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Kess InHouse featured on

kessinhouseexaminerCongratulations to our Client Kess InHouse for their feature on!

When you purchase from Kess InHouse. Not only are you supporting an artist with every single purchase made on each product, you are also adding a unique splash to your home that you could never get anywhere else. All of the artwork offered on their website is completely exclusive to Kess InHouse.

Check them out at!

Michael McHale Designs featured on OK Magazine

okmagazinemchaleCongratulations to our Client Michael McHale Designs for their feature on OK Magazine!

Michael McHale creates stunning chandeliers that are truly one-of-a-kind. In the world of contemporary art, designers and collectors are able to change out their look with a quick removal of one piece and hanging of another. As décor changes, so can the art in the home, making it truly customizable.

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Blingsting featured on Newsday

blingstingnewsdayCongratulations to our Client Blingsting for their feature on Newsday!

Created by a mother and daughter team “whose love for anything cute and sparkly got them thinking that maybe if women had cute choices for personal safety items they would be more likely to keep them handy,” this bedazzled can of pepper spray on a clip-on chain is both fashionable and fierce. Attach it to a purse strap, gym bag or key chain, where it will be at the ready in the unfortunate circumstance when it might be needed.

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Chalk Ink featured on

chalkinkinstyleCongratulations to our Client Chalk Ink for their feature on!

Traditional chalk is messy, dull, dusty and smears. Switch to Chalk Ink and enjoy a dust free environment, writing that doesn’t smear, vibrant colors that are easy to clean and the ability to write on chalkboards, mirrors, glass, metal, and plastic!

Check out for 10 super easy, do-it-yourself projects using Chalk Ink to help personalize your wedding. Each project takes less than 1 hour and will shave big money off of your decorating budget.

Find Chalk Ink at!

ViDi featured in The Huffington Post

vidihuffpostCongratulations to our Client ViDi for their feature in The Huffington Post!

ViDi is The People’s Action Camera. That’s you– The person who is so ready it’s ridiculous. And this camera is ready for your next adventure the second you are– whether it’s in the water, in the mountains, or even just hanging out. The camera comes with a memory card in, charged up, mounts handy– prepared to party.

Check them out at!

1 Voice featured on the TODAY Show

todayfeatureCongratulations to our Client 1 Voice for their feature on the TODAY Show.

Listening to your favorite music while running, biking, and hiking outdoors can now be done completely hands and wire-free. How? Bluetooth ear buds and voice commands built right into the sunglasses!

Find 1 Voice Bluetooth Fitness Sunglasses and other Bluetooth enabled wearable tech at!

Kess InHouse featured in The Huffington Post

kessinhousefeatureCongratulations to our Client Kess InHouse for their feature in The Huffington Post!

KESS InHouse is known for their awesome products that feature real art on everyday items such as home décor and pet products. Their connection to the artist community is unique and sets them apart in the home décor industry because each product that is sold gives a royalty back to the artist that worked on the design.

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Soul Carrier featured on The Huffington Post

huffpostsoulcarrierCongratulations to our Client Soul Carrier for their feature on The Huffington Post!

“A brand new campaign has just launched this summer from Arizona based company Soul Carrier with a new line of leather, handmade handbags with the goal of bringing awareness of conscious fashion to the forefront of handbag design.

Soul Carrier’s new Kickstarter campaign highlights the designer’s connection to her local community with a give back campaign tied to helping Crisis Nursery, a local children’s shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. Crisis Nursery is an organization that provides shelter, foster care and more to countless at risk children in the Phoenix area.”

You can find Soul Carrier on Kickstarter!



FBF by Checka featured on OK Magazine

fbfbycheckaokmag Congratulations to our Client FBF by Checka for their feature on OK Magazine!

Exude confidence and channel chic glamour with FBF by Checka. Each amazing piece by FBF by Checka can easily transition any fashionista from work to play and you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. FBF designs are sexy yet classy, luxurious yet affordable… catering to the sophisticated fashionista who enjoys expressing herself in the clothing she wears. This “bi-coastal” brand has a wide-range of designs that are extremely versatile in any season from coast-to-coast.

Be sure to check out their current Kickstarter campaign. If you back the campaign, you will get a complimentary FBF tank. It’s time to show off your fabulous, beautiful fashionable self!

Nectar Sunglasses featured in USA Today

Congratulations to our Client Nectar Sunglasses for their feature in USA Today!


At Nectar, they’re with you wherever your wild adventures take you. They want you to go after what you love and enjoy every second of the chase. Push the limits, do what’s never been done and don’t worry, Nectar’s got you covered. Check them out at!