chicBoom and RockBoom Cassette SPEAKER for iPod

No, these aren’t cassettes as we know them. They are portable SPEAKERS! Get ready to raise the roof with your chicBoom or RockBoom Cassette Speaker! No one will guess that such delectably small packaging can pump out so much volume. You’ll be amazed by the crispness and clarity of purse sound that will be turning all the heads in your direction. This retro portable speaker is decked out in a stylish design and warning… it may cause others to stare. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started.Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included.



price: $19.99

Hem-Eze Making Hemlines and Headlines

Debra Weisser invented this new product in 2009. Working out of her home in Tampa. She had the product Patented and Trademarked. Debra invented Hem-Eze out of necessity; she needed a convenient, quick, and easy way to put a temporary hem on a pair of pants. In this fast-paced world, sewing just does not fit in. You don

Hey Ladies…Hate Pumping Gas? We can help!

When washing hands isn’t handy, it’s a good idea to don the newly improved line of ultra-chic Pump Gloves! Starting this October, pumping gas is getting dirtier. New regulations require car owners to hold the gas nozzle in the on position for the WHOLE time it takes to fill the tank. Consumers will have to hold that handle, like the hundreds of patrons before them. Don’t write this off as just a silly California regulation, other states including New York are doing away with them too. Pump Gloves has released their new line of stylish and protective gloves to keep a woman

autrepeau – What to wear underneath!

autrepeau is a luxurious layer of comfort. The ultra lightweight fabric with a hint of spandex provides everyday protection under clothing. Perfect under: * itchy sweaters and pants * sheer blouses * clingy silk * stiff suits Wearing autrepeau can help extend the life of your clothes and you’ll save money with less dry cleaning and laundering. The “other skin” that catches perspiration and guards against underarm stains. Proudly made in the USA!

company: autrepeau


price: $46.00

Introducing Layermi: The World’s Best Bandeau! The Perfect Layering Piece has Just Hit the Market…

Is it true?? Did a bandeau that actually fits hit the market? The answer is YES! With Layermi, women of all shapes, sizes, and places in life finally have a way to add a pop of color, cover cleavage, and feel comfortable and sexy, without the added bulk of extra t-shirts or undergarments. The factor that can either make or break a bandeau is, hands-down, the fit. Many a company has tried to create a comfortable and functional bandeau, but all have failed before now. Layermi’s innovative use of fabrics and their patent pending design have come together for a snug, comfortable, and supportive bandeau that is unlike any other on the market! Its pattern ensures it stays in place while adequately covering women’s breasts whether it’s for a day in the office or a night on the town. Women of all ages, from teens to 82, are drawn to the soft, touchable fabric and the super cute and sexy lace. Wear over your bra or by itself! The invisibleness and comfort make it a best seller!

company: Layermi Apparel Group