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ChicExecs Lands Grillbot and Moore’s Marinade on The Celebrity Cafe

BBQ season is upon us! Chic Execs clients – Moore’s Marinades & Grillbot were both featured on The Celebrity Cafe in their article, Spring Into Barbeque Season.

A simple push of a button sends the Grillbot scurrying about, scrubbing away all that charred meat and burnt-on marinades from last summer. Its design allows it to be left on its own and will alert you when the job is done.

Moore’s Marinades and Sauces is an ever-expanding line of marinades and sauces, we provide #MooreFlavor for any cooking occasion. Share and enjoy!

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ChicExecs Places Trust Fund Beauty on POPSUGAR’s Best Beauty Products for March

ChicExecs‘ client, Trust Fund Beauty had this glowing feature on POPSUGARS’s article, These Are the 20 Buzziest Beauty Launches For March 2017.

Trust Fund Beauty is an indie, 10-free luxury nail polish and lipstick brand. This highlighter, That Glo Tho, is your highlighting super secret weapon to highlight your best assets.

Shop this secret weapon and the rest of the Trust Fund Beauty line here: