Bubalina Body Sugar Scrub Nominated for Best of 2011

Bubalina Grapefruit Anti-Cellulite Body Sugar Scrub has been nominated by Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa Magazine for Best of 2011 in the Body Exfoliant category. Grapefruit Body Sugar Scrub by Bubalina is an Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment, rich with fabulous ingredients and the texture of sugary souffle. With Organic Capsicum (cayenne) Extract for promoting circulation, Citrus Paradies (sweet pink grapefruit) essential oil for toning skin cell tissues and Sea Kelp for revitalization and firmness, the scrub promises a highly effective body treatment or manicure /pedicure exfolilation. It’s fresh grapefruit scent and other ingredients such as Organic Sugar, Organic African Wildcrafted Shea Butter, Organic Cucumber and Organic Calendula complete the magnificence of this fabulous Bubalina offering. Bubalina is thrilled with the nomination and invites anyone to vote by going to http://www.lneonline.com/p/showprod.php?catid=8&submit=Go+to+Category. All support is greatly appreciated.

company: Bubalina Beauty

website: www.bubalinabeauty.com

price: $24.00