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How to Raise Kids in an Instagram World

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations Kristen Wessel shares how parents can safeguard their teens’ well-being with healthy social media practices. She explains that there are plenty of reasons to love using Instagram, however, social media can sometimes cause unnecessary comparisons, dissatisfaction with life, and a feeling of being left out.

“How can we address the problem of social media and teen mental health? It’s time for parents to get involved and tackle teen mental health at home.”

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Out-of-the-Box Retailers to Inspire Your Next Strategy

ChicExecs Co-Founder/Co-President Kailynn Bowling explains how there are still benefits to businesses owning retail space. The trick is to get creative with them.

“As co-founder of a retail strategy firm, I believe the hottest trend to get more customers through the front door is experiential retail.”

The article states that over 80 percent of all retail sales happen in brick-and-mortar stores. The problem that’s plaguing retailers in 2019: how to get young shoppers interested in offline shopping again.

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

ChicExecs Co-Founder/Co-President Nikki Carlson shares her tips on how businesses can bring their sales and marketing teams together to keep revenue growing.

Explaining the concept of “smarketing,” when brands combine sales and marketing into one department, it puts them on the same page to give customers the best experience.

“Most businesses treat sales and marketing as separate entities, but they’re two sides of the same coin. By creating a smarketing team, you can reduce friction and encourage growth.”

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What International Brands Need to Know About the U.S. Market

ChicExecs Senior Director of Strategic Accounts Lydia Vargo explains what steps international brands can take to enter the U.S. market. Setting us apart from other global markets, U.S. consumers have all the power.

“No matter your success elsewhere in the world, the U.S. is a different playing field. Although outside success is an essential foundation for growing your brand, think about U.S. consumers first.”

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How to Make Lasting Customer Relationships

ChicExecs Sales and Marketing Director Karolina Hobson shares her five strategies for building long-lasting customer relationships. Essential to brand loyalty, she explains you’ll see not only a happier customer base but a boost to your bottom line.

“Customer connections override customer skepticism and encourage them to stay with you for the long haul. Personalization and engagement are key to turning potential customers into buying customers.”

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13 Top Solutions for a Marketing Campaign that Didn’t Go Quite How You’d Hoped

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations Kristen Wessel shares her helpful tip so companies can identify what went wrong when a marketing campaign fails and how to remedy the situation.

“When a marketing plan doesn’t go as planned, the best thing to do is start over. Take inventory of what happened and formulate a new cohesive plan with a different angle and approach.”

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How to Win at Client Communication

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations, Kristen Wessel shares her tips for client communication strategies and the benefits they have for your brand. According to research, 82 percent of all customers expect an immediate response from brands. They expect timely and effective communication.

“No matter where you are in life or business, communication is a skill that can take you far. Give your clients the white glove service they expect.”

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How to Get your Product in Stores

3 Tips for Getting Your Product in Stores


Wondering how to get your product in stores? It starts with the ChicExecs definition of marketing, which encompasses overall consumer brand awareness and brings consumers to your brand specifically from social media and PR channels. With the right strategy, your social media and PR marketing heavily influences retail placement. Here are three quick tips that show how marketing can help pitch your product to a store:

1. Compile All Brand Awareness

If earning a spot on the shelf of that big box retail store is your brand’s ultimate retail goal, that buyer will want to get a sense of your credibility. Do you have press features, social media engagement or blog posts? Highlight them on your website and create a press page. For those face-to-face meetings with potential buyers, have that credibility ready and tangible by creating a physical pressbook to present on the spot.

2. Use Social Media for Consumer Engagement

Your credibility matters as much to the consumer as it does the retail buyer. Online engagement is an organic way to interact with customers and show the authenticity behind your brand. We simply don’t choose a product anymore because it’s the first one we see in the store or because it pops up online first. Consumers like to know there’s real people out there using and talking about the brand. They share product information with family and friends and take the time to read other consumers’ reviews.

3. Compile Your Collateral in an Organic Way

Remember that your presentation is a powerful impression on a retail buyer, so come organized and prepared. Because this may be your one and only opportunity to engage with the buyer, don’t bombard him or her with irrelevant information. Think about setting up the presentation in a way that flows naturally and is easy to follow. By the end, the buyer should have the best overall view of your brand so important business decisions can be made. 

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How to Get Press For Your Brand

5 PR Tips on How to Get Press


What does it mean to get PR for your business? From an entrepreneurial standpoint it means getting press, but in the public relations industry, it means having third party endorsements vouching for you and your brand. When mass media such as print, radio, TV and online platforms such as social media and blogs can vouch for your brand’s longevity, concept and notoriety, you’re receiving great PR to accomplish your ultimate goal, brand recognition.


Just as your brand is focused on understanding its target audience, it must apply the same idea to the media for press coverage. As experts in PR, here are 5 PR tips on how to get press for your business. 


PR Tip #1: Consider the Media Calendar


Just as businesses are easily glued to their fiscal calendars, the media has its own that revolves around seasons and holidays. The phrase “timing is everything” couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to pitching the media with your brand.


What does it mean to pitch the media? It’s the way your brand (by email, letter or phone call) presents itself for media coverage. If your product is seasonal, you want to make sure you’re pitching during the right time of year to get coverage.


PR Tip #2: Know the Difference: Long Lead vs. Short Lead


In addition to understanding the seasons and holidays your product fits into, keep in mind the specific calendars each media outlet follows. For example, magazines have their own editorial calendars where journalists are often working on issues months in advance because they take time to publish.


When you tailor a pitch to a product meant to be covered months in advance, it’s considered a long lead pitch. Your brand might dream of appearing in that December gift guide, but a long lead must be sent in July to sufficiently meet the editorial calendar.


For daily TV programming, newspapers and blogs on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to pitch your brand’s winter must-haves mid-summer. For outlets needing your pitch a month in advance or less, you would send a short lead.


PR Tip #3: Understand the Publication


When journalists review your pitch, one of the first things they look for is relevance of your brand related to the stories they’re working on. Be mindful of the content you’re presenting them with and get to know the type of stories they air or publish. Do you feel your product will engage their readers or followers? Let them know why in the pitch.


PR Tip #4: Build Media Relationships


A big part of gathering press is showing you’re more than just an email address. There’s a personal approach to obtaining PR that’s often overlooked.


ChicExecs team members travel to cities like New York and Los Angeles six to eight times a year to meet with members of the media in person; complete with goodies in hand and ready to present products that are relevant to their stories and coverage. It’s important to remember that those behind the media outlets are just as human as you are.


Developing personal connections and getting to know their lives and interests deeply impacts your PR endorsements. It also helps you gauge the interest and relevance of future pitches.


PR Tip #5: Make Your Pitch Stand Out


It’s a competitive marketplace. Chances are, the media outlet you just pitched to will receive 10-20 more emails from your product’s competition. Your pitch should highlight something unique to the brand. Is there a captivating story behind the business? Does your brand give back to charity? Is your product eco-friendly? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to get creative.


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Whether you’re a startup with questions on how to get press or a business looking to take your PR strategy to the next level, look to ChicExecs for expert PR tips and advice.


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