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ChicExecs: Creating Company Culture Through Office Design


Inspiration can run dry for a number of reasons, but it shouldn’t be from your daily workspace. Creating company culture in the workplace isn’t just about adorning your walls with the company logo or painting everything in the same brand colors. It’s about crafting a unique, empowering environment that reflects your company and its team.

Here at ChicExecs, we’ve created a space that motivates, empowers and reflects the passions that our CEOs, Nikki and Kailyn, truly value. Take a peek at the different ways you can boost employee spirit while creating some serious office envy.


Play Up The Positive





Give your office a motivation makeover with empowering messages displayed on the walls. Inspiring surroundings can actually have a direct effect on their employees’ creativity, so whether it’s a tranquil setting, game area, or positive quotes – stir those creative juices.


Stock Up On Snacks



Being hangry never helps anything. Not only does stocking your office with tasty snacks keep your employees happy – it will ensure they are always focused. Providing fun perks like free food boosts spirits and I mean come on, it’s food.

Our latest obsession is our client Rise Buddy chips – they are the perfect crunch for that midday snack!


Collaborate With Chalk



Quick brainstorm? No need to furiously take notes on your laptop – just write on the walls. Although this satisfies a childhood dream, it’s actually a great benefit to have in any office. Keep organized in any meeting while scribbling away very important doodles. Who said you can’t have fun while working?


Make Time For Media




In the PR world, taking time to actually watch the media features we land for our clients is crucial. With televisions set up around the office, we can huddle around our Pinterest-inspired viewing area and watch as client struts their stuff on The Today Show, or Good Morning America – and bonus: we can even record it for our social!


Find Funky Furniture



From stylish swings to rustically worn wood, set up your space to reflect the vibe of your office. In PR, potential clients may be waiting in the front space of the office, and we often throw networking events, so having your working space on point is a must.


When it comes to your office space, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Show off those vibrant vibes and your company’s personality by dressing up the decor in your workspace!



ChicExecs Entrepreneur Event: #ChicPaddysDay!


Wish there was a networking event that connected entrepreneurs with media, buyers, and digital influencers – all with an inspirational, Irish twist? Well, you’re in luck! Here at ChicExecs, we threw a St. Paddy’s Day themed shindig that allowed up and coming business owners to brush elbows with the right relationships that could help strike gold in their company.

We had the best time – take a look at the gallery below to get a glimpse of #ChicPaddysDay:



Prepare for speed pitching! Timothy Sher with Rise Buddy presents the popular rice crisp snack to influencers.



ChicExecs founders Nikki and Kailynn felt the luck o’ the Irish while posing in front of our St. Paddy’s Day photo wall.



Our friends from Cool Crave got creative with coffee and delicious ice cream treats throughout the event!




Check out this awesome video of the event:



We love hosting these networking events! The party was buzzing with media, buyers, and influencers and our amazing clients were making great connections. We look forward to the next event – will we see you there?


Find out more about our upcoming events at

ChicExecs Ranked on 2017 Top Company Cultures by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ®

We are beyond thrilled and honored to share ChicExecs was recently ranked on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list, a comprehensive ranking of U.S.-based businesses exhibiting high-performance cultures created in partnership with culture management software and service provider CultureIQ®. The Top Company Cultures list has placed ChicExecs as 35th in the small company category. ChicExecs is recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.

Find us on the list here!

Soul Carrier #Gamechangers

At ChicExecs, we are very thankful to partner with talented and passionate entrepreneurs! We look forward to traveling alongside of them to “change the game” and make a difference in 2015!

Soul Carrier is one of our incredible Game Changing Clients. Jennifer Paige Boonlorn’s company of inspiring handbag lines, Soul Carrier, was born out of a combination of artistic passion, soul searching and determination.  While working through and overcoming personal tragedy, artist and designer Jennifer took a leap.  Determined to create positive out of personal grief and struggle, she created a brand of unique handbag lines inspired by the amazing people in her life and a deep connection to the soul.

Designed for the carefree, conscious and motivated modern woman, Soul Carrier makes a statement of inner strength, beauty and peace while coordinating perfectly with those favorite ripped designer jeans and funky sunglasses.

Jennifer recently had a chance to share her story at CatalystCreativ’s Catalyst Week. It is beautiful! Watch below to find out how she turned personal loss into inspiration to build something positive and soul-touching. 


The Case Studio #Gamechangers

At ChicExecs, we are very thankful to partner with talented and passionate entrepreneurs! We look forward to traveling alongside of them to “change the game” and make a difference in 2015!

jenjoliverJennifer Jarrard Oliver, Creative Director and owner of The Case Studio, is one such Game Changer!  Jennifer specializes in Creative Vision, Brand and Web Development, Research and Development, Marketing Strategies, and Design. She is also a wife, mother of triplet daughters and a step-mom to a young son, and OKC Thunder fan.

She has been in the stationery industry since 1996 and opened her own boutique stationery store in 2004, Jenny Jarrard Fine Papers. She later expanded into the personalized gift market and opened The Paper Palace in 2005. As a natural addition to her resume, Jennifer opened The Case Studio after realizing that the market was moving towards personalized goods. The custom phone and tablet cases from The Case Studio let you personalize every last detail of your case. Customize and monogram one of The Case Studio’s favorite designs or upload your own photo for a truly unique, custom-made phone or tablet case. Their unique 3D Thermal Color Fusion process immerses your case with your design from edge to edge with no borders. Choose your device and customize a case for your smartphone or tablet.

Jennifer’s professional success is no doubt due to her personal struggles and triumphs. In 2001, Jennifer found herself a single mother of 16-month-old triplet girls and experienced true need and selfless giving for the first time. Because Jennifer learned what it takes to support her family financially and emotionally and knows what it takes to build her own company, she is dedicated to mentoring women who want to develop their business skills. She devotes her resources to training and supporting women to achieve their goals and become self-sufficient.

As a mom of teenagers, Jennifer is also using The Case Studio to remind customers how important it is to practice safe texts™ to encourage people to use their devices safely. Find out more about The Case Studio at!



KESS InHouse #Gamechangers

At ChicExecs, we are very thankful to partner with talented and passionate entrepreneurs! We look forward to traveling alongside of them to “change the game” and make a difference in 2015!

kessinhouseangelhousegiveOur Client KESS InHouse is one such business that is working hard to make a huge difference in the world around them. KESS InHouse has teamed up with Angel House to build an Orphanage in India. It is the mission of Angel House to bring abandoned children from the slum to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation.

It costs $17,500 to open an orphanage through Angel House. KESS InHouse has a goal is to raise that amount to build a new orphanage, with a hope to build, furnish and open an orphanage in 2015. Your donation can help them to meet that goal.

They are also offering free gifts to anyone who donates even the smallest amount. Even a small donation can make a huge impact.

100% of the money donated will go toward building the orphanage.

You can make a donation and find out more about their orphanage plans here!

Also check out this video to learn more about the mission of Angel House.

KESS InHouse is a uniquely innovative concept of modern home furnishings & decor! KESS transforms and encourages the home decor market to step outside of the average decorating boundaries and add art to the home! San Diego, Ca based, KESS Inhouse offers a cutting edge array of product line involving throw pillows, duvet covers, tempered glass cutting boards, shower curtains, and just about any other home decor product you can think of! With every purchase made with KESS Inhouse, the artists receives a percentage of the proceeds. KESS Inhouse not only supports the art community but adds a level of sophistication, creativity and art to the home decor market!