.

Since 1986, Biscotti has captured childhood enchantment with romantic and charming dress collections.

Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Bambini, Women’s Wear Daily,  Child Magazine, Teen Vogue and Us Weekly.

Their designs are favorites among celebrity moms including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Heidi Klum, and in addition to their retail site can be found in department stores and upscale boutiques around the world.

Right now Spring 2014 is on sale at! Check out the fun, beautiful and modest styles and stay tuned for Fall 2014 to release soon.




FreshNeck featured on

hermesCongratulations to our Client FreshNeck for their feature on!

Father’s Day may be over, but dad deserves to be spoiled every day! Give him the gift of FreshNeck!

FreshNeck provides men the chance to experiment with the best of men’s accessories. This subscription-based service allows users to choose ties, bow ties, pocket squares and cufflinks from top fashion couturiers such as Hermes, Prada and Gucci as well as up & coming designers.

Members wear each product for as long as they want and send it back in a pre-paid envelope when they’re ready to receive the next item in their queue. It has often been referred to as the “Netflix for Ties.”

Check them out at!

Kevel featured on Red Tricycle

kevelfeatureredtriCongratulations to our Client Kevel for their feature on Red Tricycle!

Oppressive waistband. A case of mysteriously shrunken pants or the expansion of a belly can over-cinch to the point of pinch. Wear your pants with the confidence that a Kevel Perfect Fit has your back by holding up your front. By expanding your waistline and securing your zipper, kevel Perfect Fit preserves you favorite pants when your body says go a size up.

Kevel is a little elastic tie that fits in the palm of your hand. It allows you to wear your jeans unbuttoned (and even slightly unzipped) by anchoring the zipper handle to the button.

Mom, Rachel Kearl, invented it when she was trying to preserve a favorite pair of jeans. She worked on a fix for the faulty fly and used a modified hair band as the first prototype.

It’s easy to attach: Just insert the non-elastic string through your zipper handle hole and anchor the rubber piece to your button. Then loop the elastic string through the button hole and pull it back and over the button. It works like a charm.

Check them out at!

Tight Lines Jewelry featured on Sporting Classics Daily

tightlinesCongratulations to our Client Tight Lines Jewelry for their feature on Sporting Classics Daily!

At Tight Lines Jewelry, their goal is to never let that big one get away. Through their gorgeous pendants, earrings, cuff links, and more, they’ve managed to capture the majesty and the pleasure of the pursuit of fishing in an art form that can be treasured and enjoyed every day.

Each design in their series of pendants is made from high-quality materials with a satisfying weight and feel and an attention to detail that the ardent fisherman or woman can be proud to wear.

From the kid who just experienced their inaugural fishing trip to the adult who has been on a hundred, these gorgeous pendants are a fun memento of when they felt that first tug on the line.

Part trophy and part good luck charm, their pieces have been designed as an ode to the water, the fish, and the men and women in search of that elusive bite.

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