ChicExecs Secures Host in Good Housekeeping

Our latest feature is for our client Host in Good Housekeeping!

Host’s Wine Freeze Cooling Cups can be placed in the freezer for two hours to keep white wine perfectly chilled or placed in the refrigerator for two hours for red wine.

Check out Host for cooling gel-lined cups that are designed to keep wine cold for hours and won’t crack or freeze in the freezer.

Congratulations Host!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures PoolCandy on Insider

Our latest feature is for our client PoolCandy on Insider!

PoolCandy’s Illuminated Buffet Cooler takes the idea of serving snacks while relaxing in the water to a whole new level.

Check out PoolCandy for the light-up pool float designed to hold 4 feet of ice and snacks and sit directly in the pool.

Congratulations PoolCandy!

The ChicExecs Team


How to Win at Client Communication

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations, Kristen Wessel shares her tips for client communication strategies and the benefits they have for your brand. According to research, 82 percent of all customers expect an immediate response from brands. They expect timely and effective communication.

“No matter where you are in life or business, communication is a skill that can take you far. Give your clients the white glove service they expect.”

Read the full Forbes article here.

ChicExecs Secures PoolCandy on Yahoo

Our latest feature is for our client PoolCandy on Yahoo!

PoolCandy’s Illuminated Buffet Cooler is the inflatable buffet lights up, thanks to LiveLights Technology. The multi-colored LED lights even have different modes to light up your pool party day and night.

Check out PoolCandy for the 4-foot-long buffet that’s long enough to hold plenty of beverages, snacks and platters. Did we mention it inflates in seconds?

Congratulations PoolCandy!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Pure Daily Care on Bustle

Our latest feature is for our clients Pure Daily Care on Bustle!

Pure Daily Care’s NanoSteamer was featured in the article “42 Things On Amazon That Will Save You At Least $100.”

Check out Pure Daily Care for the facial steamer with nano-ionic steam that penetrates the skin deeper than most and includes a five-piece stainless steel blackhead and pimple extractor tool set.

Congratulations Pure Daily Care!

The ChicExecs Team


How to Get your Product in Stores

3 Tips to Getting Your Product in Stores


Wondering how to get your product in stores? Well it starts with the ChicExecs definition of marketing, which encompasses overall consumer brand awareness and brings consumers to your brand specifically from social media and PR channels. With the right strategy, your social media and PR marketing heavily influences retail placement. Here are three quick tips that show how marketing can help pitch your product to a store:


1. Compile All Brand Awareness


If earning a spot on the shelf of that big box retail store is your brand’s ultimate retail goal, that buyer will want to get a sense of your credibility. Do you have press features, social media engagement or blog posts? Highlight them on your website and create a press page. For those face-to-face meetings with potential buyers, have that credibility ready and tangible by creating a physical pressbook to present on the spot.


2. Use Social Media for Consumer Engagement


Your credibility matters as much to the consumer as it does the retail buyer. Online engagement is an organic way to interact with customers and show the authenticity behind your brand. We simply don’t choose a product anymore because it’s the first one we see in the store or because it pops up online first. Consumers like to know there’s real people out there using and talking about the brand. They share product information with family and friends and take the time to read other consumers’ reviews.


3. Compile Your Collateral in an Organic Way


Remember that your presentation is a powerful impression on a retail buyer, so come organized and prepared. Because this may be your one and only opportunity to engage with the buyer, don’t bombard him or her with irrelevant information. Think about setting up the presentation in a way that flows naturally and is easy to follow. By the end, the buyer should have the best overall view of your brand so important business decisions can be made. 


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