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Ovan featured in OK Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Ovan for their feature in OK Magazine!

Improvement through adversity, reward through adventure. When you slip on sunglasses by Ovan, you embark on a stylistic voyage of the good life.

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Ovan is a visionary optic brand dedicated to luxury design, quality and a higher level of thinking. It’s a culture blending sophistication and style, fashion and function whether you’re suiting up or headed out to the surf. Designed by world-renowned model Alex Lundqvist, snowboarding pro Bjorn Leines and their closest friends, Ovan is the epitome of elegance.

Ovan is currently available on Kickstarter and the response has been huge! They reached their goal in their first week. Head on over to Kickstarter to find out more about backing their project and receiving a pair of their designer quality eyewear!

1 Voice featured in Woman’s World


Congratulations to our Client 1 Voice for their feature in Woman’s World Magazine!

Introducing 1 Voice – a Bluetooth enabled beanie with headphones built-in which streams high quality music from your portable device. No more dangling wires. Sound disks and Bluetooth receivers are built right into the beanie for unbelievable sound quality. The Bluetooth receiver is now completely removable, and can be used to Bluetooth enable any wired acoustic system. No more ear buds constantly falling out of your ears, or worse giving you an earache. An easy to re-charge battery that lasts 6-8 hours. The beanie is made of a tight knit to keep you toasty on a chilly day. Look good as you enjoy your favorite tunes while going for a run, commuting to work, or hitting the slopes.

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Play Again Now featured in OK Magazine


Congratulations to our Client Play Again Now for their feature in OK Magazine!

When it comes to working out, athletes and active people of all ages know that recovery from soreness, stiffness and injury is key to their success. Play Again Nowâ„¢ is a clinically-proven breakthrough dietary supplement comprised of oral liquid hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM. HA is naturally-occurring throughout the body to hydrate, lubricate and protect muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and helps to cushion joints. Play Again Nowâ„¢ can help replenish HA, which degrades with age, rigorous workouts, injury and surgery.

Daily use of Play Again Nowâ„¢ can give consumers an alternative to using OTC medications or prescription drugs for pain and discomfort that come with dangerous side effects when used over long periods of time. Play Again Nowâ„¢ is the perfect recovery solution for the serious professional, the emerging young athlete or the weekend warrior: Recommended by a number of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and many other health and fitness professionals.

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Matador featured in Real Simple

matadorrealsimpleCongratulations to our Client Matador for their feature in Real Simple!

Love the beach, working out, or traveling?  Whether you’re dealing with wet swimsuits or sweaty gym clothes, Droplet is here to help.

Compact enough to fit on a keychain and large enough for a whole outfit, your sweaty gym clothes and wet swim suits are no match. It also works as a dry bag, keeping water away from things that prefer to stay dry.

Droplet is perfect for people who travel. Use it to secure items that might leak in your luggage and organize small items.  Use it to hold snacks that might make a mess of your briefcase or to contain condensation on your water bottle on humid days. Keep a Droplet on your keychain, pack one in your gym bag, stash one in your luggage, send one with your kiddo to camp. Droplets protect your stuff, and so much more.

Simplify your life. Check them out at!

Magic Opener featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family


Congratulations to our Client Magic Opener for their feature on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family!

Never again fight with a flip top can, tug at a twist top or mangle a metal cap — the amazing Magic Opener handles each type of beverage opening with ease. Opening Small, Medium or Large Water or Soda plastic bottles from all different brands and stores will be just a snap for you now. Great for the kitchen and RV, this handy device is also perfect for tailgate parties.

Along with magic opener’s 4-in-1 opening functions, their bottle opener is ergonomically designed to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish — even for people with limited hand strength or those suffering from Arthritis.

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J Design Group featured in Closer Weekly


Congratulations to our Client J Design Group for their feature in Closer Weekly!

Celebrity designer and founder of J Design Group, Jennifer Corredor, provides sage advice to Closer Weekly for turning your outdoor patio into a lush setting. Corredor, who works with NFL stars and movie executives, suggests choosing crisp green and neutral white to capture the look of a shady, lush forest. This creates a relaxing, cooling scene for guests. Create the look with a wood table, simple green and white dinnerware, candle-filled emerald green tumblers and water glasses turned flower vases.

Whether it is prestigious office, luxury home, casual cafe or an upscale restaurant, J Design Group’s team of interior decorators are equally at ease to carry out any type of project from initial planning to final implementation. Check them out at!



Ayelet Naturals featured in the National Examiner

ayeletnaturalsnationalexaminerCongratulations to our Client Ayelet Naturals for their feature in the National Examiner!

Regular exfoliation tricks your skin into renewing cells more often, leading to smoother, brighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles. The Pomegranate And White Tea scrub from Ayelet Naturals helps get rid of dead skin cells, allows deep penetration of moisture with suitable oils and oatmeal powder, and helps balance skin acidity, all resulting in refreshed and glowing skin.

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B Fragranced featured on Radar Online


Congratulations to our Client B Fragranced for their feature on Radar Online!

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and everyone’s goal this holiday season is to give the most memorable gift. Embellish by B Fragranced, endorsed by Christina “Brave” Williams, Billboard hit artist and reality TV star of “R&B Divas,” is the perfect addition to every wish list.

The essence of class, romance, and glamour, Embellish embodies all of the characteristics of female sophistication. Indulgent yet light, the fragrance infuses sparkling notes of apple and peach with a splash of citron. With B Fragranced’s mission to encourage women to embrace their feminine individuality, the effervescent notes of jasmine and honeysuckle balance the sultry base of soft amber and sandalwood to make Embellish any woman’s signature scent. Once the fragrance touches your skin, it will adjust to your body chemistry and enhance your natural scent in order to emit a fragrance that is simply your own.

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Wrapurse featured on



Congratulations to our Client Wrapurse for their feature on!

Wrapurse is a designer cover that protects the bottom of your purse wherever you are: watching the game, out to dinner, at the movie theater and, yes, in the bathroom. Wrapurse keeps your purse protected, germ-free and a gives it a longer life. Wrapurse is made of a high-quality, water-resistant fabric designed to compliment the most expensive purse without detracting from it.

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Hip Appeal featured on


Congratulations to our Client Hip Appeal for their feature on!

Three cheers for a product that gets it right when it comes to practical fitness gear: Hip Appeal, an updated fanny pack that’s fashionable, slim and comfortable. In some ways, calling this a fanny pack, even an updated one, is like comparing a 1980’s analog television set to today’s flat screens. Sleek and stretchy (Micro/Poly/Spandex) so it fits under jeans or over leggings/shorts, the Hip Appeal holds your keys, cards, ID and phone while you work out. It has three pockets. Two with zippers and one with an open top.

All Hip Appeal Hip Wrap Fanny Packs are 100% USA Made with the same high quality fabric as some of the top fitness apparel companies. Check them out at!