Beat the Back To School Blues with Huggalo!!

Growing up is hard to do, but with a Huggalo Doll all those scary first experiences becomes friendly adventures! Starting school or heading back after a summer of fun with Mom and Dad can be a big transition for little ones. Teary goodbyes, sleepless nap times, and temper tantrums are no fun for anyone. For an easy way to transform first day jitters into loads of fun, send the kids back to school with a Huggalo. These cuddly buddies are designed to ease kids into new situations and surroundings, transforming something scary into something welcoming. Each Huggalo is a cute and squishy friend with a soft, translucent frame on its tummy that is used to store favorite photos of loved ones. Whenever they feel sad or lonely on the playground or in class, all they have to do is give their Huggalo a squeeze and take a look at a familiar photo.Super Hero Huggsley will swoop in and save the day by reminding his pal that even though loved ones may be far away, they can still be a part of the day.

company: REDORB


price: $24.95