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How To Determine What To Keep In Your Brand Strategy With A Limited Budget

ChicExecs Senior VP of Elevate, Lydia Vargo, shares how to determine what to keep in your brand strategy with a limited budget on Forbes blog. Enjoy this excerpt from the piece.

As businesses plan for a “new normal,” the first thing they’re reviewing is quarterly budgets. In these tough economic times, there are sure to be some deep cuts in spending. What companies often struggle with is how far to cut back on their marketing allocation. In the case of small businesses, marketing is crucial. It’s the lifeline building their brand awareness.

In this digital age, you have more options than past turbulent economies. It will take some work, but there are some very effective ways you can communicate your brand strategy on a shoestring budget. Here are five options to consider:

Get press for your brand.

There’s a metaphor that states your website/marketing material is your resume, and media press is your reference page. Having press coverage serves a critical part of the consumer decision-making process. These third-party endorsements aid customers during their natural “research process.”

Build your online presence through blogs.

Blogs not only build your expertise and credibility but also expand your community. To drive traffic to your site, however, you want to make sure your blogs are optimized. Search engine optimization takes expertise and know-how, but Google offers a free resource within its SEO Starter Guide so you can begin to learn how to improve your search rankings on your own.

Implement a call-to-action campaign.

A strong social media presence comes in handy for a well-executed campaign in the digital age. Calls to action are key, and you can use them to entice your community to take action with a reward in sight via sharing or posting, for example. They can be a very cost-effective way to increase your following and return on investment by simply providing a product.

Focus on a socially responsible brand message.

Many people are passionate about supporting a charitable cause, especially millennials and Generation Z audiences. Offer a give-back scenario. A “buy one, give one” via donation is a quick and easy way to turn interest into a sale.

Opt for social and paid search ads.

This last option takes some investment, but ads are a relatively surefire way to grow your following, as well as ROI, if done properly. Right now might seem like a time to cut paid ads out of your budget, but you might find this is the perfect marketing channel for money well-spent. With more people watching TV and scrolling on their phones, paid search and social ads are having a much higher impact. Before you make this investment, plan carefully and make sure you have a voice that will captivate this audience.

To read Lydia’s blog in its entirety, click here.


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