Bubalina for Waxing Comfort

The use of pre-wax oil is a technique rapidly gaining favor in the modern waxing world. Oil prevents wax from adhering to the skin and makes the hair removal process more comfortable. Bubalina Body Sugar Scrub can safely be used as a pre-wax treatment as it does not contain harsh or stripping chemicals. After exfoliation with Bubalina Scrub, a delicate layer of essential oil is left on the skin, soothing and protecting the skin prior to waxing. The light, fluid texture of the oil creates the perfect slip between skin and wax for a supremely comfortable treatment and superior results. Beautifully scented and suitable for all areas of the body, Bubalina Body Sugar Scrub is the perfect choice for pre-waxing. Complete the treatment after waxing with an application of Bubalina Body Butter Cr