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Always For Me featured on Lucky

alwaysformeCongratulations to our Client Always For Me for their feature on Lucky!

This summer say no to big box stores and their blasé swimsuits, and instead hit Always For Me’s online marketplace to find that adorable little beachside number.

Always For Me is the purveyor of couture plus size swimsuits that hit on all the must have current trends at affordable prices.

Whether you want to look sweet or sultry, they offer a multitude of stylish one and two pieces that bring fun and function to island getaways, cruises, pools, and the beach.

Don’t compromise your style just because you don’t fit into a size 2. Instead, let Always For Me’s fiercely fashionable plus size swimsuits accentuate your perfect assets.

Check them out at!

FlipBelt featured in PARENTGUIDE

flipbeltfeatureCongratulations to our Client FlipBelt for their feature in PARENTGUIDE News!

With a dash of style and a ton of hidden storage space, it’s no wonder the ingenious accessory known as the FlipBelt is going to be the must-have gear for fitness enthusiasts this year. From jangling keys to cell phones and mp3 players, everyone has certain necessities that have to come along for the ride regardless of the activity. With the FlipBelt, there is finally a hands-free and fashionable way to keep track of all those goods while hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, or biking the city.

Let the FlipBelt take care of that age old question: “Wherever will I store my stuff?” In a world where cubbies are questionable and fanny packs are passé, the FlipBelt offers folks a sleek and roomy solution to all their storage woes. With flattering contoured lines and a sleek, bulk-free build, it’s designed to sit comfortably along the waistline blending in as if it were only a waistband. A clever opening on one side of the belt leads to plentiful space and is easily secured or accessed by flipping it to the desired side.

Check them out at!

May Designs featured in Woman’s World

wwfeatureCongratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature in Woman’s World Magazine!

Beautiful books and notes from May Designs will help you stay beautifully organized all year long. May Books by May Designs are super-cute notebooks that blend everyday function with beautifully patterned canvas with indestructible, thread-bound construction. Say goodbye to pages ripping out or covers falling off of your not-so trustworthy journals.

In a world where personalization is treasured, May Books’ customizable journals set the bar. Choose from fun patterns ranging from retro to textured designs, and then customize the front with a name or a saying, or even a monogram.  Even the inside is personalized with options like lined or dotted paper, a monthly or weekly agenda, menu planner, exercise journal and more! The design process is so simple; it’s hard to choose just one.

Check them out at!

Bamboosa Featured in Elevation Outdoors Magazine

bamboosaCongratulations to our Client Bamboosa for their feature in Elevation Outdoors Magazine.

The Lap Log, an eco-friendly tablet stand from Bamboosa,  makes using a tablet comfortable anywhere. It is adjustable to any viewing angle and stable on all surfaces. Weighing a little more than a pound, you’ll be able to take your Lap Log anywhere.

Light enough to throw in your carry-on, it has the added bonus of doubling as a neck pillow! Going outdoors? Toss it in your backpack and have a convenient and stable stand for your device at the beach or on the trail.

Each Lap Log is made in America from sustainable materials. Every bag is carefully sewn to assure long-lasting durability and filled with USA naturally grown buckwheat hulls.

Check them out at!



Slim Chillers featured on Cliché Magazine

slimCongratulations to our Client Slim Chillers for their feature on Cliché Magazine!

Have fun while watching your waistline with the deliciously decadent low calorie cocktails from Slim Chillers.

Slim Chillers has invented a brand new way to enjoy that signature cocktail without packing on the pounds. Their guilt free beverages are specially formulated to deliver fresh, tart, and fruity flavor favorites while keeping the calories to a minimum. This year plan the perfect party by keeping a stock of their Skinny Freezer line at the ready.

Skinny Freezers are the ideal indulgence for a party thanks to their chic packaging and demure, 100 calorie count. Each little packet is made with premium eight times distilled, charcoal filtered Vodka for a smoothness that blends in seamlessly with each flavor. Simply keep them chilling in the freezer until the time is right, then cut off the end and squeeze into an elegant martini glass or enjoy straight from the package!

Check them out at!

Rootflage featured in Woman’s World

womansworldfinalCongratulations to our Client Rootflage for their feature in Woman’s World.

Rootflage is a natural dry blonde powder perfect for anyone who highlights their hair blonde and wants to instantly camouflage or touch up their roots before their next appointment.  You simply apply this quick fix blonde root blending system to temporarily lighten your roots and voila! Your roots are camouflaged.

Rootflage Blonde Powder comes in 3 shades. Rootflage Light Blonde is for anyone with light blonde highlights. Rootflage Cool Blonde will take care of cool or beige toned highlights. Rootflage Warm Blonde is for warm, caramel or yellowish toned blonde highlights. The product works great as a dry shampoo too.

Another plus is that the Rootflage applicator brush is easy and portable so you can throw it in your purse or back pocket (if you like to keep it classy) to touch up any time anywhere. ​​​

Check them out at!

Bamboosa and Nice, Inc. featured in PARENTGUIDE

parentguidefinalfeatureCongratulations to our Clients Bamboosa and Nice, Inc. for their feature in PARENTGUIDE!

Swaddle your little one in the warmth and lightweight comfort of thermal regulating, organically grown, bamboo viscose and organic cotton. Send something soft to a newborn you know. Check them out at!

CableKeeps from Nice, Inc. give your dull white iPhone, iPod, of iPad Mini charger some added personality and utility.  They secure your USB docking cable to Apple power adaptors so cable & charger stay together.  The intuitive design will keep your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged in the wall. Check them out at!


MADiL featured in Girls’ Life Magazine

girlslifemadilCongratulations to our Client MADiL for their feature in Girls’ Life Magazine!

MADiL reinvented the flip flop to enable people to further express themselves. By changing band colors and adding charms to their flip flops, customers can accessorize their MADiL flip flops to match their daily activity, mood, and style.

But MADiL is about much more than flip flops or sandals as some call them.  It’s about giving back and helping others.  Today’s generation is eager to give back and they wanted to provide their customers with a tool that would make giving easy. MADiL has made a commitment to give back 10% of all flip flop sales to nonprofit projects.

By selecting one of the nonprofit projects from their website, customers can choose where their funds go, get updates on the progress of their projects and can invite their friends to support their causes.

A new generation of flip flops. Check them out at!

ISO Beauty featured in Real Simple Magazine

realsimpleisofeaturepostCongratulations to our Client ISO Beauty for their feature in Real Simple Magazine.

The Mini Light Car Flat Iron by ISO Beauty is lightweight and made to fit small purses and overnight bags. Unlike other flat irons available on the market, this innovative tool has a built-in lighter socket plug for use while in the car. Perfect for quick touch-ups on the go.

ISO Beauty is the creator of a number of pioneering styling solutions for even the most horrid of hair days. At ISO Beauty, their goal is to create a lifestyle brand that promotes healthier hair through the use of superior designs.

Using infrared heating technology, their tools bring forth the natural moisture of the hair leaving it silky smooth and shiny without causing damage. Check them out at!

rockflowerpaper and MovIt featured in Natural Solutions Magazine

movitrockflowerfinalCongratulations to our Clients rockflowerpaper and Movit for their feature in Natural Solutions Magazine.

From the wild beauty of nature to the delicate brushstrokes of an Indian painter, the world and its denizens are the ultimate inspiration for rockflowerpaper’s gorgeous product lines. At rockflowerpaper, they have traveled the world in search of the bold and the brilliant, bringing the figures, colors, and landscapes of distance lands to the lives of others.

Check them out at!

Keep yourself moving with Movit Energy Gummies. Scientifically formulated Energy Gummies created to help fight fatigue and increase endurance. Offered in two great tasting flavors: Berry and Citrus and packaged in a 1oz bag. This makes Movit easy to take anywhere for active lifestyle adults and sports enthusiasts.

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