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WorryWoo Monsters featured on


worrywooparentingfeatureCongratulations to our Client WorryWoo Monsters for their feature on as one of the Best Toys for 2015!

Helping children understand and express their emotions can be a caregiver’s biggest challenge. Make the job easier with help from a WooryWoo Monster–loveable stuffed animals which show children that’s okay to feel the way they do.

Andi Green is the celebrated illustrator of the WorryWoo Monsters–a cast of lovable characters that assist kids with recognizing and coping with difficult emotions and situations. Inspired by her own insecurities and roadblocks growing up, Green created the WorryWoo Monsters to teach other children how to dig deep and find their own confidence. Through a line of plush toys and illustrated storybooks, as well as a partnership with renowned Australian child psychologist Dr. John Irvine, they’ve struck a chord with countless children around the world.

Winner of an Iparenting Award and a Creative Child Top Toy Award, Rue and his story, “The Nose That Didn’t Fit” teaches kids of all ages about insecurity, self acceptance, perception and confidence. Other WorryWoo Monsters that help kids embrace their emotions include Wince (the Monster of Worry), Nola (the Monster of Loneliness), Twitch (the Monster of Frustration), Squeek (the Monster of Innocence) and Fuddle (the Monster of Confusion). The super soft and cute Woos meet ASTM and EN71 safety standards, and their stories are printed with environmentally friendly soy inks.

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Chic Buds featured in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

chicfCongratulations to our Client Chic Buds for their feature in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine! 

Chic Buds is obsessed with providing flirty and fun fashion audio and tech collections at an affordable price. They create all of the prints that appear on their products with their in-house fashion design team who have styled for the likes of Drew Barrymore and Victoria Beckham.

Taking inspiration from the world’s most influential luxury fashion runway shows, Chic Buds offers a much needed product line that solves the modern girl’s tech style challenges and certainly makes life and audio a prettier place.

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Ticket Chocolate featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

pregnancyandnewbornfeatureCongratulations to our Client Ticket Chocolate for their feature in the Pregnancy and Newborn’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Ticket Chocolate is no ordinary chocolate, but “couverture” chocolate made by a staff of artisans in supremely creative flavors.

Dressed up for the holidays with a delightful peppermint flavor, their Artisan S’mores Kit is the ultimate melty, ooey-gooey, chocolate graham marshmallow experience. Enjoy a portioned bar of the finest couverture chocolate, four vanilla-bean peppermint marshmallows, and eight freshly-baked graham crackers.  Put them together and you have an indulgence unlike any other, outdoors or in.

Indulge your loved ones with their Hot Chocolate Ticket Sticks, Artisan S’mores Kits, and Beloved Bars. Check them out at!


Kess InHouse featured in Woman’s Day Magazine

kesswomansdayCongratulations to our Client Kess InHouse for their feature in Woman’s Day Magazine!

You can curate your bedroom and turn your down comforter, UP! You’re about to dream and wake in color with a fleece duvet cover from Kess InHouse!

Crafted at the click of your mouse, the duvet cover is not only personal and inspiring but super soft. Created out of microfiber material that is delectable, Kess InHouse duvets are ultra comfortable and beyond soft.

Now you can WIN a mod Miranda Mol duvet cover from Kess InHouse at Woman’s Day! Enter to win here.

Check out the beautiful home decor items from duvet covers to wall art at!

RejuvaHealth featured in Vogue Magazine

voguefeatureCongratulations to our Client RejuvaHealth for their feature in Vogue Magazine!

The idea for RejuvaHealth came in 2008 when 21 year-old college student, Kelsey Minarik, was diagnosed with DVT, a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. After her doctor prescribed support stockings as part of her recovery, Kelsey began wearing the garments and quickly fell in love with the relief they provided. There was just one catch – she couldn’t stand the way they looked! Seeking a wider variety of more fashion-forward styles but unable to find them elsewhere, she decided to make her own.

rejuvahealth21Fast-forward two years later and RejuvaHealth was born.

Their line of FDA-listed Class 1 Support Stockings are offered in knee high, thigh high, pantyhose, and legging styles as well as two different compression levels.

In addition to providing relief from symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, heaviness, and fatigue, compression legwear can also be enjoyed for slimming and shaping benefits. Check them out at!


Budstraps featured on Skope Magazine

budstrapsCongratulations to our Client Budstraps for their feature on Skope Magazine!

Say goodbye to distracting tangled cords and earbuds that won’t stay put. Get fuss-free movement in your day-to-day world with Budstraps—the innovative new way to keep earbuds (and frustration) in place.

Budstraps is an amazing new tool which allows you to simply clip your earbuds around your neck and go. A lightweight neoprene strap that sits comfortably on the back of the neck, Budstraps are ideal for runners, bikers and drivers that need one ear open for optimum safety, but don’t want the hassle of a dangling bud or tangled cord. Simply clip those favorite earbuds into the strap and instantly simplify any run, ride, walk, workout or gaming session. With Budstraps, you’re free to clip, go and forget about those buds. Check them out at!

All the Above Clothing featured in Organic Spa Magazine

ataclothingfeatureCongratulations to our Client ATA Clothing for their feature in Organic Spa Magazine!

Great clothing isn’t just about how it makes you look; it’s also about how it makes you feel. All The Above Clothing is about more than just trendy designs; it is about inspiration.  Each piece of clothing from All The Above Clothing takes a quote, lyric or phrase, and turns it into a unique and cryptic design.  Each design contains elements that reflect the meaning of the quote, allowing the wearer to express a lot more than just an awesome fashion sense.

The heart of ATA is to support charitable efforts by providing an additional platform and revenue stream to build awareness and capacity for worthy causes. ATA supports non-profits through the ATA Gives 10% and ATA Gives 100% programs.

Express Yourself. Change the World. Check them out at

Jill-e Designs featured in Origin Magazine

originfeatureCongratulations to our Client Jill-e Designs for their feature in Origin Magazine!

The Jill-E Designs Osceola Smartphone Clutch is the perfect alternative to a bulky purse for when all you need is your phone, credit cards, and a few small personal items!

The Osceola Clutch resembles a sleek wristlet and has an on-trend two-tone exterior. This smartphone clutch has an interior pocket that fits most smartphones and designated slots for your credit cards and I.D.  It also comes with a removable coin purse that you can take with you even when you’re not using the bag!

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Keysocks featured in Woman’s World

keysocksCongratulations to our Client Keysocks for their feature in Woman’s World!

We’ve all wrestled with footies and peds that get scrunched up under foot, and going sock free can result in blisters and smelly shoes. Now you can wear socks with your favorite flats or heels without having to adjust every five minutes thanks to Keysocks. A patent-pending cut-out at the top of the foot keeps the socks out of sight, while the knee high length helps hold the socks up and won’t be seen under full-length jeans or pants.

Utilizing high-quality Coolmax™ polyester helps protect your feet from the rubbing that can cause blisters, as well as wick moisture away keeping your feet cool and dry. These no show socks are a MUST for every woman’s closet!

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Kacelia featured in Upscale Magazine

kaceliafeature2Congratulations to our Client Kacelia for their feature in Upscale Magazine!

From driven athletes to older baby boomers to the stay at home mom, back pain doesn’t discriminate when it comes to whom, when, and where it comes into play. If you’re one of the over 100 million Americans who suffer from back pain, then it’s time to discover a brand new way of bringing relief with the Kacelia Tru-Align Body System.

The Kacelia Tru-Align Body System is the revolutionary alignment product that has changed the lives of back and neck pain sufferers across the nation. Evelyn Zuehlke-Haworth, established chiropractor for 30 years, and her husband Kelly Haworth have created the system as a resource that people everywhere can utilize to develop strength, stability, and relief.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in treatments and medical bills, this one product lets people take their own well-being into their hands in a holistic and affordable way.

The Tru-Align Body System targets the source of the pain–not just the symptoms. It’s the first device of its kind that’s been developed to help relieve pain and improve posture, flexibility, and spinal alignment in just 20 minutes a day! It all starts by setting up the system and laying face down with the body supported at key points. Gravity then does the work of exerting gentle downward pressure, encouraging the sacroiliac, spinal, shoulder, and TMJ joints to stretch and shape.

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