About Chic Execs

ChicBlvd Inc is the parent company of our out-of-the-box firm – ChicExecs.


Background experience within the organization includes years of Advertising/Marketing/PR and Business Management, Retail and Sales.

ChicExecs was born out of a culmination of experience through the founder’s marketing experience, ChicBlvd Magazine, as well as their successful product line, ChicBuds (www.chicbuds.com). This bird’s eye view into all areas of a successful product launch and brand growth, provided an opportunity for ChicExecs to recognize an underserved need which led to the creation of ChicExecs firm servicing entrepreneurs as well as established businesses.

ChicExecs PR was launched in 2006 and quickly garnered over 100 Clients and a network of 15,000 small businesses due to the high demand for our model and innovative new system. Clients continue to receive features in many well-known media outlets such as InStyle, People, Rachel Ray, Parenting, Pregnancy & Newborn, Modern Bride, Extra Tv, The Today Show, The Doctors, FOX News and thousands more.

Following ChicBlvd Inc’s product line placement in stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Lord & Taylor and several more, ChicExecs PR Clients continually expressed their need for distribution expansion in retail stores. ChicBlvd Inc listened to demand and ChicExecs Retail Strategy was born.

After helping Clients with Retail Strategy growth, ChicBlvd Inc quickly identified the need for funding partnerships for budding entrepreneurs and currently manages crowdfunding campaigns and investment opportunities.

ChicExecs provides the recipe for success in our growing network and continues to service industry leaders around the country. ChicBlvd has a passion of giving back and has partnered with organizations such as Compassion International, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Icing Smiles, Casa Teresa and more.

Once upon a time 2 girls had an idea to inspire. Along the road they launched a brand which gained publicity & retail presence. With hearts passionate to support entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs, ChicExecs was born. We believe in hard work, humility, integrity, creativity, teamwork & making work fun. We find solutions not faults. We believe in supporting not tearing down. We believe in love not gossip. We believe everyone has unique talents & together make an impact. We believe in dreaming the impossible, thinking out of the suit, being innovative & growing through imperfection. We view every client as the most important & strive to do our best work. We believe in giving back & give credit to God for guiding & directing our path. Together lets make a difference.

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