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ISO Beauty featured in Beauty Launchpad

isofinalCongratulations to our Client ISO Beauty for their feature in Beauty Launchpad!

Your hair is part of your self-expression that communicates something unique about who you are and your mood. ISO Beauty provides innovative hair styling tools and tips to give women of all ages the confidence to express themselves.

For luxurious tresses, their BD Hair Serum with Argan Oil will protect and maintain hair by smoothing the cuticle and polishing the hair to a gloss like shine. It relieves the frizzles and eliminates static electricity. The light finishing product will not add build up or weigh the hair down. Sunscreen and Vitamin E is also included to protect the hair from UV damage and environmental stress.

With winter months approaching, their BD Hair Serum is sure to help protect hair against the harsh temperatures and damaging winds.

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Smart Mom Jewelry featured in Green Child Magazine

2013-11-202Congratulations to our Client Smart Mom Jewelry for their feature in Green Child Magazine!

Smart Mom Jewelry has the perfect gifts to help make mom feel beautiful and hip to the current styles all while keeping the safety of her little ones as the top priority. Each specially crafted pendant is made from non-toxic, phtalate, BPA, PVC, latex, and lead free silicon, and embellished with a breakaway clasp for added safety. Now moms can let their babies reach, grasp, chew and touch in complete confidence while showing off a little flair.

Smart Mom Jewelry has been bringing mommies nationwide multipurpose pieces that combine chic style with functionality since 2002. The company was founded by stay-at-home moms, and has continued to be staffed by moms dedicated to creating products that fulfill the needs of parents and their bundles of joy.

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LugLess from Shark Tank featured in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

luglessfeatureCongratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons!

Maximize your holiday happiness by sending your luggage ahead of time with Lugless!  A holiday travel godsend, Lugless is helping travelers enjoy a stress-free vacation by avoiding the nightmare of flying with bags to and from the airport.

LugLess has been featured on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, as well as national radio and TV news shows for its innovative service. With Lugless, you can show up to the airport bagless and breeze past the bag-check line and avoid the wait at the luggage carousel on the other side. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of your luggage being one of the 23 million bags lost each year, which can put a damper on any trip – especially when they are filled with holiday gifts.

A few days before your own departure, a LugLess representative picks up your luggage and sends it to your final destination ahead of time, making arrangements for safe handling on either end. LugLess handles all of your luggage needs from carry-ons, standard bags, over-sized bags, golf clubs, skis and snowboards, surfboards, bikes, baby seats, strollers, and much more!

Once you arrive to your winter wonderland, your stuff will be at your destination waiting for you. Best of all, Lugless guarantees that your luggage will arrive on time. Check them out at!

RedEnvelope featured in 425 Magazine

425magfinalCongratulations to our Client RedEnvelope for the feature in 425 Magazine!

RedEnvelope is home to many unique gifts that are sure to delight this holiday season.

From tokens of gratitude to expressions of love, as your partner in giving, RedEnvelope offers a wide-ranging collection of thoughtful gifts for  everyone on your list — around the clock, all year round.

Surprise the music lover with his very own megaphone sound amplifier!

Mix art and sound with the simplistic design of acoustic amplification with this ceramic megaphone. This passive amplifier optimizes sound emission for iPhone models, while adding a touch of modern beauty to any home or office.  It is compatible with all iPhone models.

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rockflowerpaper featured in M Magazine

mdec2013Congratulations to our Client rockflowerpaper for their feature in M Magazine!

If you have an appreciation for traveling and the beauty of everything around you, rockflowerpaper’s new line of art trays will definitely catch your attention! Inspired by culture and worldly art, rockflowerpaper creates wonderful home products that reflect the essence of India, Vietnam and France.

rockflowerpaperThe exotic art tray is not only unique in design, but it is stylishly functional as well! Whether it is used as home decor or to entertain special guests, the rockflowerpaper art tray will surely add the perfect touch to any home.

Hand painted using small paintbrushes and a delicate hand, each image displays remarkable detail and stunning colors. The illustrations include a regal elephant with its rider, a stately horse, a perched falcon, a bird with bright plumage, and a monkey.

All of rockflowerpaper’s art trays are both heat and moisture resistant and made with a high-quality glass-like gloss that protects while making the artwork shine.

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GawdyBobbles featured in People Magazine

919480_10151979869500682_973962007_o (1)Congratulations to our Client GawdyBobbles for their feature in People Magazine!

GawdyBobbles carries an amazing line of Artisan jewelry that uses semi-precious stones, pearls, leather, metals, and more! These standout pieces are perfect for summer fashion and affordable for the everyday woman with great finds under $100.

gawdyTheir lineup includes Leather and Studded bangles that come in sets of 5. They’re lightweight, flexible, and don’t make any annoying clanking noises! GawdyBobbles also features a 1/2 Hook leather bracelet. This statement piece can be worn by both women AND men!

With a variety of sizes and color options, you’re sure to find one to fit your taste. They also have a Buckle Wrap Bracelet that’s available in over 50 colors- from brights, to metallics, natural dyed leathers and more. They’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and come in 3 different sizes.

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LapDawg featured in Orlando Family Magazine

orlandoCongratulations to our Client LapDawg for their feature in Orlando Family Magazine!

The LapDawg O-Stand is a versatile iPad stand that has the flexibility to hold your device exactly the way you want it, anywhere you need it.

Whether reading your Kindle in bed, browsing social media sites on the couch, or responding to emails at your desk, just bend the 4 moveable,metallic legs to the desired position.

Universal compatibility with iPads, Minis, e-readers, and android tablets.

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Kintwits and Poppy Drops featured in girlworks

girlworksCongratulations to our Clients Kintwits and Poppy Drops for their feature in girlworks Magazine!

unifinalKnitwits are the original knitted hats, mittens and earmuffs available in a vast and ever-expanding assortment of characters you know and love. Made from New Zealand wool each hat goes through a 12 step process from dyeing to tailoring and finishing by hand to create the unique high quality product. The wool also contains lanolin which makes it water resistant and gives it a natural self cleaning effect. There are many copies but only one Knitwits.

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poppyPoppy Drops has created a brand new niche in the accessory market with their ingenious temporary tattoo earrings, nail art, and body art. They feature all the fun and cute designs of real earrings and manicures without the pain, potential health risks, or mess and toxic odors associated with nail polish. For last minute holiday finds that will keep tots through tweens entertained and looking their best, Poppy Drops’ unique gift sets are a must buy.

Poppy Drops’ pierce-free earrings & tattoo nail art is made with all-natural vegetable dyes & mild, kid-safe adhesives. Super fun for kids, worry-free for Mom!

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Cailyn Cosmetics featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

pncailynfinalCongratulations to our Client Cailyn Cosmetics for their feature in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!

Give your complexion a natural, healthy glow with a touch of color. Cailyn Deluxe Mineral Blush Powder will make your face look younger and more vibrant with a lovely hue.

Mineral makeup is made of all natural, finely ground minerals from earth without any of the chemicals, dyes and preservatives found in traditional makeup. Mineral cosmetics are weightless and incredibly long-wearing because the ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface, but are not absorbed. It applies smoothly, will not clog pores, and  has naturally high SPF.

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LugLess featured in Travel International Magazine

lugless1Congratulations to our Client LugLess for their feature in Travel International Magazine!

Airlines still lose over 23 million bags a year and still charge to lug bags to and from the airport. Here to save savvy travelers from bag-check charges, long lines and lost luggage is LugLess, a new doorstep-to-destination delivery service that offers white glove service at an economical price.

Recently featured on the season finale of ABC’s Shark Tank, LugLess offers an innovative way to travel for families with small children, elderly, disabled, study abroad students, adventure seekers, sporting enthusiasts, newlyweds and more!

Here’s how their automated service works: a few days before your own departure, a LugLess representative picks up your luggage and sends it to your final destination ahead of time, making arrangements for safe handling on either end. LugLess can handle all of your luggage needs from carry-ons, standard bags, over-sized bags, golf clubs, skis and snowboards, surfboards, bikes, baby seats, strollers, and much more!

Then, once you get to your dream holiday destination or relatives home, your stuff will be at your hotel waiting for you. LugLess will coordinate with your doorman and hotel concierge. Best of all, Lugless guarantees that your luggage will arrive on time. If for some reason it doesn’t, your delivery is free and LugLess will reimburse you for any consequential expenses up to $500 (such as temporary rentals you might need while you await the appearance of your snowshoes). Now if only they could pack our suitcases!

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