Advocating for a PR Budget in 2019

ChicExecs Senior Account Executive Amber Masciorini reveals how plenty of brands use the new year to shake up their budget and strategies.

“As PR professionals, we always want to prove our worth. It’s critical to demonstrate how we affect the brand’s bottom line.”

Take a look at her Thrive Global feature for her pro tips on advocating for a PR Budget in 2019.

Year in Review: How to Use Past PR Coverage to Drive 2019 Strategies

Kailynn Bowling, Co-Founder of ChicExecs shares why a new year is a perfect reason to revisit your PR strategy.

“If you want a bright future for your brand in the new year, look no further than your past.”

Read her top five tips on

Are you ready to take your PR strategy to the next level in 2019? Get in touch with us and learn more about our PR services.

Tips On How To Create A Workplace That Appeals To Today’s Workers

Our Senior Director of PR & Operations, Kristen Wessel, shares how ChicExecs engages its team of millennial employees for higher quality work, improved satisfaction and better retention.

“Read the headlines and you’ll see that millennials are reshaping modern business. While some people swear it’s a fire-and-brimstone situation, I, a real millennial and business leader, say otherwise.”

Take a look at this Forbes feature to see how you can create a workplace with millennial appeal.



ChicExecs Secures VICI on MORE MAGAZINE!

Our latest feature is for our client Vici on More Magazine!

This sweater was made with TLC for sure – each one is made by hand! Our Tender Loving Care Knit Cardigan is on trend in this chunky weave that has an exaggerated honeycomb effect on the sleeves!

Check out Vici for a cozy and stylish way to stay warm.

Congratulations on this feature!

The ChicExecs Team