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SmartGurlz – teaching girls to code

SmartGurlz™ opens a world of fun and at the same time inspiring interest in coding and the technological world with self-balancing robots.
teaching girls to code
SmartGurlz™ is a brand new line of friendly coding robots and action dolls that engages girls ages 6 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
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Connected via smartphone or tablet this coding robot plunges girls into the heart of the action and allows for hours and hours play fun and learning.


price: $79.99

Introducing Revelé Whipped Gelato – The Holy Grail of Ice Cream!

Revelé Whipped Gelato is the first super premium low calorie gelato. With over 40% solids, Revelé is creamier than other light ice creams. Revelé tastes great and happens to be low calorie…not the other way around.

Our process is simple! We start with premium gelato ingredients and whip them a little bit more so it’s naturally lower in calories, fat, and sugar…but full in flavor. All of our flavors are 90 calories or less per serving! We use real sugar—not bloat-inducing sugar alcohols or funky tasting sugar substitutes. Only the best, real ingredients for full, complex flavor. Just taste it! We guarantee that once you try it, you’ll be whipped.

Revelé Whipped Gelato is currently available in five flavors: Vanilla Symphony, Belgian Chocolate, Seasonal Strawberries, Coffee Toffee Crunch, and Cake Batter! It’s available at select Jensen’s Markets and Bristol Farms.