Retailers: How to Integrate Technology Into Your Brick-and-Mortar Space

ChicExecs Co-Founder Kailynn Bowling shares the common misconception that e-commerce and technology are the death of in-store retail shopping. She explains that if anything these two factors have changed the way people shop.

“Tech hasn’t ruined the future of brick-and-mortar stores. It is the future. Technology augments customer and employee experience. When you use it correctly, tech makes the shopping experience convenient and even fun for your shoppers.”

Read her expert tips here on how retail stores can use the latest technology to make themselves stand out.

Why Giving Back Increases Brand Loyalty

ChicExecs Co-Founder Nikki Carlson discusses the benefits of businesses giving back. She explains that although corporate responsibility is important, it should resonate with the brand and audience.

“Embrace your mission and values to create a giving program that will grow your brand and change the world for years to come.”

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ChicExecs Secures Grand Trunk in the LA Times

Our latest feature is for our client Grand Trunk in the LA Times!

Grand Trunk’s Hooded Travel Pillow was featured in the article “Gear that helps your health, cradles your neck and keeps you or your money safe.”

 Check out the Hooded Travel Pillow with the soft fleece hood surrounding the fleece-covered memory foam neck ring, by Grand Trunk.

Congratulations Grand Trunk!

The ChicExecs Team

Assimilating Dogs into the Corporate World

ChicExecs Co-Founder Kailynn Bowling shares how various studies have showcased the advantages of bringing pets into the corporate setting. She explains that concept is still a work in progress, especially since there are so many things to consider before you can bring your dog to your workplace.

“The corporate life is a stressful and demanding environment, but your pet would find reasons to like it if you help them build confidence and develop correct behavior.”

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Seven Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson

ChicExecs Senior Director of Strategic Accounts Lydia Vargo shares her tips to have you looking and sounding like a natural-born salesperson.

“In my experience, the best salespeople don’t memorize product features. Instead, they learn how to read other people.”

Read the Forbes full article here.



6 Emerging Trends in Social Media Marketing

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations, Kristen Wessel shares advice with TotalRetail on why retailers should harness the power of micro-influencers.

“They’re usually in more niche markets with highly engaged and loyal audiences.”

Read the full article here.

ChicExecs Secures Pure Daily Care on StyleCraze

Our latest feature is for our client Pure Daily Care on StyleCraze!

The Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer made the list of “10 Best Steam Inhalers To Buy In 2019” for the nano steam that’s 10 times more effective than normal steam.

Check out Pure Daily Care for the facial nanosteamer that improves your skin, clears your airways, humidifies a room and warms your towels.

Congratulations Pure Daily Care!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Viski on Dwell

Our latest feature is for our client Viski on Dwell!

Their signature gold-plated corkscrew is top-shelf quality to help you drink like a sommelier.

Check out Viski for trendy, sophisticated wine accessories like this bona-fide 24-karat gold, double-hinged arm corkscrew.

Congratulations Viski!

The ChicExecs Team