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Blingsting featured on The Zoe Report


Congratulations to our Client Blingsting for their feature on The Zoe Report!

Blingsting pepper spray comes in a bedazzled rhinestone case that clips to your purse, backpack, leash and keys. Great for travel, walking the dog, while out for a jog or whatever you’re doing. These days, we carry pepper spray for protection, but let’s face it; the typical canisters they come in are anything but stylish. When heading out for a night on the town, the last thing a fashionista wants to do is drag along an ugly pepper spray container on her keychain, or have it hanging from her purse. Now, thanks to Blingsting, you can bring the ultimate protection anywhere you go with bling style that looks as cute as it stings. Perfect for the fashionable girl on the go!

Pepper Spray so cute, it hurts! Check them out at!


Blingsting featured on TODAY


Congratulations to our Client Blingsting for their feature on The TODAY Show!

Meet Blingsting, your fabulously glamorized pepper spray, sparkles and all. Blingsting is a compact canister of pepper spray inside a fashionable rhinestone case that can easily attach to your purse, backpack, or keychain. If you are looking to add more to your “Super-Sparkly Safety Stuff, they also make the Ahhh!-larm, a heart shaped, blinged-out personal alarm and LED safety light that can produce a 120 decibel alarm.

Finally, Blingsting offers the Glammer. Small enough to store in the glove compartment, the all new Glammer can break a windshield in the event a person is trapped in a car and also has blades to cut off a seatbelt or through a car seat strap in the event of an emergency.

Keep safe without sacrificing your smashing sense of style. Check them out at!



Fairhaven Health featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Fairhaven Health for their feature in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!

Fairhaven Health, a leading innovator in fertility preconception and pregnancy health products, is taking their post-natal care up a notch through a partnership with latchMD’s supportive breastfeeding app, latchME.

latchME is the world’s most comprehensive and credible resource to help new mothers with breastfeeding challenges. Utilizing a variety of features and connecting mothers to breastfeeding experts, peer groups, stores, maps of nearby breastfeeding spots and more, this easy-to-use and mother-approved app not only provides information, but a safe and understanding community. It’s no wonder it’s already loved by mothers worldwide! Check them out at!

BlissLights featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family


Congratulations to our Client BlissLights for their feature on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family!

Become an instant light designer with BlissLights! Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they’re great for everyday use and add that extra magic during the Holiday season that will “wow” you and your friends. With their many easy-to-use just plug and play applications, lighting décor has never been so versatile and fun. Light up your imagination with BlissLights! Check them out at!

Mixed Chicks featured on

mixedchicksCongratulations to our Client Mixed Chicks for their feature on!

Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather! But the heat and humidity can make it hard to keep curls looking cute — especially for on-the-go kids.

From their creamy conditioner and yummy smelling shampoo, Mixed Chicks has the perfect hair care products for tackling your tot’s tresses.

Their Kid’s Quad Pack gently cleans, defines curls, detangles and blocks frizz.  Check them out at!

Sound Bender featured on OK Magazine

soundbenderokmagCongratulations to our Client Sound Bender for their feature on OK Magazine!

It sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.  Or perhaps something the Jetsons would use for telecommunication.  It’s called the Sound Bender, and fortunately, it is a real life product created for people in the 21st century!

The Sound Bender is an easy, affordable solution to amplify an otherwise low quality sound on your iPad.  Watching video or playing music on an iPad can be frustrating since the sound projects towards the back of the iPad instead of projecting forward towards the listener.  The Sound Bender is the solution!

Simply connect the Sound Bender with its built-in magnet over the speaker on the back or side of your iPad and let the Sound Bender do its magic!  It instantly amplifies the sound by up to 10 decibels- simply by bending the sound in the direction of the user! Check them out at!

ViDi featured in Cosmopolitan

cosmovidiCongratulations to our Client ViDi for their feature in the August 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan!

ViDi is The People’s Action Camera – The person who is so ready it’s ridiculous. And this camera is ready for your next adventure the second you are– whether it’s in the water, in the mountains, or even just hanging out. Memory card in, charged up, mounts handy– prepared to party.


Check them out at!


CardNinja featured in Newsday

cardninjanewsdayCongratulations to our Client CardNinja for their feature in Newsday!

If more and more you find yourself trying to carry less and less when you go out, CardNinja may suit your needs. The CardNinja is a credit card and cash holder that attaches to your phone or its case.

Application is easy and the pocket holds its contents firmly enough that they won’t drop out, even if the phone is held upside down.

Available in six colors, CardNinja is so slender that it adds little bulk other than the contents carried within it.

Check them out at!

Soul Carrier featured on OK Magazine

soulokmagCongratulations to our Client Soul Carrier for their feature on OK Magazine!

Soul Carrier the unique handbag line with a powerful mission, met their Kickstarter goal in just a few days!!! On June 16, 2015, Jennifer Boonlorn launched a Kickstarter campaign to debut her third collection of gorgeous handbags called the Conscious Intentions Collection, with a portion of all proceeds benefitting The Crisis Nursery, a children’s shelter in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

In less than 56 hours Soul Carrier surpassed their goal by raising over $10,000! Now that Soul Carrier reached their goal for their Conscious Intentions Collection they are not stopping there!  The more handbags ordered, the more children helped at The Crisis Nursery!

Check out their Kickstarter video and make a donation!