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At ChicExecs, we focus on people and we value heart! We believe each and every one of our employees brings unique talents that help take our company to the next level. We encourage creativity and experimentation. Our passion is to help everything around us grow. This is why we nurture our teams and support their mental and well-being by being a big strong family.

Dreamers welcome

If you are a dreamer, a creator, a communicator, an entrepreneur at heart, and a fun friend in soul, if you want to help dreamers reach their dreams through the united superpower of a team of heroes, then you’ve come to the right place. We are not just a global agency. We’re a team of strong women from different backgrounds and parts of the world. We work across various markets and deliver our best! The result? A better workplace, big results for our clients, and a growing international footprint.


As a proud woman-owned business and Certified Women Business Enterprise, ChicExecs understands the power of diversity, balance, and creativity. But don’t just take our word for it: Entrepreneur Magazine rated ChicExecs as one of the Best Corporate Cultures in America. We are ready when you are!
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ChicExecs works with over 250 brands in global and local markets, using valuable data and robust outreach strategies to reach the perfect audience and create growth for our clients.
ChicExecs is a family of lifestyle experts, journalists, producers, news anchors, podcasters, and influencers from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Chicago, Colorado, and Washington.
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Home to 80+ in-house lifestyle experts, producers, podcasters, influencers, news anchors, and more, ChicExecs employees are empowered and encouraged to be intrapreneurs.
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Aside from bringing over 75 years of retail marketing experience to the table, ChicExecs cares about your business, and we work our tails off to tell your authentic story to the world.


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