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ChicExecs Secures Home Learning Company on KTLA

Check out our very own ChicExec superstar, Courtney Bustillos, on KTLA, talking about our client Home Learning Company!

Courtney showcases Home Learning Company’s “Grab the Match“, a game she loves to play with her 5 & 7 year olds. While the game is a memory matching game with shapes, colors, and sight words, she works on spelling shape and color words with her 7-year old.

Checking off another PR piece for Home Learning Company.

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ChicExecs Secures Zaca on YourTango

Between family, friends, colleagues and more, there is always a gift to to be given. Making it onto Your Tango’s list of “These 34 Cheap Gift Ideas Are So Cool They’ll Have No Idea How Little You Spent” our client Zaca’s Recovery Chewables prove to be the best gift ever.

If you have something to celebrate coming up, make sure you have these Recovery Chewables on hand!


Currently working on securing our next national PR piece for our clients as always,

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ChicExecs Secures Feathered Lavish Leathers, energydots and Teaspressa on Bustle

ChicExecs secured Feathered Lavish Leathers, energydots and Teaspressa on Bustle!


Protect yourself from mobile phones and other EMF devices. energyDOTS – people report deeper sleep and fewer headaches when using them!
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Lavish Leathers makes handcrafted accessories made from unique and beautiful leather.

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Teaspressa is a modern day approach on tea made into gourmet coffee like drinks some even with same caffeine content!
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