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Flip2BFit featured on HellaWella

flip2befitCongratulations to our Client Flip2BFit for their feature on HellaWella.

While nothing is as fun as a day out at the park, if you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your family while incorporating physical activity on a rainy day — or need a new activity to do in your backyard or when you’re traveling, check out Flip2BFit — a board game that puts the fun back into fitness by introducing the basic concepts of yoga, cardio, stretching and strength exercises to kids and parents.

In about 30 minutes, players learn about nutrition, make healthy choices and perform various equipment-free exercises featured on different playing cards, such as burpees, jumping jacks, downward dog, squats and running in place.

By the end of the game, you’ll find that you completed a great workout without even realizing it.

While we’re battling obesity in the United States, Africa is struggling with malnutrition. Through a partnership with Fitness for Africa, an organization founded by Parisi, Flip2BFit has been accepted and used as the means of organized fitness instruction in schools in Uganda. 

This generation’s answer to Fitness made Fun! Check them out at!

U-Lace featured in Scottsdale Living Magazine

ulaceCongratulations to our Client U-Lace for their feature in Scottsdale Living Magazine!

U-Laces are shoe laces that allow anyone to lace up their kicks (sneakers or shoes for the uninitiated) in a variety of patterns and colors.

U-Lace offers elasticized shoelaces that can transform skater shoes, running shoes or basketball sneakers into a slip-on shoe, but the real appeal is the ability to create custom designs using combinations of colors and patterns.

The appeal of U-Laces is strong enough to attract a shark. U-Lace creator Tim Talley secured and investment from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after pitching U-Laces on “Shark Tank” last spring. 

U-Laces are fun to wear, stylish and a creative way to stand out from the crowd. Check them out at!




Chic Buds featured on A Year of Jubilee Reviews

chicbudsfeatureCongratulations to our Client Chic Buds for their feature on A Year of Jubilee Reviews!

Style and Sound collide in the first flat-cord earbuds designed especially for women.

Luv Buds by Chic Buds are amazingly stylish and tangle-free earbuds that not only look great, but deliver quality mega sound! Super chic and easy to store, Luv Buds are perfect for women and girls of all ages and make a great gift for the office, hands free talking in the car, soccer field, dorm room and more.

Unlike traditional earbud cords, Luv Buds’ flat cord prevents knotting and tangling in even the deepest of purse pockets. Plus, the sleek flat design allows for fashionable patterns and trendy looks that traditional rounded cords just can’t keep up with.

Designed by women for women, Luv Buds combine fashion and function to deliver personal expression and quality tech. Check them out at!

Kevel featured on Fashiongrail

kevelfashiongrailCongratulations to our Client Kevel for their feature on Fashiongrail!

Kevel Mommy is a device that secures your zipper AND expands your waistline for beginning stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Pregnant women know that when they tie a hair band around their top button to expand their waistline, their zipper often becomes less stable and slides down.

When your world is turned upside down the first few months of pregnancy, take comfort in knowing that you can still slip into your favorite jeans. Kevel will also help transition you back into your favorite jeans faster after the baby has arrived.

Check them out at!

Wordologies featured in Her Magazine

hermagazinewordologiesCongratulations to our Client Wordologies for their feature in Her Magazine!

Notepads from Wordologies provide inspirational encouragement each time you jot down a note.

These lovely notepads make a happy home or workplace—patterned as they are with jazzy motifs and an inspiring Wordologies message.

Each Wordologies message is a tap on the shoulder saying: Be positive. Eliminate self-criticism. You choose your feelings and actions. Come alive. You’re worth it!

Check them out at!


Doug Frates Glass featured on

glassfeatureCongratulations to our Client Doug Frates Glass for his feature on!

Doug Frates is an art glass designer whose studio, Doug Frates Glass, is located in Springfield. Frates works primarily with designers and firms to create one-of-a kind art glass creations suitable for apartment lobbies and building community rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, poolside patios and more.

But Frates’ artwork can also be commissioned by private individuals for residential display. His work is mesmerizing, with gorgeous colors, swirling patterns, lovely textures and the mystery of the glass itself.

Doug’s exhibits regularly win ‘Best of Show’ at the venues that he supports, and his company continues to entertain requests for custom colors, shapes and sizes to be presented as elegant accents for both commercial and residential applications.

Check him out at


U-Lace featured on Shoe Smitten

ulaceCongratulations to our Client U-Lace for their feature on Shoe Smitten!

U-Lace is a stylish and innovative alternative to conventional sneaker laces. Mix and match colorful lace segments to give your shoes a custom look in minutes.

A U-Lace is an individual, stretchable segment designed to comfortably span just a single set of eyelets. Whether lacing team or school colors into your kicks, giving a cheerleader uniform an extra pop, or lacing skate kicks so they literally don’t pop, you can create a look all your own.

Choose from up to 40 different colors and use one of the over 40 lacing patterns to lace your shoes in just minutes. The segments are also engineered with just the right amount of stretch and rebound to hold sneakers snugly on the feet. When choosing a lacing pattern, keep in mind that simple lace-ups are generally looser and the more complex lace-ups are more snug. Because U-Lace holds sneakers securely on the feet without the need to tie, they transform every pair into convenient slip-ons.

U-Lace eliminates the struggle that many autistic children go through to tie shoes and replaces embarrassing Velcro closures. Wounded Warriors have also praised U-Lace for enabling them to put their shoes on without help.

Check them out at!


Bellartisan featured on Edmonton’s Child Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.40.31 PMCongratulations to our Client Bellartisan for their feature on Edmonton’s Child Magazine!

Bellartisan activity books by Chloe and Grahame Arnould are a beautiful and creative way for young students and people learning English as a second language to practice cursive, printing and numbers at home, at school or while riding in the car.

Filled with rich information and whimsical entertaining visuals, these novelty books are fun to use and make great gifts for back-to-school.  In this increasingly technological world, Bellartisan’s activity books are the perfect way to engage and entertain children away from the ever present tablets, gaming systems and laptops. Check them out at!

U-Lace featured on

ulacetribliveCongratulations to our Client U-Lace for their feature on! 

U-Lace is the one-of-a-kind solution to conventional laces that constantly come untied. It is a fresh and fun outlet for personal expression and gives your kicks the attention they deserve.

These elastic laces clip into the shoe’s eyelets and eliminate lacing up and tying bows. The lacing patterns can be utilized to fine-tune the snugness from extra snug to fairly loose.

Whether lacing team or school colors into your kicks, giving a cheerleading uniform an extra pop, lacing skate kicks so they literally don’t pop, or just hooking your kicks with a fresh hoodie, U-Lace is there to help you Color Your World your way. Check them out at!

Milkies featured on Momtrends

milkiesfeatureCongratualtions to our Client Milkies for their feature on Momtrends!

Breast milk is a precious commodity.  Milkies Milk-Savers are an award-winning must have for breastfeeding mamas.  The patented Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding.

Also from Milkies is  Nipple Nurture Balm – A natural, soothing nipple cream for breastfeeding moms that is safe for babies.  Organic herbal ingredients are combined with natural moisturizers to help provide soothing relief, heal affected areas, and even prevent cracks from reappearing. Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm is lanolin-free and alleviates the discomfort often associated with breastfeeding so it can be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Check them out at!