ChicExecs PR Secures Eco Pea on Good Morning America (4/2/2020)


Our latest PR feature is for our client Eco Pea on Good Morning America (GMA)!

The brand formerly known as Cutie Pea makes environmentally-friendly diapers and wipes with the safety of your little one in mind. More parents are switching to these natural diapers that are crafted using sustainable and biodegradable bamboo sheets. They’re hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and designed specifically for sensitive skin. A diaper this eco-friendly doesn’t skip on leak protection, absorption or comfort. According to parent testimonials, Eco Pea diapers feel as soft as a cloth brand.

Parent-pleasing features include:

  • Antibacterial
  • Fragrance-free 
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free (not tested on animals)

Eco Pea is featured in GMA’s segment on how diapers are now harder to come by during the coronavirus outbreak. Just as there was panic buying with supplies such as toilet paper, diaper makers are experiencing that same demand. As more parents are finding their go-to brands out of stock on store shelves, Eco Pea is seeing their sales dramatically increase. In fact, some days the brand sees a 500 percent increase compared to the average day before COVID-19.

This company is becoming a popular go-to not only for its eco-friendly products, it eliminates the worry of finding diapers and wipes in stores. Parents get this sustainable brand delivered right to their doorsteps. You can sign up for Eco Pea’s convenient diaper subscription and pay less without the hassle of ordering more each month. Each subscription can also be modified based on your baby’s needs and be canceled at anytime.

Diapers come in 30 per pack regardless of size. For the needs of your growing child, the training variety is also available in 20 per package, 6 packs per box. Wipes come in 12 packs, per box, 75 biodegradable wipes per pack.

Check out Eco Pea for the eco-friendly diapers that are keeping up the coronavirus demand.

Congrats Eco Pea!

How to Be the CEO of Your Household: Running Your Home Like a Business (4/1/2020)


Kailynn Bowling, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President shares her tips and advice on finding the balance between home and work on Forbes blog.

It’s the eternal struggle: Parents fight every day for balance between their lives as professionals and their duties as involved parents. But some days, it feels like you just can’t win. The pile of dirty laundry is several feet high. Your clients are calling you after hours in a panic, and you can barely think about getting through the day, let alone the workweek.

As tough as it can be, a balance between home and work is critical. This not only makes your home life more enjoyable and less chaotic, but it helps you be more productive at work, too. How do you streamline your home life to be less chaotic? Instead of reading more parenting books, look to your 9-to-5 job for the answer.

That’s right: You can run your home like a business. After all, when you run a business, you’re orchestrating people and tasks. Are client deliverables really that different than getting Olivia to take out the trash? Not really. So appoint yourself as the CEO of your home and whip the household into shape.

Go from Chaos to Boss in Your Home

1. Divide tasks by job title. If you want something done, you need to assign it to one person. Give yourself, your spouse and your kids official job titles.

2. Be accountable for your role in the household. The best plans mean nothing if you don’t follow through on them. You can build accountability into your home roles, much like you do at work.

3. Consider outsourcing. If it’s appropriate and feasible for your budget, hire experts to do the heavy lifting when you need help. That may mean hiring someone to clean, mow the lawn, cook or care for your children.

Work-life balance is an eternal struggle. While it’s impossible to achieve total balance, you can make things easier at home by running your household like a business. Be the CEO both at home and at work, enjoying a more fun and organized home and returning to work refreshed.

Read Kailynn Bowling’s full blog for more helpful tips on how to become the CEO of your household to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

ChicExecs PR Secures Cocktail Box Co. in Country Living (4/1/2020)

Our latest PR feature is for our client Cocktail Box Co. in Country Living!

The Cocktail Box Co. provides the tools, ingredients and even a handy hand-knit cocktail napkin, you only need to provide the booze. These sleek kits will make anyone want to “up” their bartending game. The Cocktail Box Co. has spent years (and many hungover mornings) working alongside accomplished mixologists and fellow cocktail enthusiasts to create a line of “on the go” kits, with precisely proportioned ingredients and handy, charmingly crafted tools. Offered in four delicious, finely tuned flavors; Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned and Champagne Cocktail,

The Cocktail Box Co is a fun and memorable gift for anyone who appreciates a stiff, satiating drink.  The Old Fashioned cocktail kit is featured as a camping essential for your next outdoor adventure. Perhaps camping isn’t your thing? Be ready to celebrate, anytime, anywhere. For flights, hotel rooms, party-hopping, tailgating … you’ll never be without your preferred poison, just pop a kit in your pocket or bag. They make unique and useful gifts too for the upcoming wedding season. It’s the bachelor/groomsman token that’s enjoyed and appreciated.

Looking to make your cocktail kit really stand out as a gift? The brand now offers wholesale pricing and custom branding perfect for gifting with specialization in events, client appreciation and promotional items. Offer a cocktail experience with your branding on the packaging sleeve, recipe card and more.

Find the Cocktail Box Co. available on Amazon for just $22.99 or purchase all flavors for $64.99.

Check out Cocktail Box Co. for the Old Fashioned cocktail kit that’s at your ready. It comes complete with several types of bitters, sugar cubes, cocktail picks, a muddler spoon, linen cocktail napkins and the recipe for a perfect cocktail. You’ll be sipping in no time.

Congrats Cocktail Box Co.!

10 Benefits of Working with Microinfluencers (3/31/2020)


ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Media, Kristen Wessel, share some of the benefits a company can look forward to when using microinfluencers on Forbes blog. Kristen participated as one of 10 experts from the Forbes Communications Council. This invitation-only organization is for senior-level communications and public relations executives.

Businesses around the world have realized how important it is to get their products in front of the right audience. One of the ways they’ve decided to do this is by using influencers who have a massive following. However, influencers can be extremely expensive to work with, and the more followers they have, the less likely it is for your messaging to reach your target niche. Luckily, businesses have begun to realize that working with influencers with smaller but well-targeted audiences can yield a better return on investment.

Kristen explains that when it comes to influencers, it’s better to have a target audience and focus on quality over quantity. Quality influencers who represent your brand in an authentic and meaningful way will show more of a return on investment (ROI) than an influencer that isn’t aligned with the overall brand messaging.

“Followers want to feel that the brand is authentic and finding reputable influencers will help overall credibility,” she said.

Other microinfluencer benefits include:

Authenticity. Finding an influencer who has the same or similar values as your brand is key. It shouldn’t be about size, but rather values, trust, reputation and authenticity.

Unique ROI. Since microinfluencers have fewer overall followers than macro, their audiences are often more engaged, offering a higher engagement rate.

More meaningful results. More followers do not always equate to better engagement and conversions. Relevance and authenticity are far more impactful.

Microtargeting. Microinfluencers can offer a way to identify and reach highly-targeted audiences with customized messaging, specific to their needs.

Targeted, highly-engaged followers. The benefit to your brand is reaching highly-engaged people who may not have responded to your broader campaigns.

Greater loyalty. Microinfluencers have loyal tribes that are small yet mighty.

Improved thought leadership profile. Collaborating with microinfluencers can be extremely powerful for brands because of the association with thought leaders in your industry.

Reliability and trust. These influencers have enough of an audience to persuade their audience on buying decisions, but are also members of our communities that we trust and know.

Maximized Reach To Niche Audiences. Use microinfluencers to promote our events, as the target audience is small, either in social impact or health inequity.

Read Kristen Wessel’s full Forbes blog on the benefits microinfluencers have on your target market.



ChicExecs PR Secures Coalatree in Yahoo! Lifestyle (3/31/2020)

Our latest PR feature is for our client Coalatree in Yahoo! Lifestyle!

The Whistler Windbreaker by Coalatree is able to handle any situation you throw its way. This eco-minded brand creates apparel, accessories and gear that are versatile enough to work exceptionally wherever life may take you and this jacket is no different.

Experience its innovative mending technology: 100 percent nylon HiloTech self-healing fabric with DWR coating. That’s right – no punctures will expose you to the elements with this advanced, self-healing material. Complete with a nylon exterior and ripstop interior, you’re able to rub your fingers together over the fabric to help heal any punctures that may be caused while out adventuring through the mountains or exploring the city.

The jacket was reviewed for its effective restoration qualities and its ability to pack down small into its own chest pocket for convenient portability. To this reviewer’s surprise,  the jacket wasn’t a wrinkled mess once you unfurl and wear it again. As any such garment must do, this windbreaker is a champ at cutting windchill. In drizzling rain Coalatree’s innovative material is water-resistant and quick to dry after a pour-down. Some other notable features of the Whistler Windbreaker include a phone pocket, reflective sleeve and adjustable hoodie drawstrings. Packed in its very own pouch, you can clip it to anything to take with you. It even makes an alternative travel or camping pillow if needed. 

Weighing in at just seven ounces, this jacket is perfect for lengthy backwoods camping trips, especially when you’re worried about gear weight. It’s also the perfect addition to your overseas vacation when you’re trying to fit so much apparel into your carry-on luggage. 

Check out Coalatree for Whistler Windbreaker that one reviewer is finding to be “simply elegant” and “deceptively high tech.”

Congrats Coalatree!

ChicExecs PR Secures The Adventure Challenge on Good Morning America (3/30/2020)

Our latest PR feature is for our client The Adventure Challenge on Good Morning America (GMA)!

The Adventure Challenge comes to the rescue eliminating the same old date nights, family game nights and bestie hang-out routines. Discover the book that’s been out on the market a little over a year and has already sold over 250,000 copies! Containing 50 mystery scratch-off activities, it comes in three editions meant for couples, friends and families. What types of creative adventures await? You won’t know until you scratch one off. No take-backsies please! The Adventure Challenge helps you explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationships and make meaningful memories.

Your adventure—should you choose to scratch it off—will come as a complete surprise, but the book still helps you plan in the process. You won’t know the exact challenge until you scratch it off, but you do get the following information ahead of time including a price range to expect from $0-50. (They can all be modified to fit within your budget.) You’re also given an ideal time of day/night to perform the activity and a time estimate of how long it will take to perform.

The Adventure Challenge’s Friends Edition and Family Edition were both featured on the GMA “Deals & Steals” segment. The Family Edition is ideal for kids ages 4-15 and for families of around 4-8 members. The Friends Edition is great for you, your bestie or your whole crew.

The Adventure Challenge doubles as a journal with a place to jot down your thoughts after each activity and has a place to include a small polaroid so you can visually capture each memory. Purchase the book by itself or as a camera bundle so you don’t miss a moment. 

Check out The Adventure Challenge for the activity book full of scratch-offs that creates lasting memories.

Congrats to The Adventure Challenge!

ChicExecs PR Secures Caribu in Good Housekeeping (3/27/2020)


Our latest PR feature is for our client Caribu in Good Housekeeping!

Caribu is the app making virtual playdates with friends and family easier than ever before. They’ve just gone free for friends and family members to stay connected and make memories during the coronavirus outbreak! Due to growing concerns and quarantines over the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 400 million children around the world have been dismissed from school, are missing friends and are unable to see their extended families. Featured as an ideal app for remote playdates and keeping kids social during the COVID-19 outbreak, Caribu is helping bridge the gap created by social distancing and self-isolation by making their award-winning service free with unlimited access during this tumultuous time.

Whether your child wants to virtually meet up with a group of school friends or simply chat one-on-one with a buddy for a few minutes, continuing to interact socially is vital to their well being. This app also helps kids stay connected as they would in a school setting, making it possible for them to read to each other, work on a project together or attempt a simple game. In fact, the kids don’t even have to talk — they might simply find comfort in having a friend around.

With Caribu, kids can create special moments with their friends and loved ones by going on a virtual playdate where they can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games and even color together in a video-call. Caribu is a way to stay connected and build memories year-round but especially during a time where millions of families are under self-quarantine. The app connects kids with friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Check out Caribu for the app that helps you easily create a virtual playdate for your child.

Congrats Caribu!

ChicExecs PR Secures Veestro in New York Post (3/26/2020)


Our latest PR feature is for our client Veestro in New York Post!

The plant-based meal delivery service is turning healthy eating into an easy reality. With over two million meals served, there’s a reason it’s been named as a top pick in prepared meal delivery services. Chances are, your meal choices face the following paradox: fast meals aren’t healthy and healthy meals aren’t fast. Recognizing your kitchen dilemma and taking into account you’d rather not lift a pot or pan, Veestro is the plant-based meal delivery service to the rescue.
Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, achieve weight loss goals or have dietary restrictions, Veestro has a variety of meal options that bridge the gap between taste and convenience. There’s no chopping, no cooking and no cleanup. Simply heat up these frozen meals in the oven or microwave.

Each meal is 100 percent plant-based and made with fresh, organic ingredients—no preservatives used. Choose from dietary preferences: gluten free, nut free, low calorie and kosher to name a few. Flexible plan options include weight loss (5 or 7 day plan), chef’s choice or a la carte (choose 10, 20, or 30 meals) allowing for the customer to meet their specific needs. Meals are prepared fresh and shipped frozen which allows you to eat them within 8-10 weeks minimizing food waste. The price averages out to $9.90 per meal. Get restaurant grade, chef-prepared food delivered to your doorstep without paying the bistro price. Best of all, you can change your meals, pause delivery or cancel anytime.

Veestro has been receiving numerous accolades this year. The brand participated in the New York J Winter Fashion Show by exclusively providing meals to host and model Jessica Minh Anh for the entire month before the event. It was recently named in the Top 250 Brands to Watch List by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Turning its sights on Hollywood this year, Veestro was included in the coveted Oscar swag bag gifted to nominees. 

Check out Veestro for the freshly prepared and delivered meals that are free of meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.

Congrats Veestro!

How to Reinvent Your Business After 15 Years (3/25/2020)


Nikki Carlson, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President, shares four tips for reinventing your business after running it for 15 years on Forbes blog. At 15 years of age, your business is almost old enough to start driving. Your years of experience have created a thriving, established company that’s been in business for quite a long time. After the thrill of owning a startup fades, you might not be as growth-minded these days. But every company, regardless of its size, should be poised for growth. A lot has changed in the last 15 years, and you might be missing out on new revenue streams, better processes and affordable tools that can take your business to the next level.

You know how tough it is to run a business. You should pat yourself on the back for coming so far. But remember, there are many more mountains to climb.  No matter the age of your business, there’s always room to grow.

Make the next 15 years even more spectacular starting with these ideas:

1. Adapt to changing technology. Going into 2020, business owners have to be 100% on board with digitization. This isn’t about sticking to what you’re comfortable with. You have to change with the times to run more efficiently.

2. Rethink your brand. Fifteen years is a long time to run your business. You’ll eventually need to adjust your brand to the times. What is it doing today that doesn’t make sense? Is anything about your brand dated or irrelevant?

3. Be open to new ideas. The world is going to keep changing, and open-minded entrepreneurs are one step ahead for that reason. But it’s hard to consider new ideas, especially after you’ve been running your business for a decade and a half. Nobody knows everything, and it’s important to keep learning.

4. Use your mistakes to grow. Have you ever made a mistake and thought, “Ugh. I’m so stupid. How could I have done that?” Every business owner feels that way at some point. The problem is, when we look at mistakes through the lens of failure, we’re overlooking the purpose of mistakes.

Read Nikki Carlson’s full Forbes blog for more helpful insight on how to reinvent your business after 15 years.

ChicExecs PR Secures Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart (3/25/2020)


Our latest PR feature is for our client Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart!

WrapBuddies clips to your table to hold your wrapping paper in place, while doubling as a tape dispenser at the same time. With adjustable table clips and supplies close at hand, you’ll be able to measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape quicker than ever before.

Featured as a genius tool that makes gift wrapping easy, simply clip wrap buddies to any table or countertop. Place the roll in between the wrap buddies and adjust the spacing to fit the length. Next, unroll the paper, measure, and easily cut. Your gift recipients appreciate a hand-wrapped gift more than one shoved in a bag. Wrap Buddies is also a tool that’s easy to store. The clips easily fit in a drawer or a craft box when not in use. When you do need them, attach to nearly any table, counter, or work surface to turn it into a personalized wrapping station. Like bulldog clips, each one has a lever that pops open and over the flat surface you’re working with.

Think beyond the gift wrapped box to use wrap buddies for more of your crafty projects. They can easily secure your kraft paper. For school projects, they can hold a large poster in place as your children create and decorate. Don’t forget about the kitchen either. For those multiple leftovers you need cling wrap or aluminum foil for, Wrap Buddies holds those rolls too!

Wrap Buddies come in a pair (one for each side of the paper roll) and are available in five different colors. You can find them retailing for $19.99 on Amazon or

Check out Wrap Buddies for the all-in-on tape and cut tool with the clever clips that help you create those perfectly polished wrapped gifts.

Congrats Wrap Buddies!