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Utilizing New SEO Strategies For a Women’s Casual Wear Brand to Capture a Wider Audience

The Challenge

A women’s casual wear brand built by a niche designer wanted to keep its current loyal customers while expanding to new audiences. They asked ChicExecs to develop a plan to do that and provide our expert SEO advice and implementation.

The Strategy

We built a successful step-by-step plan to migrate their website while keeping intact any SEO gains and strategizing the new SEO plan to capture a wider audience.

The ChicExecs digital team implemented an SEO strategy that grew organic traffic monthly and made significant website improvements. We ensured older SEO keywords that were performing were kept on the site and expanded on those keywords with various ways of searching, adding pages, and data organization to capture new audiences and customers.

The Outcome

Our team was happy to report to the client that the SEO optimization implemented resulted in a 195% increase in monthly organic traffic and a 248% increase in organic ranking keywords. The client reported that everything was looking great and working well on the improved website.



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