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RejuvaHealth featured in Vogue Magazine

voguefeatureCongratulations to our Client RejuvaHealth for their feature in Vogue Magazine!

The idea for RejuvaHealth came in 2008 when 21 year-old college student, Kelsey Minarik, was diagnosed with DVT, a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. After her doctor prescribed support stockings as part of her recovery, Kelsey began wearing the garments and quickly fell in love with the relief they provided. There was just one catch – she couldn’t stand the way they looked! Seeking a wider variety of more fashion-forward styles but unable to find them elsewhere, she decided to make her own.

rejuvahealth21Fast-forward two years later and RejuvaHealth was born.

Their line of FDA-listed Class 1 Support Stockings are offered in knee high, thigh high, pantyhose, and legging styles as well as two different compression levels.

In addition to providing relief from symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, heaviness, and fatigue, compression legwear can also be enjoyed for slimming and shaping benefits. Check them out at!


Budstraps featured on Skope Magazine

budstrapsCongratulations to our Client Budstraps for their feature on Skope Magazine!

Say goodbye to distracting tangled cords and earbuds that won’t stay put. Get fuss-free movement in your day-to-day world with Budstraps—the innovative new way to keep earbuds (and frustration) in place.

Budstraps is an amazing new tool which allows you to simply clip your earbuds around your neck and go. A lightweight neoprene strap that sits comfortably on the back of the neck, Budstraps are ideal for runners, bikers and drivers that need one ear open for optimum safety, but don’t want the hassle of a dangling bud or tangled cord. Simply clip those favorite earbuds into the strap and instantly simplify any run, ride, walk, workout or gaming session. With Budstraps, you’re free to clip, go and forget about those buds. Check them out at!

All the Above Clothing featured in Organic Spa Magazine

ataclothingfeatureCongratulations to our Client ATA Clothing for their feature in Organic Spa Magazine!

Great clothing isn’t just about how it makes you look; it’s also about how it makes you feel. All The Above Clothing is about more than just trendy designs; it is about inspiration.  Each piece of clothing from All The Above Clothing takes a quote, lyric or phrase, and turns it into a unique and cryptic design.  Each design contains elements that reflect the meaning of the quote, allowing the wearer to express a lot more than just an awesome fashion sense.

The heart of ATA is to support charitable efforts by providing an additional platform and revenue stream to build awareness and capacity for worthy causes. ATA supports non-profits through the ATA Gives 10% and ATA Gives 100% programs.

Express Yourself. Change the World. Check them out at

Jill-e Designs featured in Origin Magazine

originfeatureCongratulations to our Client Jill-e Designs for their feature in Origin Magazine!

The Jill-E Designs Osceola Smartphone Clutch is the perfect alternative to a bulky purse for when all you need is your phone, credit cards, and a few small personal items!

The Osceola Clutch resembles a sleek wristlet and has an on-trend two-tone exterior. This smartphone clutch has an interior pocket that fits most smartphones and designated slots for your credit cards and I.D.  It also comes with a removable coin purse that you can take with you even when you’re not using the bag!

Find it at!

Keysocks featured in Woman’s World

keysocksCongratulations to our Client Keysocks for their feature in Woman’s World!

We’ve all wrestled with footies and peds that get scrunched up under foot, and going sock free can result in blisters and smelly shoes. Now you can wear socks with your favorite flats or heels without having to adjust every five minutes thanks to Keysocks. A patent-pending cut-out at the top of the foot keeps the socks out of sight, while the knee high length helps hold the socks up and won’t be seen under full-length jeans or pants.

Utilizing high-quality Coolmax™ polyester helps protect your feet from the rubbing that can cause blisters, as well as wick moisture away keeping your feet cool and dry. These no show socks are a MUST for every woman’s closet!

Check them out at!

Kacelia featured in Upscale Magazine

kaceliafeature2Congratulations to our Client Kacelia for their feature in Upscale Magazine!

From driven athletes to older baby boomers to the stay at home mom, back pain doesn’t discriminate when it comes to whom, when, and where it comes into play. If you’re one of the over 100 million Americans who suffer from back pain, then it’s time to discover a brand new way of bringing relief with the Kacelia Tru-Align Body System.

The Kacelia Tru-Align Body System is the revolutionary alignment product that has changed the lives of back and neck pain sufferers across the nation. Evelyn Zuehlke-Haworth, established chiropractor for 30 years, and her husband Kelly Haworth have created the system as a resource that people everywhere can utilize to develop strength, stability, and relief.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in treatments and medical bills, this one product lets people take their own well-being into their hands in a holistic and affordable way.

The Tru-Align Body System targets the source of the pain–not just the symptoms. It’s the first device of its kind that’s been developed to help relieve pain and improve posture, flexibility, and spinal alignment in just 20 minutes a day! It all starts by setting up the system and laying face down with the body supported at key points. Gravity then does the work of exerting gentle downward pressure, encouraging the sacroiliac, spinal, shoulder, and TMJ joints to stretch and shape.

Check them out at!

Home Cocktail Revolution featured in Her Magazine

herfeatureCongratulations to our Client Home Cocktail Revolution for their feature in Her Magazine!

The ReJigger from Home Cocktail Revolution is a bar tool that combines everything you need to create delicious craft cocktails in your very own home.

It is a cup that is divided into three compartments specifically sized to make a wide variety of cocktails and works with a standard pint glass to become a cocktail shaker and strainer.

The ReJigger comes with a basic recipe guide that explains the ingredients needed to make each cocktail.  For example, to make a gimlet, you would pour gin into the large compartment, lime juice into the medium compartment, and simple syrup into the small compartment.  Then you would pour all the ingredients into a standard pint glass with ice, place the ReJigger on top and shake everything until it is mixed and chilled. Once the cocktail is ready, you can tip the ReJigger to the side and strain your cocktail into a glass and enjoy!

It’s drinking made easy. Check them out at!

May Designs featured in Parents and Kids Magazine

parentskidsmayCongratulations to our Client May Designs for their feature in Parents and Kids Magazine!

May Designs’May Books will help you get organized with beautifully-patterned notebooks. The indescrutible, thread-bound construction will keep you happy—gone are the days of ripped pages and hanging covers.

You can also choose your own cover design and customize the front with a name, saying, or monogram in the font of your choice. Even the inside can be personalized with a variety of options, including having a lined or dotted paper, menu planner, agenda and more. These hip canvas covers also happen to be eco-friendly, durable, and water-resistant.

Moms, make yourself a beautiful notebook for keeping track of that never-ending to-do list and have your kids design their own journal, agenda or school notebook. The design time online will make great bonding time. Check them out at!


Robert Matthew featured on Lucky

rmluckyCongratulations to our Client Robert Matthew for their feature on Lucky!

Robert Matthew captures all the hottest designer fashions bringing style, personality, and functionality to any trendy gal’s arsenal. With beautifully fashionable exteriors and mulit-pocketed interiors, their stunning totes and handbags are the ultimate in smart organization and portability.

With over 17 years in the fashion and handbag industry, Robert Matthew understands that a woman’s relationship with her handbag goes beyond simple fashion and should always be a source of happiness, style and utility.

Intrigued with the connections that women have with their handbags founders Robert and Matthew took on the challenge of developing fashion forward designs that any woman can be proud to flaunt without sacrificing function.  They design for the busy woman who truly needs a bag for all occasions; the woman who needs room to store her belongings while still rocking red carpet style.  For Robert and Matthew, each product represents an emotional connection for the consumer making her feel like she can take on the world and look good doing it. Check them out at!


Biscotti and Kate Mack featured in Georgia Family


Congratulations to our Client Biscotti and Kate Mack for their feature in Georgia Family Magazine!

This Winter, Biscotti’s new collection of dresses and jackets blends festive charm, timeless flair and holiday sparkle for adorable winter looks perfect for any joyful occasion.

Biscotti’s timeless combination of fabrics and eye-catching details fill the need for what girls (and fashion-conscious moms) want. Rich and pretty color paired with the perfect complement of glitz and glitter make this winter’s collection a holiday favorite and will make any princess shine. With Biscotti’s consistent quality, style and cheerful designs they bring “beyond adorable” style to any holiday, photo or special event.

Glam her up this holiday season in the Biscotti Luxe Life Dress. Every young lady will feel grown up and elegant in this gorgeous boucle dress accented with pleather sleeves and sparkly belt. Check them out at!